Digital Foundry: Dirt 5 next gen comparison (SeriesS|X + PS5)

  • Only covering ‘next-gen’ versions. PS5 Series S|X
  • “Bug” in SDR mode which may make PS5 look darker, black crush returns!
  • Game has 3 modes. Image Quality Mode, Resolution Mode, Performance Mode.

Image Quality Mode

  • Focused on boosting world detail.
  • Higher rez shadow, AO, draw distance.
  • All versions target 4K but w/ dynamic scaling. 1440p to 4K
  • Series S tops out at 1440p but mostly 1080p or below.
  • PS5 has higher average resolution and texture filtering.
  • Targets 60 FPS and PS5|Series X mostly deliver.
  • Both tear a bit, VRR solves Xbox issue.
  • Series S the worst of the 3 but not that bad.

Resolution Mode

  • Targets 4K and sticks close to it most often.
  • Series S still mostly sticks to 1080p range.
  • Details like AO, Shadows etc lower than Image Quality mode.
  • Series S has other cut backs like grass levels.
  • All 3 consoles give the best performance in this mode. Very stable with very minor slowdown.
  • Series S is the slowest of the 3, but very minor difference.

Frame Rate / Performance Mode

  • Targets 120hz w/ dynamic scaling.
  • 900p to 1440p avg on PS5/Series X
  • Series S as low as 570p.
  • Detail level on PS5 is significantly higher than both Xbox versions in this mode
  • Cars detail, geometric detail, grass, tessellation, environmental geometry takes a big hit on Xbox consoles.
  • DF theorizes this is likely a bug. They have been told the developers are looking into it.
  • Feels very very smooth. Series S fares the worst of the 3, but again not by that much.
  • 120hz mode is very smooth by and large, PS5 has performance dips on a specific type of track.
  • XB Series X feels the smoothest here and VRR makes its performance flawless.

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