Games Analysis |OT| Time To Argue About Pixels And Frames!

That would be awesome. Wonder when that’s gonna happen.

Seems like it is a big step in the right direction for AMD and something they can work on.

They just need to improve FSR artificats like DLSS improved with time from 2.0 to 2.3

Currently they are behind DLSS by 1.5 years in development years I would assume

That’s exactly what I am referring to. DLSS has been iterated on for a while, and the same will happen with FSR. But AMD has managed to produce an algorithm that more than gives the impression of native resolution.

Whether I have refresh rate set to 60hz or 120hz on Xbox should not matter for VRR, right? I’m asking this because someone on another forum said he thought if you use 60hz it will basically use a HDMI 2.0 mode and won’t activate VRR.

I’m gonna have to test this with KH3 tomorrow, because I don’t think I have any games installed that make use of VRR, but KH3 I know to be working great with it. Just not sure what I had refresh rate set to back then.

Inaccurate. If you have hdmi 2.1 and 120hz you ought to just use 120hz anyway.

But you can use 60hz variable refresh rate. Like on monitors and so on

Yeah but the reason I don’t have 120hz enabled is because I have the flickering issue in some games and always on the dashboard and my games and apps sections. And since barely any game I play makes use of 120hz anyway I just turn it off. But it’s good to know VRR works fine for me.

Wish they could fix the flickering. I think it’s a LG issue, not sure.

ARMA looks good. Anybody here played it?


Yeah, it’s an impressive looking game, still in early access though so expect bugs.


Xbox Series S offers better frames… Lol :rofl:


I played a bit. It’s pretty barebone right now. There’s a tutorial and the multiplayer (32 players).

The foundations are pretty good though. The animations, the graphics, the feeling of the game are all great. There’s an attention to details like the scope of the sniper which act like a real scope instead of zooming in like most games (it’s like MW).

The layout for playing with a controller is manageable and a good sign. There’s not much sacrifice there, as most of it is contextual, like adjusting the distance on the scope when you’re aiming, ect.

But if you’re not interested in the MP with base management, orders you have to follow and capturing objectives, you’re going to have a bad time. Even on console, it’s as close to a simulation as you can get. 2-3 bullets and you’re dead and you often don’t see the enemies.

What’s interesting is that you can already download a couple of free community made mods from the ingame store, so that’s probably why it’s not on PS4/5 yet.


Played a few matches and it’s definitely a work in progress. It looks good in a lot of ways but still rough in more ways. Frame rate is all over the place, controls could be more responsive, controls could also be remapped or tuned better, animation is janky, and there are a number of bugs you’ll run into.

All that said, I love it already. For the longest time I’ve wanted more tactical sim games, especially since Ghost Recon stopped being a tactical shooter and is in GaaS hell right now. If you enjoyed old operation Flashpoint dragon rising on the PS360, you’ll likely enjoy this.


thank you @Jeans and @KageMaru for the impressions. Sounds interesting, will try it out when its more complete.


The shots in that tweet are from the PC version. So I tried to take similar shots on the Series X. The map is huge, so I couldn’t find the same spots but hopefully they are close enough. So far at least, the console versions use lower quality assets than the PC version. I think it shows most in the shot with the mud tracks.