Halo The Series |OT| Steven Spielberg's Magnum Opus [Spoilers]

Agreed. I’m all-in on an alternate universe. My 7/10 rating of the show has way more to do with comparing it to the best TV and Sci-Fi out there rather than to the games or novels.

They were some things that this show does better than any other sci-fi or TV show out there. One thing was the battle sequences. The other being that the Halo Universe was fully represented within the first season. (In a lot of sci-fi you see things rolled out over many seasons, whether it’s ship designs or alien races and so on, people new to Halo saw a ton of aliens, weapons, ships, and uniforms all in the first season making the universe feel deep and fleshed out for them)

I read something online about some guy’s retired dad, who’s never played videogames, who really got into the show even just after the first two episodes. I think a lot of non-Halo fans can see and appreciate a richly detailed universe depicted even just within the first couple episodes.

I think if the show leads into these advantages, the sky is the limit. Some of my favorite sci-fi didn’t find its legs until the second or third season. Some of my favorite comedies (The Office, Parks and Rec, and Seinfeld) didn’t really know what they were until their second or third seasons.

I hope Paramount Plus gives this show the time it needs to achieve its potential.

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Did chief ever take his helmet off in an active warzone in the show? I’m trying to remember, and I think the most he did was take it off after the convenant retreated at the end of episode 5.

I do agree that I want more battles, but I imagine that’s mostly a matter of budget. How season 1 did it, 3 “big” battle scenes and then some other action interspaced was nice, but I really hope one of the big ones next season is a space battle.

New characters wise, there’s always a risk of having too many. You only have so much time to develop them. That being said, I’d love if they focused on Atriox or The Arbiter for the convenant side of the story next season. I liked Makee, but ultimately her story was interconnected with chiefs.

Next season has a fair bit of unknown. Kwans story for example seems to be done until they need to use the portal, so that leaves an entire B plot open. Really curious what they’ll end up doing with it.


My father thinks video games are stupid. Always has, never had anything nice to say about anything I played when I was a kid. He loves the Halo novels though. He’s not super bright so I don’t think he ever made the connection.



Looked to see if @Doncabesa posted the review on the forums, I couldn’t see it, so here you go.


Collecting all the trailers to date:

And Masterchief using his grapplehook


I just saw on the Gamepass perk section of my Xbox that it has a 30 day free trial to Paramount Plus. That a good perk for anyone wanting to watch Halo and don’t have Paramount Plus yet.

Is that only for new users?

new paramount+, so just use a different email


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Halo TV Series (Official Site) - Watch Season 2 on Paramount+ (paramountplus.com)

First two episodes are up

92% on Rotten tomatoes


We’re live with our first Spoilercast for Season 2! Joined by Jon and Jesse alongside the usual HaloEra crew of Soul and Nick (IronWolf).

Come join us!


Season 2 is way better than season 1. Enjoying it so far.


ONI better represented and more competent here than in the games. :laughing:


I need to catch the second episode, then I can watch the spoiler-cast. Looking forward to seeing others’ opinions.

It’s crazy how much this is true.

In the games, ONI is like a background thing you only hear about like 5 times in the whole saga, here it’s at the foreground.

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Yeah, they are more present in the books/comics than the game but here we see them already having captured Halsey (and fucking with her mentally), making Chief doubt himself through gaslighting, making his team members question him, and already well aware of the Covenant’s plans. Top notch stuff.


Liked what i saw, but was dead tired running after my toddler and only caught bits and peices.

Is the new halsey guy cannon? Asking for my wife.

Yes. But generally he was a Rival to Halsey and was more like a drill Sergeant against the Spartan II program. Just before The Fall of Reach, Cortana hacks some files and gets him reassigned to the space version of Syberia.