Halo Infinite Leaks Thread (No Story Discussion!)

Unfortunately information about Halo Infinite has leaked and naturally members of the community want to talk about what has leaked. So this thread has been made to talk about any and all leaks that do not pertain to the story or campaign of the game. Absolutely no campaign or story related info that has or will leak is allowed in here. Anyone who ignores this will be properly moderated.


What about multiplayer modes that may have implications for the campaign ?

Just avoid campaign spoilers, if a mode leaks that implicates campaign information we will adjust then.

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There could be a BR ( if still in development ) apparently.

Some more multiplayer maps got leaked, they look pretty cool:

Some helmets:

Also there’s a snowman helmet apparently.

A forge image from earlier:


The halo medal anouncer recorder the words ‘battle royale’. It was leaked through the tech test.

Tom is a pretty reliable battlefield leaker. Idk how battle royale will be tied into the campaign. If anyone talks about the BR leave out details that tie in with the campaign.

Those mp maps look good.the desert looking one is a 4v4 map with vehicles from the e3 showing. I’m so happy that some of the arena maps are open.

Spoilers don’t matter to me as long as they arnt story related.

  • edit. For some reason I can’t link Tom Henderson’s leak about BR. He says it ties into the single player so watch out for that.
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My hope is that BR mode is made by players in Forge. I’d prefer Forge be the avenue for adding/experimenting with new modes that aren’t classically Halo.

They could also easily have had him record it in case they ever decide to add one. He’s 70 now so it’s getting time to ask him to say just about every combo of words you could want for future games. Never know when he won’t take calls anymore.


Maybe this BR mode is the one others heard about, maybe it is a bit different than your standard BR, but it seems to join other rumours about a big scale mode with potentially more than a hundred players. Obviously we will have to see if it is still in development.

I don’t really care about BR, if it’s there cool, if not cool. I got burnt out on it from playing tons of pubg, apex, and warzone but it could fun.

For infinite to have a 10 year life it will need stuff outside arena, btb, and firefight even if those modes are amazing. I very much hope 343 experiment with new modes and experiences. If they leave it to community driven stuff in forge it won’t have the mass appeal I think.

I’m more excited about the crazy halo experiences that could be made on a map that holds 100 people. A 50v50 mode! 25 teams of 4 team slayer with squad spawning, increased points earned for killing the better teams. Stuff like that.

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Why do ya say that? We haven’t even seen Infinite’s Forge stuff yet. For all we know we could be able to import our own assets or even build campaign-like levels and have full control over triggers and rule sets and whatnot.

Plus, if the Forge stuff becomes popular (like Griff ball and Zombies did in Halo 3) they can use that as the barometer to guide them in making add on content too. It’s important 343 doesn’t divert resources unless they know game modes work well in Halo’s sandbox and Forge is perfect for experimentation in that regard.

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Forge is such a cut down version of what map and mode design is. Idk how a forged BR could complete against Fortnite, warzone or apex. Who knows though. Like I’ve said though I’m really excited to see the possibilities by 343 and community members on maps designed for 100 players.

I do think your second point is a valid one. Forge can be used like a test bed for future 343 development.

Says who? Again, we haven’t even seen Forge in Infinite yet.

That night map looks fucking sick

Although I hope we also see a classic map or two return at launch - preferably a Sandtrap remake/inspired map would be amazing

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I’ve got the feeling Infinite Forge will blow us away.

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Says every forge done so far. I hope it blows us away. Even if it does though how is something Like a BR done in forge by one person supposed to match something like warzone or apex legends that are done by 100’s of people.

Let’s use some common sense.

I worry that a BR mode would suck in all the newcomers it being free to play would bring to the franchise and hurt arena and BTB.

I understand they are all the rage, but I personally find them boring.

As long as I can still find packed BTB lobbies (my personal Halo preference), though, no problem.


That has no bearing at all on Infinite’s Forge mode.

If they do have a Battle Royale it makes sense to wait for further down the line

Their focus is clearly making Halo feel as much of the classic Halo as possible and appealing to that fanbase

A BR would almost feel like a second launch for the game because of the anticipation it would bring and while it would almost certainly soak up a large portion of the fanbase, the game being F2P would make it hard for any mode to be unpopulated

As for forge, I do have high hopes for it but I hope xbox one doesn’t hold it back, I can only imagine some of the things people would be able to make with series/pc hardware but that xbone cpu could hold things back

Unless they let people do series/pc only creations which I could understand them being against at first but if this is a 10 year game its only a matter of time before xbone loses support

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I think Xbox One support will fade away, but the game will still be running on Xbox One with Cloud Gaming. For Froge, maybe they will apply different limits on Xbox One compared to Series X/S and PC.