How Should Xbox Marketing Capitalize on Sony's Messaging Issues?

Don’t want to make this a console warz bait thread, but I think there is merit to it from a marketing discussion pov (which has been allowed and even promoted here in the past).

Both next gen platforms are complex and nuanced. Until now, Sony’s messaging had been focused entirely on PS5 being a next gen showcase for next gen-only titles and ya should buy one to play Sony’s next gen only exclusives. Today Sony announced (admitted?) several of their higher profile early gen titles are actually cross gen. Suddenly the swathes of fans and press out there talking up how great Sony’s “approach” to dedicated next gen experiences end up looking real dumb. That narrative is evaporating now.

Further, Sony made the leap to $70 games, so the value proposition each console offers is back in the limelight too and there is some confusion about if there will be enhancements for BC on PS5 at all, as well as lingering confusion over what games their BC solution will cover on day 1.

So, what should Xbox do to reinforce their own message in light of this?


Hammering on Gamepass value and BC presence quality and plays best on XSX.

If possible lower the XSS to 249 and XSX to 399/449 since they said Estimated Retail Price.

I think they should take every opportunity possible.

What a turn of events look. MS got their show leaked but the reception was insanely positive. Sony was prepared but now it is a giant mess.


A hailmary, but removing paywall for online MP would be a major way to capitalize


They need to emphasize on Xbox All Access, have another showcase showing their remaining games in development (especially the one from The Initiative), and of course drop Xbox Live Gold

If they do that, they’re going to take all the thunder considering Sony has nothing left to show.

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It has begun.


How Should Xbox Marketing Capitalize on Sony’s Messaging Issues?


I feel all the cards are on the table now and mostly for a while what happens happens, however xbox can only benefit from leaning in on gamepass especially if game prices stuff becomes a big deal, they also have the cheapest console and it’s seeming increasingly clear “better graphics” isn’t landing this time. But at this point both have problems that aren’t easy or possible to turn around quickly or to capitalize on. Xbox isn’t suddenly gonna have big first party games before mid to late 2021, Sony cant undo their hardware boondoggling and still has a ways to go to catch up in the services battle.

I’d like to see them show off:

  • BC enhancements focus, give a clear list of what will be in the library and the enhancements
  • officially reveal their launch lineup and be super crystal clear what’s coming when and on which platforms
  • show legit gameplay demos of every single launch title lasting 5 mins or more
  • highlight every single launch game with blog posts containing new info and what is next gen about it
  • showcase gameplay demos of Fable, Hellblade 2, Forza, AC: Valhalla, FlightSim on XSX
  • showcase Cyberpunk gameplay running on XSX
  • find a way to have Minecraft path traced @ launch
  • really hammer on All Access as the primary method for buying XSS/XSX
  • run side by side demos to show XSS/XSX play games identically on a 1080p TV (this implies PS5 will run them the same as XSS)
  • run Game Pass ads talking up $70 next gen games and drawing stark comparisons to GP
  • announce 1P XGS titles will be $60 and all existing XGS X1 games are getting free next gen upgrades
  • make an ad focused on how complex it is knowing what you’re getting on a competing console but showcasing how All Access is cheap, simple and gets ya more of the best experiences

In this tough economic time, hammering home the value of the system with Gamepass is key.

Series X with Gamepass is a great combo.

Add the peripheral compatibility…

Why pay more for less power and value?



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What about this

Showing some Series X Gameplay??

I know it’s crazy but you know I’m just throwing ideas around


lmao it’s started…

in a way I called it Xbox Series S OFFICIALLY CONFIRMED, $299, £249. 512 GB NVME SSD, 60% Smaller than XSX, 1440p up to 120 FPS, Ray-Tracing, All Digital and More


The damage control is starting. What did they say on MS cross gen stance before?

Microsoft slogan at this point should be: “it’s only bad when we do it”

Even Ign’s Ryan Mccafrey has back pedalled on what he said about TROTTR exclusivity, and given sony praise for their Ff16 deal. (he gave Microsoft flak for their deal)

It shouldn’t annoy me as much as it does, but the double standards is beyond annoying.


Price from MS should be a point of differenciation

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FWIW, I generally find that the press follows the lead set by ResetEra’s rhetoric and folks there are not happy at all.

MS should tap into these messaging mistakes the way Sony did with their ‘used games’ viral video.



ResetEra. Hoping MS strikes while the iron is hot here.

BOY you can FEEL the anger on that site thru my phone lol


DOH! Should have known! Yeah I don’t think it was a bad show just kind of unremarkable. Didn’t think Sony would give MS any openings after series S|X prices leaked. But man that was bewildering how important details were handled.