Jason Schreier: Sony’s Obsession With Blockbusters Is Stirring Unrest Within PlayStation Empire

Already being discussed in the Community Hangout thread, but thought this was worthy of its own thread.




The Last of Us still holds very well to this day. I played it in 2018 and really enjoyed it.

Man, crap like this makes me so excited for the diversity of Xbox Game Studios and Xbox Game Pass! It is definitely the ecosystem to be in for gamers right now.


This is why they will not be doing a gamepass type model anytime soon.

I’ll eventuslly get a ps5 next year or something. But just like most Sony consoles Bar ps2 for me…I’ll rarely play it outside of exclusives.


Everything has been said by me. I’m a advocate for creativity. Only creativity leads to innovation. This post really made my decision to buy a xbox a standout.

The last Guardian was one of my favourite games last gen and it’s disheartening to say at least.


But doesn’t need a remake. It got remastered for ps4 and runs fine. Waste of money.

Here’s a thought. Port it to PC if you wanna make money.


Shadow of the colossus is probably my all time fav Sony game maybe joint with God of War 2. But yeah well not see games like that again.


As said elsewhere, this is no surprise to anyone who’s actually been paying attention.

This time around they may have more issues because they shouldn’t be able to simply sell Remasters and Remakes because they have functional backwards compatibility. That works well enough for most consumers. The real point to watch for is “What will Sony do if their remasters don’t sell like they’re used to?


The creator makes a game for epic. Epic portfolio is more exciting than Playstation atm…


Sony has a first party problem money can’t fix.

I think this might be the final straw and Xbox just won the gen. From the outside looking in, sure…Xbox has 2.5x as many studios…But when ones making MLB for Gamepass, one is remastering a 2013 game, one got shut down and another just killed their last IP its more like 3:1…and that includes the VR only games!

Microsoft has them outbudgeted by the truckload. Its insane!

who played Days gone here? doesn’t the game end on a cliffhanger?

i was thinking about grabbing it on PC in a month or so but if they canned the sequel, lol no

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I was hoping for a scifi ND game… oh well.

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Sony’s studios to me make cookie cutter style games. Big polished third person action adventure games. That’s literally it. Apart from GT etc. But the problem I have is these cinematic style games are appealing to the audience of adults that may at any point drop gaming as they have kids or start jobs or whatever. Kids aren’t playing TLOU. And the generation of then 20/30 somethings that found Sony in 2012/13 and their new penchant for these sorts of games are now arguably close to not gaming so much anymore.

I find it crazy that Sony thinks such a lack of diversity will carry them through. It doesn’t take much for people to literally decide they aren’t dropping £70 once or twice a year anymore for these sorts of games and you are stuffed. And I can see that happening rapidly.


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Boy is this going to make waves. Woo nelly. It’s going to be an exciting day.

Yes, there is a secret ending with a very interesting cliffhanger.

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The fate of almost any Anime and I still cry over Quantum Break lmao


The playstation has been my exclusives machine for a while.

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