Digimon Survive is launching July 28th for Xbox Series X|S & Xbox One

never put it past anyone

More mons and forms would be an easy one to see, but I have doubts they would.

Waiting for month change to purchase. In the meantime, there is Live a Live and Gunvolt 3 to finish

Fun/sad fact.

Digimon Survive has already passed AI: The Somnium Files ~nirvanA Initiative~ in registered player count on TrueAchievements.

Digimon Survive - 650

AI2 - 373

Happy to see Digimon doing numbers…. But damn AI. :frowning:

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While it’s nice to see Digimon on Xbox again, I don’t dig VNs :neutral_face:. Why can’t we get a Story or World game, man :disappointed_relieved:.

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Really hoping Microsoft can do a Game Pass deal to at least get the Cyber Sleuth collection.

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I think asking $60 for a visual novel is a big no for many people, especially on Xbox where the visual novel fan base is still small. The game is easily worth the price but many won’t see it that way.

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Yeah, I feel like it’s something that’ll just have to be fixed with time. Wouldn’t mind seeing Xbox invest more to getting more on Game Pass too just to expose the masses more.

Digimon is way more popular though lets be real. And its the first Digimon game on Xbox for 12 Years.

I feel like AI is one of those games people want to play but don’t want to pay 60. Especially those who played on Gamepass. Understandable. Don’t think the game sold well on anything unfortunately. VN more suited to Switch. Honestly I love the game but I prefer to play them on Xcloud and I played the first Somnium 80% on Xcloud.

AI 2 will no doubt get huge boost with Gamepass.

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Absolutely, but that doesn’t change the fact Digimon has been barely out for a weekend…:sweat_smile:

I want to play AI2 but not for $60. Hopefully it gets a Game Pass release after they get thru whatever initial sales they can get.

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AI2 definitely has a “wait for gamepass mindset” for many people. I’ve no doubt it’ll come sooner rather than later since spike Chunsoft has been supporting gamepass a lot.

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I’m glad I bought Physical. I reckon the physical xbox version will be collectors item in the future.

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I’m still debating about picking up a physical copy of AI2 and Digimon Survive…

Even though I’ve skipped physical Xbox games since the 360 days.:sweat_smile:

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The Price is too much, i cannot justify buying this at full price even though i want to play it. Hopefully it comes on Game Pass within a year.

AI2 is on sale for PlayStation right now, i think Nintendo Switch as well?

Im only getting them for these japanese games. Soul hackers 2 im gonna wait for because of the dlc situation. Persona 5 royal for me is day 1 on xbox even if its coming to gamepass

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