Games Analysis |OT| Time To Argue About Pixels And Frames!

I notice how RT seems to crush the black levels, or is that how it’s supposed to be? I can’t see the portrait on the RT one and parts of the wall is all black.

Nah I agree with travis. They need to label these better. More transparency would be welcomed.

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Really enjoying going back to the RE games, RE 3 remake in particular looks amazing. I have an LG 55 CX and so far don’t see any drops thanks to VRR, maybe there’s some not that I notice Still RE 7 is the best out of all them for gameplay and sheer horror, even now after I’ve finished it on both the Pro and Xbox One X its making so scared to play it LOL

It honestly doesn’t look quite that dark when playing but yeah is certainly a darker game overall.

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  • Series X/PS4 - RT mode runs at solid 60, High refresh mode runs at solid 120
  • Series S - RT mode runs between 40-60, No RT is solid 60, High refresh mostly holds 120 but dips to around 100 at times.

Thanks for posting this, came here to do the same lol.

I really don’t understand why they didn’t target 1080p mode in RT and performance modes on the Series S. It’s really a 1080p machine and would likely go a long way towards improving performance for those two modes.

I’m always curious what’s the bigger bottleneck on the Series S with RT. Is it the memory or the GPU I wonder.

I also noticed they did not add object based motion blur to the new gen update unfortunately.

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I agree, 1440p, while nicez is only supported on monitors. 1080p scales really well on a 4k TV, so I think they should stick to 1080p as well and let people enjoy the higher/more stable fps.

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I feel 1080p (or dynamic) with AMD fidelityfx (or other solutions) is a perfectly fine option if I can get enhanced visuals/effects, draw distance, foliage, animation, weather, etc. at 60 fps.

Piggy backing on this, are there any indicators on Xbox or lists elsewhere for Xbox games using Fidelityfx (2, specifically)? What I have found so far are just generic lists that don’t really specify between PC or console implementation.

There are currently no games using FSR 2.0 as far as I know. While not required to implement, support just got added to the GDK within the last month or so. I do know of one game that uses FSR 1.0 and that’s Phantasy Star Online 2. I got some pictures below showing some of the different settings available and how the game looks with different FSR settings versus native.

Here’s a screenshot of only a handful of the video settings in PSO. There are a lot more not shown here and is set up like a PC game:

Here’s native resolution, highest resolution setting, no AA:

Highest rendering native resolution with TAA+FXAA added:

FSR in the highest quality mode:

FSR in the lowest targeting mode:

Some other games like Snow Runner and Mechwarrior 5 use Fidelity FX adaptive sharpening but not FSR.

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