PlayStation ‘is working on a counterpunch to Xbox Game Pass’, claims God of War creator

See if they did actually launch something as good as Gamepass id be delighted and would get a PS5 at some point.

I just don’t think they are able to do so. Not even close.


Source is a blowhard who hasn’t worked at Sony since what, 2007?

He may as well be a random Youtuber or forum poster.


The only ex God Of War dev I want to hear from is Stig Asmussen

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But Sony already has their answer and it is called PS Now. The big difference is that Sony treats it as an afterthought and judging by Jim Ryan’s comments Sony does not think it is feasible to put their big AAA games onto the service. I am therefore very curious what this mythical thing they are working on.

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I’m sure there’s a reason you all are discounting what Jaffe has to say, but I’m listening to his latest video and so far there are some pretty level-headed takes founded on industry experience. He’s saying a lot about how from Kojima’s perspective, the new Sony is way less desirable than the benefits of doing a deal with MSFT currently. He also lead off with a really good point about how Kojima’s main Sony contacts aren’t there anymore; it’s literally a different company.


This seems dead on arrival given everything mentioned in the other thread about their insistence on only working on major titles, being unwilling to give new IP a chance, and their definition of successful new IP where even large hits like Days Gone are not getting sequels. I refer everyone to the discussion @

Honestly, I think you’re gonna see something akin to a “Playstation studios pass” then an actual gamepass model.

Something where you pay however many dollars a month and get all 1st party games day one and that’s it. I don’t think Sony is going to change it’s model much let alone go as hardcore as MS is on 3rd parties.

Sony love their 30% cut from sales, and their 1st party is ultimately to attract people to their ecosystem so they can make that money from their revenue cuts.


Folks might want to watch the show tonight.


That sounds pretty good at first glance-- I love the idea of a subscription where I could play TLOU and Horizon on day one!-- but the issue becomes, how does that keep being attractive month to month when Sony only releases 2 or 3 big blockbusters a year? You have to bolster the marquee titles with third party and indies and smaller games. Or else just make it absurdly cheap. Because I’m not going to pay $10 a month to sit and wait 6 months for Sad Dad 2 to come out.


Third party games…but yeah, the same 3rd party games gamepass will have.

And 2-3 is being generous. Its 2 at max.

My question is how you’d do it WITHOUT MULTIPLAYER?

When your games are one and done, why shouldn’t i get a 2 week PSNow sub, play the game and then just buy it when its cheap in 8 months?

Yup, there’s a lot of things working against Sony if they try to copy gamepass:

  • Need to build a userbase before you can justify putting your AAAA games on there for “free”
  • Will be the Hulu to Xbox’s Netflix, needing to convince people to double down on subscriptions
  • Would need greater variety in games, and at least a single game that people play longer than 2 weeks
  • Would need greater quantity of games, as the risk of people gaming the subscription system is much higher when you just need to pay $15 whenever sad dad game and cool open world comes out once to twice a year
  • Would be in a constant moneyhat battle with a company with more money and more hats
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they’ll probably also add all their older games, but I definitely think the appeal is gonna just be “you pay a reasonable price for all our games every year” and that reasonable price is either the same price as how much all their 1st party games released that year cost, or slightly less.

I don’t think it’s a matter of paying it month to month as tbh, I expect them to make you pay for an entire year upfront (even though I said in the original post, it would be monthly lmao, maybe I’m not thinking about it too well) and the reason to compell you to do so, would be to shave a bit of money off… ie effectively make it that your paying 50-60 per game, instead of 70 each.

Sony’s output isn’t crazy, but they can definitely release at least 3 games a year. Basically I don’t think of it like a subscription as much as I do like a season pass.

I wouldn’t underestimate Sony mainly because they have a user base of around 125 million between the PS4 and PS5.

Because of this, and the unparalleled loyalty among their fans, it wouldn’t take long for them to hit 25 million subscribers. A $10 a sub that would mean $3 billion dollars of revenue a year, which could most definitely pay for third-party content on the platform and expand their current offerings. I can also see them coming up with their own perks but tie it to the most popular games like offering a hundred V-bucks every month or something like that.

I also don’t see their games being day one on that service but I don’t think their fans will care. Frankly speaking a lot of loyalists (for any company, really) have a lower bar. But the idea that the back catalog would be there is enough for a lot of people.

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The user base is absolutely the strength Sony has, but the question of how to funnel them into a new subscription is still tricky. It certainly seems like Sony’s userbase is currently subsidizing a lot of devs’ decisions to go onto gamepass, especially sports games which are some of the most important non-first party titles. Basically MLB being sold on PS5 makes it less risky for MLB to put their game on gamepass, and it may be tough to get those devs to go from one foot in the pool to jumping fully in.


Of course sony has to counter gamepass. Just like MS had to counter sony’s lead in first party studios by buying other studios. BTW, sony just got an infusion of cash. Will it impact game division?

Netflix Nabs Post-PVOD Streaming Rights to Sony’s Feature Films in Multi-Year Deal | Hollywood Reporter

Most likely that would go back to the parent company to be spread among where it was deemed necessary. Typically, it would go back to Sony Pictures.


Anything less than Sony having their exclusives in their subscription service day one kind of defeats the purpose in trying to have a Game Pass killer because those exclusives would be what gives them the opportunity to do just that. Also, what would it be? PS Now 2.0??? LOL.


Sony doesn’t have the cash to compete with Game Pass. They can’t afford to put their big budget games into something like Game Pass and certainly can’t afford to model of paying devs cash upfront like MS can, nor do they have the funds to go on shopping sprees to get teams in place internally that can keep the hits coming monthly. That all costs a wild amount of money.

I could see them putting their games on PS Now 6 months post launch perhaps, but they gotta first upgrade their infrastructure to stream PS5 games.


I highly doubt this will end up being true, it will probably be an expansion of PS Now because there is no realm that Sony can invest as much money as MS at this point in studios, acquisitions, and a low cost service.

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that cash isn’t enough, MS is spending billions.