Digimon Survive is launching July 28th for Xbox Series X|S & Xbox One

Maybe they found out you prefer Pokémon more.

If they’ve ever seen me tweet about Pokemon they know that isn’t true :doge:

Tbf he plays a shit ton of these types of games and has done a good job promoting it.

Sp to clarify. Game is not up on the US store. Just uk and probably the stores where its the 29th now


Sure, but no one has a review. If the game was ready for someone to stream it logically should be ready to review yet none are up.


Yes and no sometimes they decide to not give early codes to sites but just influencers of that brand. Giant bong and ign talked about this for the rerelease of Skyrim where Bethesda gave it to a big Skyrim YouTuber a month early but nobody else got codes until the day of release…

Because there’s probably a review embargo up for the actual reviews and scores but not to stream it.

No idea but even if there wasn’t I doubt anyone would have been able to beat it in 2 days and review it.


streaming embargoes are rarely/never up before a review one is. When I had Elden Ring from Bamco I the stream embargo was well after review, and it has been that way for every game we have had from them.

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I think this game isn’t an elden ring and From software probably have a lot to say about it too

either way look up youtube. So many people have the game on all systems and are streaming it giving their impressions

I suspect we don’t see reviews is because Noones beaten it to review it yet.

They didn’t give out review copies, that’s why there are no reviews.

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you’re probably right but i suspect many reviewers have managed to get their hands on it by their own means. Amazon did deliver switch version very early.

I’m in direct contact with bandai Namco’s us pr company. They don’t have codes to hand out yet.

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Just bought mine off the Xbox store.

US Central Time.

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Wow haha. Game is 60 bucks but cheaper in both NZ and uk store

Gonna buy it from the UK store as its going to cost me around 50 dollars to buy the 40 pound xbox gift cards from amazon uk.

This is bizarre. First time ive ever seen a 60 dollar game be cheaper on other stores. NA getting screwed here.

The guy on youtube got a copy from namco so theyre clearly lying. Or hes lying but he has a fairly large sized channel so his videos would be hit with embargo surely.

Or maybe there is no embargo but they havent sent out copies period.

Which is utterly bizaree when theyre letting people stream the game days early.

We got our review code today. Could be a situation where the “influencer” team had things earlier than the “press” one because they know influencers aren’t going to put up reviews on OC and MC

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Not another GT7! Run for your hills!

I’ve held off buying it right now to see what the reviews say, only because how iffy they’ve been so far about this whole deal.

I’m about 3 hours in. This game is HEAVILY NArrative driven. Think of the AI Somnium games but I think AI might even have more gameplay than this game

At least the presentation and music is very well done. I set the battle speed to 2x since it was a bit slow. Tactical gameplay isn’t my thing but its simple enough in this game for me to have some fun and engage with it. I love Digimon so I’ll end up beating this. I’m enjoying the characters and story so far so that’s a positive but yeah…almost 3 hours in and I’ve only done a tutorial battle and one other batt;e.


I doubt they’ll add MTX to this post launch.

It’s a joke, but what way can they MTX it? Digivolve faster?