Gaming Deals Thread

Noticed that there wasn’t a specific thread for gaming deals, so I decided to create one. If you come across any good deals related to gaming, please post them in this thread! I’ll be updating this thread weekly for any new sales on the Xbox Store.

Current Xbox Sales:

Ultimate Game Sale:

Deals with Gold:


The current Xbox Black Friday deals going on has some really good sales, including Control Ultimate Edition for $20.

This is a really good price, as the Ultimate Edition contains the base game alongside the two expansions and the Xbox Series X|S upgrade (which really should have been free for everyone).

Marvel’s Avengers is already $30, which I find funny.

And Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition is currently only $3!


Watchdogs Legion down to just £40, two weeks after release. Bargain.

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Also saw this, you can get a bundle for AC Valhalla, Odyssey, and Origins for only $79.99. Definitely a good price for the three games.

Great catch!


That Origins/Odyssey/Valhalla bundle is good, already own Origins and Odyssey though…

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Just bought a bunch of games from the Xbox Black Friday sale that’s going on right now. Excited to play all these games, especially Control once it gets optimized for the Xbox Series X. And all for $60, the price of one AAA game!

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Does Crysis Remastered have a locked frame rate or no? It’d be great to play this at 60 fps. I have the 360 version and I’ve noticed the backward compatibility is abit weird. It runs with abit of a janky hitch,like it stutters every few seconds,its annoying to my eyes. I assume the remastered version doesn’t have that right,it runs smoothly?

There’s a quality mode which is a dynamic 4K on Xbox One X and is capped at 30 FPS. Then there’s the performance mode in which the framerate is uncapped.

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Sold! Uncapped would mean 60 fps,right? This is exactly what I was hoping for. (Edit) …Wait,someone on youtube said it received a patch last week where they capped its frame rate in performance mode. Argh!

Seriously? That sucks. Shouldn’t it be a capped 60 though at least? Isn’t that the point of a performance mode?

It would have been 60 fps with the uncapped frame rate from before but someone in the youtube comment section warned people that the developer slipped in an update to the game last week,inwhich that update now locks the frame rate. Which now means perforance mode is also locked at 30 fps…Nuking 60 frames in performance now. Boooo!

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Wow, that’s pretty stupid. What’s the point of the performance mode in that case? Does the quality mode not even do a stable 30? Well, I’m definitely won’t be buying the game anytime soon if it’s going to stay that way.

Was looking at both modes on youtube,its a stable 30 overall. I have no idea why they went a patched this last week. So in effect they nurfed allowing the hardware to hit 60 fps by shooting out that update that locked frame rate in both modes. Really dumb I agree.

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Quite a lot of interesting things on sale this time. Definitely getting Control! I’ve also been wanting to buy some of the classics like the Mega Man collection or perhaps the older Metal Gear Solid games (never played the series). Good opportunity perhaps! I might snatch Darksiders 3 as well. Really liked the game and I think the base game plus DLC is on sale. Not gonna get another 60+ hour game like Assassin’s Creed Odyssey now though - I’ll play Dragon Quest XI in December already :smiley:

There are also some first party games on sale if you want to permanently own something like Gears 5 or Ori and the Will of the Wisps.

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cashed out some rewards points and grabbed Control and the Resident Evil 2&3 Combo pack and already got my 5000 points for spending $50. I had the resident evils on discs, but much rather have digital.

Pretty good sale. May still pick up Bayonetta.

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Nintendo actually dropped down the prices for some of their games for the GameStop Black Friday sale by a significant amount.

Oh god, how are they ever going to recover from this?

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Here’s a link to GameStop’s Black Friday sale:

Some pretty good deals on recently released titles.


Might snag Madden is Amazon price matches.

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19.99 seems too much for WItcher 3 + DLC…the GOTY edition regularly goes on sale for like 14.99

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Since I’m focusing on Series X|S games, I bought Maneater for 35% off and Control Ultimate and WRC 9 for 50% off. To be fair, only Control was a great deal, since Maneater is still too expensive and WRC will probably be part of Games With Gold like previous iterations :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m disappointed to see NBA 2K21 on sale just for the last-gen version. I’m hoping to see the next-gen version on sale before the end of the year, as well as DMC5:SE and Falconeer!

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