Forza Horizon 5 |OT| All Roads Lead To Mexico

Colonization still has its ways huh

Define ‘normal countries’ :joy:

It’s because more people are right handed so we can stab them with our swords as we joust in cars

There was an old interview with Turn 10, where they said the cars are modeled after what they get access to in real life. So if the car is right-side, then it’ll be that way in the game.

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  • Use the metric system
  • Drive on the right side of the road

I kinda wondered why some countries drive on the left, and as Mjinc kinda said…

businessinsider - The practice is believed to date back to ancient Rome. Romans steered their carts and chariots with the left hand, to free up the right so they could use weapons to defend against enemy attacks. This carried over into medieval Europe and in 1773, the British government passed measures to make left-hand traffic the law.

I don’t know if people still have to regularly worry about being stabbed while driving their cars though lol.


Scored Five flags while being alone against 4 players :rofl:

They must have felt humiliated


Lots of info at the link about what to expect but this will make the track builders happy

When you’ve conquered the Horizon Hot Wheels Park to become a Hot Wheels Legend, the fun continues in EventLab where you’ll have the freedom to design, build, and share using the new Hot Wheels Creation Kit. Get creative with over 80 new track and stunt pieces that instantly snap together thanks to new improvements to the EventLab toolset. New props included within the Hot Wheels Creation Kit can be easily attached to each other with a push of a button when using the Blueprint Builder.


This interview at Forza Monthly right now is so much better than the stilted stuff Mike Brown read from a teleprompter in the Showcase.

Thank the gods, filters for duplicate cars. Finally!


Best news of the year haha. Such a hassle scrolling through trying to find them.


Agree. Long over due.

Now they need to make searching for missing cars easier in the auction.

take a look at the map of the first DLC


What’s cool is that it’s basically floating over Mexico, so you can sometimes see the original map through the clouds.


Would be interesting to see how this performs with this speed on an ancient Xbox One.


What’s the cheapest way I could get the DLCs? Don’t care about car pass or anything like that, I just want the 2 DLCs for the best price possible

Buy the expansion pass. Cheaper than buying each expansion individually as they’re released.


Normally I’d say Bing Rewards program for free points, but thats only easy and well worth it if you’re in the USA.

From what I see, the HotWheels DLC is $20 list price online. Its reasonable to assume DLC #2 will also be listed at $20.

There is a FH5 Premium Addon listed at $50. There is a GamePass discount of 10%, making this $45.

Hwre is whats included in the Premium Addon. Up to you to determine if its worth the $13 more than ONLY the DLCs in the Expansion Bundle.

  • Hotwheels DLC is listed at $20
  • DLC #2 $20?
  • VIP is listed at $20.
  • Car Pass is listed at $30
  • FH5 Welcome pack is listed at $5

I’ll think about this but I generally don’t care about getting more cars, yes it’s more value for sure but the only additional content I care about would be the expansions, so I could end up paying $13 more for things I don’t even utilize.