Halo The Series |OT| Steven Spielberg's Magnum Opus [Spoilers]

The Halo TV show is finally here!

What is the premise of the show?

‘Halo’ follows familiar characters Master Chief, Cortana, Dr. Halsey, and others in an alternate timeline that deviates from the cannon we know in the game and the books. The timeline the show follows is called the Silver Timeline.

Silver Timeline? What does that mean?

"‘Silver’ is the name of the central Spartan fireteam, and, of course, a nod to the ‘silver screen’ too – naturally, the name stuck. The Silver Timeline is a unique vision of the Halo universe that contains and embraces many key elements of the core canon that has spanned the last two decades, but with relevant contextual and narrative details that diverge in ways appropriate (and necessary) to the storytelling opportunities presented by the TV medium and our collaboration with creative partners.

To tell the best Halo stories we can, we want to protect the integrity, simplicity, and future of the core canon, but also not be limited by it when faced with the realities of a new medium and the process of production. As a result, we made the decision to set the Halo television series in an authentic, but independent timeline."

Where is the show streaming?

Paramount Plus.

What if my country does not have this service?

Our friends at Windows Central have created a nifty guide to help you watch the show wherever you are in the world.

Who stars in the show?

Pablo Schreiber stars as John 117 aka The Master Chief

Jen Taylor as Cortana

Natascha McElhone as Cortana/Halsey

Shabana Azmi as Admiral Margaret Parangosky

Olive Gray as Miranda Keyes

Yerin Ha as Kwan Ha Boo

and more!




By the way, thanks for making the thread. I was calling for it first, but nothing happened until Jesse’s swedish boyfriend, Mort said the same. But hey, det är bra


My thoughts on ep 1x01. Spoilers below…I assume we’re not blurring them. Correct me if I’m wrong though

  • Man it was brutal. People getting blown to hell, kids getting slaughtered. Ya know the more I find about these Covenant fellas, the more I don’t care for 'em

  • Most of the action and effects were great. There was some CG issues were fast moving Spartans felt a bit janky. Oh and Reach, High Charity and the Prophet Mercy looked incredible

  • Speshal Pablo was great as Chief. And no, I didn’t have an issue with him taking his helmet off. He’s a damn handsom man

  • As cool as I was with them making this story their own, some of the nostalgic calls to the games got me. The shields recharging got a loud “fuck yeah” out of me

  • The shows plasma pistol kicks the snot out of any of the games versions

  • Plenty of time for things to go south, but right now I’m in. Bring on episode 2


The first 15 minutes of the show was incredible and I got so many goosebumps, seeing chief drop down in his usual way was special. I was so happy when the Into title screen thing that played after, I actually tear’d up a bit with happiness because of all the things they did to bring him to life in the series.

The wort wort wort the elite made, the prophet looks fucking incredible, chief and silver team look amazing, the elites look amazing, sound effects that were pulled straight from the game, the shield recharge noise gave me big goosebumps.

I seriously wasn’t expecting much and thought it was going to look super budget and not very good, while some parts are about eh, they don’t ruin it at all for me, the show massively exceeded my expectations and I couldn’t be happier.


Surprised there is no Halo Infinite tie in with the show. Infinite is a GaaS afterall.

But I digress…

The show was great ! Very enjoyable, hope for more action scenes like the first 20 minutes of the episode!

I sat and paused several times when they showed Chief’s HUD. There are some really nice touches they added in there. In addition to the shields recharge which also has the sound effect already mentioned, they show the grenades and gun that he’s using and when he shoots the ammo count goes down. Even though it’s simple stuff, it makes you feel like a lot of care was put into this.

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Still not available in France and no news on when it will be :cry:

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VPN is your friend

I love being proven so wrong, I thought this was going to be another in a long line of bad adaptions but the first episode was surprisingly great.

The tension between the marines and spartans had me sitting forward in my seat.

Too much human to human conflict. Too much human to human drama. The marines are bad guys. Halo is at its core a first person story that follows Master Chief on grand space adventures. The special effects are great. It needs to be more mandalorian less Alex kurzman modern Star Trek. Paramount plus with their new Star Trek Picard Discovery shows took hopeful optimistic scifi concepts of TNG and turned them into dark drama regardless of what the fans actually want from a Star Trek. This was a bad start of the Halo show. I want fun. I want aliens to be the bad guys. I don’t want marines to be the bad guys. I want to follow Master Chief. I don’t want this big group of bland human characters wherein Master Chief is only a fraction of the story.

From the OP:

And in that piece it says:

…folks in France can watch the show on Canal Plus on the same day.

Is that incorrect?

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I mean, Master Chief was built to kill marines in the first place, it’ll eventually become about the Covenant but there’s nothing wrong with showing the Spartan roots.


I wanted to add my thoughts into the official thread here, can’t wait for Episode 2 now :slight_smile:

As a huge Halo fan that calls it my favorite gaming IP ever, I absolutely loved episode 1 of the Halo Series! If you are someone that is going to get hung up on detailed lore items being a major issue for you then maybe you will feel differently. I have loved Halo because of a cool sci-fi world and the telling of a “Hero” story in it, and this seems awesome to me so far. Deep Halo lore has always made my head spin at some point anyway, so that doesn’t bother me with this. I was surprised at how much I am interested in the story that is being setup here.

You really should give this one a chance and be open minded to some fun without trying to watch it through the lens of what someone online has said or your experience with the games. I will say that there are so many cool little Halo things that made me smile as I watched it.

I will have to see where the whole season takes us, but I am definitely excited to watch this every Thursday and with the fact that Season 2 has already been ordered.


Rumored to only arrive in May.

Really enjoyed the first episode but I think it was a mistake to not include the first two episodes and then go weekly. I’m actually someone who likes the weekly drops instead of binging it all in a couple days but you see a lot of shows do that where they give the first two to get people more invested.


Yeah, the show is called Halo and is based on the games, but if you’re bringing this baggage to your viewing then it probably isn’t going to work for you.

With the game delay and show delays I think both were focused on just getting their own things done, tie-ins can happen later.


We’re going live tonight at 7pm EDT to break down episode 1.


Ok… but isn’t that about the entire Paramount+ service? And not about the Halo series? According to the above quote, the Halo show is available on Canal+ right now. That’s also what C|Net is saying:

En complément de ces franchises, le service accueillera aussi la très attendue série Halo . Un show qui sera d’ailleurs diffusée dès le 24 mars 2022 sur Canal+, en tant qu’événement partenaire spécial, avant le lancement de la plateforme SVoD plus tard dans l’année.

That’s from here: Paramount+ et la série Halo bientôt en France via Canal+ - CNET France

still funny how people didn’t notice, the colonists were inexperienced with fighting the covenant (duh, first contact for them) so they weren’t using methods effective for fighting enemies with energy shields from the lore i.e. focusing fire on one enemy at a time. on the other hand the spartans did use those tactics