Digimon Survive is launching July 28th for Xbox Series X|S & Xbox One

YES! Was hoping Guilmon wasn’t going to be Japan exclusive (he’s probably my second favorite base form Digimon, right behind Veemon).

I’ve been kinda staying dark on this one, so hoping to see some of my favorites back in action.:grin:


Dont give a shit about strategy gameplay but im willing to give this gamw a chance. Criminal how cyber slueth isnt on xbox but im gonna get this day 1

NEw trailer

Game is out next week and there’s barely any hype and Namco haven’t really done anything to market this game.

It looks kind of low budget and no English voice acting but I definitely want to check it out


Definitely low budget but looks like a good time.

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I’m just waiting for the damn pre-order page on the store….

Nothing about this launch seems right to me. Something strange going on. Hopefully game isn’t complete dud.

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I can’t believe that Bandai Namco didn’t market Digimon Survive until this week. And Xenoblade Chronicles 3 will launch on the same date that Digimon Survive will launch. I can see DS would be DOA.

I STILL can’t preorder it, either physical or digital in Australia, it launches tomorrow :sweat_smile:

Same thing happend with Klonoa at Xbox Store, they will probably release directly.

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Depends how good it is. Xeno is a switch exclusive so if Digimon reviews well you’ll get some decent sales on other systems but there’s another big issue for me and that’s the price. 60 dollars for what looks like a low budget visual novel seems a bit strange. 40 bucks would have been a great price point and have sold a lot more.


Yeah looking to be 70 cdn … but I’ll probably still get it to support these types of titles… just not happy about the amount lol

New video. First hour of Gameplay.

Video quality is terrible and its from sWitch version.


We still don’t have a review code.

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Bandai Namco PR team (and whoever distributes the codes) be sleeping this week I guess.

Do we know when the embargo lifts?

I guess the moment reviewers actually have codes. It seems like Bamco doesn’t have much faith in this game.

Im still interested in playing this, but I have so much going on right now that I might end up waiting until later to buy it.


This guy on youtube got his code. Is steaming game on series x.


Is he Kim Minh?

Cuz he got the codes.

No idea

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The game is up on the xbox uk store and its 39.99…wtf? Why is it 60 bucks in us but 40 in uk? 60 dollar games are usually 50 or 60 in uk.

We still do not have a review code for it. Odd that a YouTuber got one.

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