JRPGs |OT| The Grind to Level 99 is Paved With Good Intentions

Might be fake, but there’s been a lot of smoke lately:


+A convincing mock up for SMT IV on a single screen.

+Made sure to mention “Windows” as one of the platforms

+/- None of the art is new. Would think they’d do some new renders for those characters like Etrian Odyssey HD

+/- Game Pass isn’t listed as a “platform” when most times it is on these kinds of things, unless they’re skipping Game Pass at launch.

+/- Having a slide with all 3 games shown and also the platforms, when two of them are already on Switch (3 and 5) is a bit odd

+/- Not that this is impossible, but unless it’s cut off, they’re skipping Playstation (SMT IV and V, III HD is already there)?

+/- No “HD remaster” tagline on SMT IV. SMT III of course, has it, and Etrian Odyssey HD has the “Origins Collection” tagline, and in Japan actually also has the “HD Remaster” tagline.

+/- Comes from 4chan

-SMT III and V’s screenshots appear to be Switch screenshots. SMT III PC with an Xbox controller gives “colored” Xbox buttons, which this screenshot lacks. Those button prompts on SMT V also match the Switch version’s X and Y prompts, when they should be swapped.

-Maybe the biggest giveaway: The SMT IV Final Protag’s art is mirrored. His sidecut is now on the wrong side and the “NO WAR” on his jacket is now mirrored text.

-Picture of monitor leak (but didn’t go overboard with making it blurry)

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Ok so, I bought Star Ocean 6 after your review, anything I should know before going in?

I’m a huge fan of 2 and 3, especially 2, but man 4 and 5 burned me so bad I was not expecting to even pick this up on sale. So thanks :sweat_smile:

Exclusion of PS platforms seems weird, doesn’t it?

Nice :+1:. I had good fun with it, hope you can too.

It was my first Star Ocean so I can’t compare it to any other ones, but I have seen fans say it was the best once after 4 and 5 being slumps.

Not too much to say before starting, I guess some stuff to know would be

  • Nothing is missable and every area can be revisited, so don’t worry about this

  • You can choose between two different protagonists but they’re together for like 90% of the game. Only a few segments branch off. The regular battle theme will also be different depending on which one you chose lol

  • I mostly didn’t really bother with the crafting stuff till endgame powerleveling shenanigans, but to keep unlocking new crafting abilities just keep doing Welch’s quests as they become available.

  • The first thing I did after getting the ability to upgrade DUMA is fully upgrade it’s scanning range. This reveals treasure chests on the map when you use it. Just makes getting the “all treasure chests” achievement easier.

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Amazing analysis, especially the mirrored picture!

Ship acquired in Octopath 2. As if the game wasn’t already open enough… Lots of fun little dungeons to sail to now.

I am 40 hours in now and haven’t finished any of the 8 storylines yet lol. Though I think I’m now at the final chapter for my first 4 party members.

I’m starting to get the praise more now, it -is- essentially just more Octopath but the open/nonlinear nature of it is starting to really shine.

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I love that in RPGs, and it’s part of why Final Fantasy V is my favorite (and why X and XIII were such disappointments)

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Was this game any good?

I was listening to the xboxera podcast and Nick mention people on the internet was saying a port of SMT 3 was impossible. What makes it impossible? Did they lose the source code?

Is that what FFV is like? Maybe I’ll have to try that one when the pixel remasters come to Switch.

The cool thing about the non-linearity and this ship is that it isn’t locked behind story progression or anything, you can get it right from the get-go. The barrier to entry is simply buying it for 100,000 leaves.

My experience with this series is only the Sega Saturn games which have SRPG type battles, while this one has action battles that play like Dynasty Warriors I believe.

It wasn’t a sales success which is why Sega left it behind on PS4 only. Wish they ported it though. From what I know it’s a decent game if you don’t have the expectations from the old games.

Also, it’s one of those “slice-of-life/dating with battles every now and then” types of games. I think one thing was that the fans wanted the SRPG combat back.

It’s SMT4 people were talking about. SMT3 has already been remastered for Switch/PS/PC. They say that about SMT4 because it’s a 3DS game so it would take effort to build it for a single screen device. But Atlus is also remastering the Etrian Odyssey games which were even more reliant on the DS (heavy touch screen usage) so SMT4 on a single screen is not unreasonable. Another thing is that “the assets were made for the tiny 240p 3DS screen so it would look awful on a big screen”… Which didn’t stop P3 Portable, lol.

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There’s a point where the game just kind of opens up and gives you some leads to cool stuff. You can ignore most of it, but it’s extra content that gives you access to powerful weapons, magic, and summons. I just remember the feeling of “Oh, I can go anywhere now and look at all of this stuff I can find.” Also, job system is great.

That one isn’t amazing, no.

I’d definitely recommend earlier Sakura Wars games though, with the easiest to experience probably being 4: So Long My Love (PS2 or Wii)

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Ni no kuni 2 out now.

Soul hackers 2 not supporting touch is stupid. Every turn based game shoudl support touch.

How’s the gameplay? The game looks beautiful. MS should hire that studio to do a new Blue Dragon game.

Little random but I booted my Xbox up and saw a little ad for some JRPGs on GP there


I started this today. Last game in the Utawarerumono trilogy, Mask of Truth. Considering Mask of Deception’s ending, surprised it took me this long to get to this, but so many new games are coming out that this kept getting pushed down the backlog, but screw it, I gotta see this through.

Extremely strong opening, the days of slice-of-life and fun happy every day life are over. Kuon is a peak character, I’m super excited to get into this one, it’s definitely gonna be special.

Combat in Octopath was my least favorite part of the game. Has this been improved or streamlined in any way?

It’s the same and I mean the -same-. They pretty much just added a “limit break” kind of thing. Each character has a unique one. They also added a Turbo function to speed up battles.

It’s still about breaking enemy’s shields and then hammering damage in when they’re broken

I quite like this battle system and how freeform it is with all the different jobs and stuff (the jobs are the same too btw) so I’m cool with it.

Straight up action. Very basic but fun. I think this combat system is miles better than 1. Story isnt as good though.

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