Introduce Yourselves!

So as this forum opens up to more and more people, I thought it would be nice to have a thread for introductions.

I’ll start.

I’m a young lad of 25 (26 next month, damnit) who was way too into video games for his own good, and is now trying to do a little more with this hobby. I’m back at school hopefully for the last time (after a whooole lot of jumping around) and will earn my comp sci degree within 2 years if all goes well.

Games wise, huge Xbox fan since the original (though my first console was a Genesis) and so by definition also a massive Halo fan. The internet continues to remain increasingly hostile for xbox fans and I really hope this forum can be a place for all of us to relax and just have some good discussion.


I predict shit, get some right, get some wrong.


I’m SuikerBrood. Besides being a moderator on this forum, I also write news stories for

I’m 28 (man… time flies) and live in The Netherlands. I’m not your classic Xbox fan. I’m the strangest part of this community, as I’ve… never owned an Xbox.

I am a big fan of Microsoft franchises though. I fell in love with Age of Empires when I played those with friends on LAN parties and love Microsoft’s current direction. Love Age of Empires, Sea of Thieves and everything that’s arcady. Crackdown, Forza Horizon, Sunset Overdrive. Loved those games.


I’m 40, and I live in Croatia. I started gaming on my cousin’s C64 and my neighbour’s Atari 2600, but soon I discovered arcade machines, where I fell in love with Sega games in particular. Then I moved to PC for a decade or so, and there I developed strong fondness for a number of MS/Xbox-related franchises. While I own and like games on all platforms, including smartphones, I’ve been primarily an Xbox fan for a good while. You may or may not know me as Remo Williams, REMEMBER CITADEL, Rutger Lundgren or insane_cobra (I usually pick a fresh nick for most places, and these are just a few that I’ve used over the years).


I’m 37, live in central Illinois for my whole life (except for 2 years in Orlando when I was 2). I’ve been gaming since the original NES and am a die hard RPG fan. I grew up with Final Fantasy, but eventually discovered CRPGs on PC and become a huge fan of their writing.

I like gaming on pretty much every platform, but became super drawn to the Xbox on Day 1 of the OG Xbox launch with Halo and haven’t stopped primarily gaming on Xbox since. I remember getting Mech Assault and instantly becoming glued to Xbox Live (I was primarily a Quake and Team Fortress player on PC up till then)… then became a big Ghost Recon player with friends on Xbox Live.

My favorite game of all time is Final Fantasy 6, followed closely by The Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past.

Besides gaming, I work in Home Mortgages for a major bank, but am not customer facing I work on the back end with clients. I’m a huge sports fan, primarily football and basketball. I use to be a die hard WWF/WCW fan, but lost interest in wrestling till last year when AEW launched and have been hooked on AEW ever since, they’ve reignited my love for it. I tried watching WWE, but was instantly turned off on what they were doing.

Glad to be part of this community!


Glaswegian pal of Sik’s.

Work in the energy industry and been kicking around on Xbox live in some capacity or another since 2005.

Was big into Halo 3, but do prefer a grand strategy nowadays.


Will you be checking out Crusader Kings 3 when it drops on GP for PC next month?

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Male, currently 52, german.

Xbox as primary console, Playstation for selected games, PC for selected games.

Formerly known as Colbert on GAF, ResetEra and Twitter. Now back to my old nickname MrZweistein


Xbox Live: MrZweistein

PSN: IlluminatusV

Steam: IlluminatusV



Fingers crossed I’m getting an early copy - seen some good things from it and a big fan of CK2 so high hopes for it at the moment


Jon (Sik!) here, based in a little suburb just out of London in the UK.

At 36 years of age, despite having a wife and two kids of my own, I’m still a big kid at heart. I’ve always loved video games since I first played Elite on the BBC Micro when I was a little’un. Playing Halo for the first time in 2001 blew my mind and I’ve never looked back. I also have a frankly horrific addiction to Halo’s Forge mode…

Now I’m a little older, I’m indulging in another hobby of mine - writing and video creation working on XboxEra. Love the community we’ve got and can’t wait to see it grow as we head into the best generation yet. It’s really cool to finally reveal the forum and I hope you all enjoy it!


I’m 19 years of age, and live in Vancouver, Canada. I’m working on a BBA degree, and have two years left on it. Planning to become a CPA (accountant) soon after that. Though truth be told, I have no idea what I’m doing in my life :joy:.

When it comes to Xbox, I got one around 2010, for Forza Motorsport 3 and Burnout Paradise. Forza was the main reason I stuck with Xbox for all these years, actually. Been primarily on Xbox since then.


I am 23 and started playing games when I was 4 years old with Halo 1 (this makes me feel old). I started online gaming with Halo 2, played Halo 3 basically every day for 3 years straight.

I love Xbox and it is my primary platform but am also a huge fan of PlayStation’s first party games so I’ll always own a PS console.


My parents would’ve never allowed me to play Halo when I was 4… haha.

I played my first Lego games when I was 7 or 8, I believe. Lego Rock Raiders and Lego Island were my jam back then.

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My dad bought an Xbox and I watched him play and eventually played a bit. He was big into PC games and bought an Xbox near launch


You are that young !?


Haha yes


Too old to play competitive games, but still considered to be a sweat by our dear resident CrimsonEclipse. Work in the industry. Love Halo, but also recognize the faults in my favorite franchise.


I live in Philadelphia, PA. Born in '86. I’m a full-time touring musician, but reduced to a no-time touring musician thanks to the 'Rona.

I’ve been gaming all my life. My earliest gaming memory was my dad being able to land the jet in Top Gun for NES, since my brother and I never could. I’m also pretty sure I was the first victim of the “let-your-brother-play-but-don’t-plug-in-the-second-controller” scheme. I also remember my first Xbox game. I switched from PS2 to Xbox once I got to play KOTOR. What a revelation that game was!

I’m currently building a small studio. I plan on learning as much as I can in regards to recording/production/editing, etc. Maybe someday I’ll be a contributer to XboxEra in some shape or form. Until then, I’m just happy to be here.

Game on, friends.


I’m 30. Lived in a European country for 10 years, another one for 20. Been mainly a PC player for most of my life, then my habits changed in the dark ages of PC gaming in the late 00’s when most games didn’t come to PC or if they did with horrible ports. Mained an Xbox 360 for a while, moving to Xbox One was absolutely the natural call after that. I write for some Xbox-related websites (including XboxEra, of course!), I game fucktons, and I love to explore new worlds, genres, unusual ideas, though there’s formulas like Call of Duty or Rocket League that I gravitate back to on a regular basis. Very excited that this forum came to be.