Jason Schreier: Sony’s Obsession With Blockbusters Is Stirring Unrest Within PlayStation Empire

I played it but didn’t really enjoy it. It had a high production value but the zombie mobs were the most fun part of the game and you don’t really do anything with them until the end of the game which at that point it doesn’t really matter.

The game had alot of busy work and the story just wasn’t all that gripping. I played it at launch so some things could have been patched to make it less grindy not sure. But it was definately 6 or 7 out of 10 game.

One other thing this tells us (if it wasn’t obvious already), this first-party direction for Sony seems to be completely antithetical to a Game Pass model on their platform.


I guess Sony saw all the criticism of Microsoft being a “Halo/Gears factory with no other IPs” and decided it wanted to become a Last of Us/Horizon factory.


This is why I believe if it wasn’t for MS and their amazing push for BC Sony wouldn’t even bother with BC this gen.

Shawn Layden liked this guy’s tweet regarding this topic this morning, says a lot IMO about some of what probably went down with his departure -


Each Sony game that slowly trickles to PC is a shitstorm within their own fanbase because Sony fans have been accostumed by Sony itself to believe in the concept of “platform purity”. We’ve all seen the stupid videos of fanboys breaking CDs and literally crying.

So while the gaming community in general is very welcoming to Sony games going to PC, Sony’s most hardcore fans are still against the idea. One day, their exclusives will start coming day and date to PC and the reactions will be glorious because of this purity sentiment Sony itself has cultivated.


Sony cannot afford to do gamepass. They don’t have thr sort of money ms have to est up on game cost plus ms going into this gen have a base of 15-20m subs. That’s why BC is so important.

Psnow is a bit of a joke and ps plus is something they cannot afford to put AAA 1ST party games on until at least a year later.

If Sony had cared about thr gamepass model back in 2018 and built it up then they could use it.

Now they’d have to throw hundreds of millions and that’s too risky for them.

This is why you alienate your shitty toxic fanboys and become a more respected profitable company. I mean they’re profitable now anyway but they can be even more so. The way the future is going…no doubt Sony will continue to sell consoles and gsmes but there’s way too much pressure on their 1st party.

And that’s why they’re forced to write big checks for timed exclusivity. And that will only be more expensive as gamepass grows as well as xbox installed base. 0


so the San Diego secret studio…wasn’t a reality, just a VFX support studio

all kinds of whack stuff in this article

i’m just a sucker for zombies tbh

and motorbikes too

already sold the ps4 in 2019, so i missed on it

Reposting my take. Maybe a fanboy view idk, but I think a weak Sony output is detrimental to the industry as a whole, as SIE has always push for creativity and was not afraid to take risks in the past. It basically confirms again that they’re just on cruise control right now, not noticing what happens right next to them. They are not losing steam, but they seem to lose sight, is how I would put it simply.



Man, everyday I’m happier Xbox is my main ecosystem. They’ve been making great moves for a couple years now, and Sony is just moving in a direction that doesn’t interest me at all.

At the end of the day Sony saw the numbers, the social interaction of their games and decided that AAA movie like games are the way to go. If they can make their money and their user base is happy with it - it’s the correct move.

I remember that some guy on otherera wrote a comment about a Sony game, probably TLoS2: (paraphrasing) I love this game because it doesn’t feel like a game.

So I’m seeing some people comment on the possiblity that the TLOU and Uncharted remakes are to be more in-line with the movie/tv shows, and that the new pipeline could be:

Successful IP/New IP → Movie/TV adaptation under PlayStation Productions-> Adaptation/remake of film/tv version into game to maximize brand awareness $$$ potential.

So basically the game - the movie - the game based on the movie based on the game.

Street Fighter The Movie The Game.


Btw the Remedy exclusive rumour fits perfectly for Sony third person AAA movie game strategy.

I mean I expected someone to ask inside Sony HQ why their profits as the marked share leader (by a high margin) are so low. But I didn’t expect this outcome. Putting less and more expensive eggs in a basket without much growth is not the way to go.

So, the TV TV TV strategy. Works every time.




Like, I think Sony’s games are really good. They’re far from doooomed. And I’ve harped on this before, but it’s just… short sighted.

It’s like Microsoft putting all their eggs in the Halo and Gears basket. Those games were unbeatable, zeitgeist-defining juggernaughts… until they weren’t anymore. It just takes a couple of middling releases or a shift in the industry for something else to be on top, and then what do you have to fall back on if you’ve closed your other studios and haven’t cultivated new and different types of games?

Microsoft is out here diversifying, taking risks, cultivating new experiences, while Sony is narrowing and narrowing.


I’m happy Sony’s sequel-itis is starting to be called out; I always assumed it would be one of those things that the majority bias would overlook (like Nintendo cash grabs being ok or Days Gone being underrated) but am happy to be wrong.

A lot of the magic from games like Spiderman, Horizon, and to a lesser extent God of War won’t be there as much in a sequel. I always think about FF15, where the hype of a new final fantasy made me want to do everything when the game came out, and now that that magic is gone the flaws of the game stick out and I’ll never touch it again.