JRPGs |OT| The Grind to Level 99 is Paved With Good Intentions

Hell yeah! When I was considering going back to Xbox for this gen, I drafted a huge list of all my games, since I would love to consolidate everything into one (non-PC) box. And since I realized I had gone mostly digital after a point, I figured I’d make that conversion too. Excel is the best MS exclusive :grin:

On that note, it’s a really shitty move of Atlus to not even support save transfers for the PS4 → PS5 version of P5R. I’d assume that there might be some Sony issues at play, but they’re also charging full price with no upgrade options. And in comparison…

I think it might be one purchase for Xbox, PC, and even eventually mobile licenses, with Smart Delivery and cloud saves. If I didn’t know any better (but I do) I’d say they were trying to drive people towards Xbox with this lopsided effort. Don’t get me wrong, I adore the cross-buy cross-save thing, and it should be the default.

Have no fear, I ordered an Odin Lite and am preparing to set up my Trails dumps on it. Me going out of my way to accomplish this guarantees that they’ll do official releases on modern consoles just to spite me. Same thing happened when I bought all the Mass Effect games and DLC before they announced the Legendary Edition :sweat_smile:

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Nice. Always better to have everything organized. Still have a ways to go though seeing as how I have 10 spreadsheets and 12 word pad documents and that’s just for the current (XSX/PS5) generation. lol

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I’m at a point where between Cold Steel being disappointing, and feeling like Falcom doesn’t value me as a fan of it’s games, I don’t really care about this company anymore, and can’t justify giving it money anymore.

So much of the issue on the localization front seems to be on Falcom’s end. it’s an issue that’s on them to fix, and they don’t seem interested. the signal that sends to me is they don’t care. Tons of other JRPGs on the market to play, and I’d rather just give those companies my money.

I don’t think I ever have expected Falcom’s games to reach a localization consistency of day and date with the Asian market, but I don’t think it’s asking for very much to get them 6-9 months after Japanese release, hell even a year would be okay.

I can’t with this waiting 3 years shit anymore.

Is this a Timed deal? I might give it a try when I dust off the old Ps4 Pro in November But Unless it comes to Xbox in a years time I’ll probably play this in the distant future as a PS extra title.

I love Valkyrie Profile 1 but this looks like a bastardised 3D action game with some awful low budget level design

No idea why this is exclusive. Its GAAS so they’d make a killing on all platforms. But no doubt Sony is paying them a shit ton

Not sure. I watched the trailers and it doesn’t have anything that says console exclusive or have a date on the bottom in fine print meaning it’s timed.

I played through the main quest line of the demo. Have the two sub (side) quests left which I will do tomorrow. Game is actually really good. Reminds me in some ways of Trials of Mana 2020 where it’s one of SE’s AA JRPG’s and obviously a few steps below a Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest. Anyway, the world looks good except for that black outline but when playing, I forgot it was even there. Visually, looks good otherwise. No issues with the visuals. Sound is solid as is the voice acting. Doesn’t appear to be any voice acting outside of the main quest line. Music though is great and that was just the first chapter. Enjoyed the music the entire way through. Story and characters seem okay thus far. Nothing special but I only had the opening cut scene and one after fighting the main boss to complete chapter one. Gameplay is definitely a little clunky and wish it was more fluid but still pretty good. Combat could end up having a little more depth to it as you get a second weapon at the end of chapter one plus there seems to be a lot of different ways to attack enemies and that doesn’t include the companions that you have at the start of the demo which I assume you gain later on.

Negative wise, besides that there may not be any voice acting in the side quests (will verify tomorrow), the back tracking to complete side quests is basically when you finish the main quest in a chapter and go back to Valhalla which is your home base/hub area, you can then activate the side quests and go do them if you so choose. This could get annoying after a while especially if you can’t complete them while just on the main quest path. Other than that, I would like to be able to turn off the “hit counter” on the HUD. It’s freaking annoying and in the way at times. They should have allowed an on off/off option for this.

Overall, really enjoyed the demo and will actually pre-order at GameStop tomorrow for PlayStation 5. Unless the game reviews poorly then this will be my next new game once I complete Steel Rising next week.

Don’t see any discussion of Diofield Chronicles, you fake SE fans. :sunglasses: /s

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I’m torn on this one. The cinematics and art style look good. But I am NOT a fan of the SRPG games like Vandal Hearts and the Final Fantasy one. So I’ll probably do what I (almost) always do: skip it or wait for a sale!

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Hahaha. Looks solid but not my type of game. I’m basically done with turn based combat or strategy. Has to be real time combat for me to be interested. FF7R having the “slowdown” for magic and items is as close to turn based as im getting. lol

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Less than a month until P5R hits Xbox/Game Pass is a bad time to drop turn based JRPGs, just saying.

Speaking of which…

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I’ve bought it. Still haven’t played it yet though.

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Not a JRPG, but thoroughly enjoying AI: The Somnium Files. Recently ordered the sequel and still have Soul Hackers 2 and Ni No Kuni to get through before Persona 5, which is most likely not happening since my backlog is insane, lol.

Anybody have any idea where is the best place to buy the steelbook edition of Persona 5 Royal?

This is a must play for me, but not at the current price.

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So the spiritual succesor to Shadow Hearts “Pennyblood” is in development and is coming to series x with 2025 release schedule

Erik landon is doing live stream of interview with the shadow hearts and pennblood creator. Im looking forward to what this game will be. I loved Shadow Hearts Convenant.

Hopefully MS can gove this game the support that Eiyuden has gotten.

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I played an unhealthy amount of Xenoblade 3 in the 5 days without power here (it came back on last night). I could at least charge my Switch off our generator.

I’ve now got about 85 hours played, Chapter 6 out of 7, doing every side quest and exploring every inch.

Enjoying the game a lot, even though I think XC1 and 2 were better.

@saintsflow20, glad your power is back on and you made it through this one!

I think playing a game for that long (even during an outage) says a LOT about the game. I really need to plan some time to do the same. Maybe a weekend at the beach just playing a nearly unsused Switch. It sounds like getting into the Xenoblade games is a deep pool to swim through during those down times I need to start scheduling.

I probably put in about 35ish or 40 hours alone during the outage. A lot of progress made there. It was a nice “comfort” game for the outage too. Yeah the games are huge. There’s JRPGs I could have finished entirely with those 30 hours.

I remember finishing XC2 with like 120-130 hours played, so I’d say I still have quite a bit of 3 left to do.

I think one thing XC3 is excelling at VS previous games is the world exploration/design. It’s at it’s finest here. There’s some “Elden Ring” intricacies to it, finding tucked away areas you really gotta explore for.

I’ve only played Covenant (like seemingly a lot of people) but I loved it and backed the new game on Kickstarter!

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I saw this clip in my Twitter feed and I think I’ll check this game out once it hits Steam. Again it looks like the type of budget ARPG I love.