Hi-Fi RUSH |OT| The Evil Ry-thm

Lol wtf, where did this game come from?

I just started but its pure joy for my synapses…


Very rare to see a 10/10 masterpiece be shadowdropped like this. Wow!

Phil, I know youre reading this. Give Tango a blank check!


Seem the Shadow drop is working in it favor.


Good, let’s hope it does well enough for a sequel!

Sequel? we talking Sequel? Sequel? already? Sequel?

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It’s just that good man! I want more!

another one more

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Seem many people are liking it. I don’t know about a sequel though, might just be a 1 off side passion project from Mikami.

So? Many game series start as passion projects yet end up with sequels. The Evil Within got a sequel why can’t this?

This is a chart by revenue, so very impressive for a 30$ game to chart that high.


This game reminds me of Viewtiful Joe and I like that.

Beat the first boss and I’m at a 9/10(because the jumping is weird to me, Chai falls like a brick).

Great way to start 2023 for Xbox.

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Haven’t played it yet, but definitely looks like something that could be taken to the next level with more time and budget.

Xbox having its own hack and slash game was probably the least popular choice in bingo card. By least popular, I mean no one asked for it here since third person sad dad took over.

Precisely! Who knows what they could do in a sequel. Xbox needs this type of game more often, and now they have it! We must have a sequel!

And yet, it’s the best hack and slash game I’ve played in years. It is not a game, it is a piece of art. I would gladly call it a must-play.


Amen brother. I was in denial before, but Hi-Fi Rush was the perfect way to introduce us to this era. For all of Zenimax’s faults, they just gave us a classic for the ages.

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I assume everyone and I do mean everyone has accepted but I’ll say it here:

This game is exclusive to Xbox. Once again, prove the point that Bethesda games are now only on Xbox.


Very true, and it’s nice to have a exclusive as good as Hi-Fi Rush as the first showing of that. I’m sure Redfall will be a good game but this is more important. This shows that Xbox won’t stop Tango from their Masterpieces.

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It’s funny. This game was announced and released today. Could you imagine the discussion?

Friend: What’s the best Japanese game released this week?

Me: Hi-Fi Rush!

Friend: The what? I had my list here and I only got Forspoken and Neptunia. What’s that game?

Me: It was just announced today. It’s out now.

Friend: Is that legal?!

Me: It’s not illegal.

Seriously, it’s a test for word of mouth to be seen as a big factor. It’s like Xbox wasn’t satisfied enough with High on Life, so they want up the ante.


This wasn’t the game I expected based on rumors and I mean that in the best way. It looks great! Is it purely single player? I wonder how long the campaign is?

I’m now 10 and 1/2 hours in. Just finished level 9, seems like I have at least one more if not two left? Not sure I can get a review done tonight :cry: