Halo The Series |OT| Steven Spielberg's Magnum Opus [Spoilers]

What browser do you use? I know both Edge and Chrome lets you translate by just right-clicking (or tap and hold on mobile) so if you use one of those you might wanna give that a try.

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Thanks, will do

They need to cut on Kwan for season 2 as soon as possible, just kill her or something in episode 1. She’s so boring.

At least Soren had an awesome Wick type sequence in this episode.

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I know I wasn’t on the podcast for this most recent episode of the show but I just wanted to say that, while I know I’m in the minority, I actually liked the episode WAY more than I expected. We’ve been ranking the episodes on the show, so I’d say I’d give it a 6.5 or a 7.

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I liked it too, it wasn’t that bad. I’d give it a 7.

It’s one of those things were once something is deemed bad by the collective, everything about it is viewed through a lens of, “nope it will always be terrible now.”

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For me it was as bad as expected. I have become annoyed by Kwan-Meh and that storyline to the point that I think it distracts from the actual content, and an entire episode dedicated to that? Yeah… no it was not great. I don’t like it and I don’t form my opinions based on what the collective thinks either haha.

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I ended up giving it a 7.5 lol. It could be because I went in with really low expectations, but I really thought the episode did almost exactly what it needed to do for me, regarding Kwan’s character.

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I can’t bring myself to watch it, lol. The last couple episodes were so good I don’t want to break the streak. I plan on watching it when the next episode is out so if I don’t like it I can move onto the next episode without a week to stew on it.


Check out the big brain on Maaaaat

You a smart muthafucka

Lmao this episode is going to set some people off I can’t wait to see the reactions

Edit this was when the kissing scene happened but HOLY SHIT it all went down wow

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Master Chief is turning into Captain Kirk. Ready to get down and dirty with anything and anyone lol


Please use this on the day of the show going live.

My bad

np, it happens :slight_smile:

he better be kissing an elite💋

Pablo Schreiber stars in: Sleeping With The Makeenemy

  • Not gonna lie, I could have done without the John / Makee love connection. But everything that came afterwards made for some damn interesting story telling

  • Halsey is even more sinister and manipulative than I ever imagined. Very proud of Cortana making this her fuck you mom moment. She chose John over…everything else. He should start trusting and depending on her much more now

  • Vannak and Riz are terrifying foes. Still not as much as a Covenant glassing

  • I was so worried I was going to be proven right this episode that Makee was going to kill Miranda. Felt like they set it up to be Halsey’s fault. But it didn’t happen. Still could, but crossing my fingers

One more episode to go. Bring that shit on

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Oh I didn’t know we had to blur spoilers

Just the day of I think when so many people still haven’t gotten out of school/work to be able to watch it.

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What you mean Cortana is now a netorare victim?