Games Analysis |OT| Time To Argue About Pixels And Frames!

We are making an OT for Digital Foundry because there are simply too many videos and therefore threads. This will be the place to discuss all things Digital Foundry or other comparison videos.

This is NOT a place to console war on either side. If you do so you will be warned or banned.

  • Only covering ‘next-gen’ versions. PS5 Series S|X
  • “Bug” in SDR mode which may make PS5 look darker, black crush returns!
  • Game has 3 modes. Image Quality Mode, Resolution Mode, Performance Mode.

Image Quality Mode

  • Focused on boosting world detail.
  • Higher rez shadow, AO, draw distance.
  • All versions target 4K but w/ dynamic scaling. 1440p to 4K
  • Series S tops out at 1440p but mostly 1080p or below.
  • PS5 has higher average resolution and texture filtering.
  • Targets 60 FPS and PS5|Series X mostly deliver.
  • Both tear a bit, VRR solves Xbox issue.
  • Series S the worst of the 3 but not that bad.

Resolution Mode

  • Targets 4K and sticks close to it most often.
  • Series S still mostly sticks to 1080p range.
  • Details like AO, Shadows etc lower than Image Quality mode.
  • Series S has other cut backs like grass levels.
  • All 3 consoles give the best performance in this mode. Very stable with very minor slowdown.
  • Series S is the slowest of the 3, but very minor difference.

Frame Rate / Performance Mode

  • Targets 120hz w/ dynamic scaling.
  • 900p to 1440p avg on PS5/Series X
  • Series S as low as 570p.
  • Detail level on PS5 is significantly higher than both Xbox versions in this mode
  • Cars detail, geometric detail, grass, tessellation, environmental geometry takes a big hit on Xbox consoles.
  • DF theorizes this is likely a bug. They have been told the developers are looking into it.
  • Feels very very smooth. Series S fares the worst of the 3, but again not by that much.
  • 120hz mode is very smooth by and large, PS5 has performance dips on a specific type of track.
  • XB Series X feels the smoothest here and VRR makes its performance flawless.

It is a shame imo. Im sorry, but it doesn’t seem acceptable to me that the SX being outperformed this way by a weaker hw. The difference in details in fps mode is staggering, even MS having the adv rights on it. I think it is time to MS to pronunce themselves on the matter. As the SX was touted as the most powerful console ever, it is clearly not delivering.


I suggest watching the video.

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This is very disappointing was just about to buy this game to to try the 120fps mode since I just got my lg cx but dam does that look bad. Hopefully it is a bug and can be patched

Gee, that 120 hz mode looks awful on X. What the fuck is going on? I was looking forward to buying this game, but I’ll probably wait until it hits Gamepass and it’s fixed, hopefully.


I would try to find a 120fps youtube ideo if you can. They did say the compression on these videos are horrible, which they are.

It’s nothing to do with marketing and just down to the performance from the Xbox APIs. Devs will make each version the best they can. The PS5 is just right now easier to get the performance out of.


This sucks.

(Yes I know, it’s the devkits blabla, still sucks)


Yeah its not a good look from a PR perspective and for xbox gamers. Hopefully its sorted sooner rather then later

Another day of people fear posting.

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Ive been playing the game since launch and it looks and runs great on the Series X. Don’t let the comparison discourage you from playing it.


Unless this stuff is pointed out by DF the average gamer wont notice or care.


Its not just that, people are not saying its going to be a long term thing, it is though in the present an unfavorable circumstance for the series consoles.

One reason for the strange seriesS/X results is to think of the xbox consoles as a stack that consists of several different hardwares, this will give tech legacy problems, where as the PS5 is just one individual piece of hardware so devs can target specifically for it.

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doesnt seem like dev kits anymore fuckkkk :frowning:

Eh, what makes you say that?

Embarassing for MS after all that full RDNA2 hoopla


Not the impression they gave from the video. People should expect several more crossgen games to run worse then the PS5, its just the downsides of Microsofts strategy and not have enough time for further optimization.

This doesnt magically make games run better day 1.

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Nah, embarrassing would be worse performance across the board. Its a short term annoyance, but at least the reasons why its happening are becoming more apparent.

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