Deathloop is coming to Xbox and Game Pass September 20th

Loving the invasions. Last game I got invaded, I have the Aether upgrade that doesn’t use power if standing still. I get up on a shipping container, invisible, watching and waiting, purple tier sniper with explosive rounds, trinkets that make headshots easier and improve accuracy. I see Julianna in the distance, she doesn’t see me. I take aim but she’s moving too much, headshot misses. She now knows my position, moves to higher ground, I stay right where I am, Aether active, knowing they will only be able to see a shimmer, can’t get a bead on me. Invader is circling at the top of the cliff, taking wild pot shots, I miss a couple of head shots myself, 3rd ones the charm, OHK, so satisfying


60FPS is never a requirement but the visuals are great on all settings. Don’t now why anyone would sacrifice 60FPS though. It doesn’t make sense. 30FPS for any fast paced game just looks bad to me

Sometimes I feel like I’m playing a different game from others. I just don’t get why people rave about this game at all. I found this game confusing, no fun to play and the stop-start gameplay totally annoying.

Yeah, this. Tried it for an hour, hated every second, hated the swearing, the death mechanic, basically everything.

Ah well.

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So at first I was really thrown off by this game but now I love it! That first hour had me so confused, but now I understand it.


Yeah like i said previously. Those first few hours are all over the place

I really reccomend people to give it more time.


I love your meme !

But yeah, you either love it or hate it.

The beginning can be rough as you’re kind of thrown into that sandbox and have to figure things out bit by bit or loop by loop.

But even if you die, there’s always something you bring back, like weapons you can then infuse, or some knowledge you can use in your next loop.

Shooting and overall atmosphere can be a turnoff also.

I’m going to have to force myself through some more of this in the hope I make it through the pain barrier of … well, the game’s entire aesthetic. I cannot stand this whole '60s/'70s-era homage to spy movies and The Avengers (British TV show, not American comics) or any of the accompanying music, all noisy percussion and brass. And all of this somehow married to the absolute worst of '00s American sitcom dialogue. Like I’m watching How I Met Your Mother or something.

Colt [to Julianna]: Did we date?

Julianna: [rants ex-girlfriendishly about Colt]

Colt: Yeah, we dated.

canned laugher

Oh, and the floating text mechanic - that straight out of a low budget walking simulator thing? - usually I’m a fan of a diegetic approach to explaining game mechanics, but it’s so clumsy and conspicious here. The entirely lower-case, borderline-Comic-Sans font doesn’t help it feel any less cheap. There doesn’t appear to be any way of turning it off.

Admittedly I liked Prey/Austin a lot more than Dishonored/Lyon - as in, Prey is probably one of the three best games of the last decade - but I feel obliged to give this more of a chance because, you know, Arkane is Arkane. It was my most anticipated Game Pass drop of the month, but I’m way more impressed with Prodeus and Hardspace Shipbreaker so far.

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Just finished it and holy shit this is a great game! This was my first Arkane Game and like many I was super skeptical and the trailers did nothing for me. But I just tried it and was hooked till the end. What a smart, intelligent and amazing game this is. The thing that stood out the most for me was the level design and structure of this game. I have never played anything so dense and cleverly interconnected. So much cool stuff to discover. I also enjoyed the performances and story which were fully intergrated into the gameplay. Such a feat. Took me 30 hours to complete but man I think I’m a fan now. Brilliant Game!


I was the same for the first 2 hours, until you get the Residuum, which allows you to keep some of your gear, after that it is way better. Especially as you can start using multiple powers in different ways


Ohhh… I’ll keep on playing then, thanks for the look out mate

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Now that I finished it, can anyone of you arkane fans explain how their previous games compare to deathloop? Are these games similar in structure and level design?

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God-tier level design and player agency/freedom in spades are two of the basic pillars of Arkane’s games, you should at least give Prey a try via Game Pass. Talos I which is the huge, expertly designed and interconnected level that Prey takes place is one of the best designed levels ever made so you should at least check it out IMO. Also if you end up liking Prey check out it’s expansion Mooncrash which is an amazing rogue-lite immersive sim and I guess the precursor for Deathloop’s structure.

Both Dishonored games are of course masterpieces too but I’d suggest giving Prey a go first since it’s quite different than Deathloop in terms of atmosphere and art direction.

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Like a few others here, I’ve made it past the first couple of hours of setup/tutorial, and I kind of agree with what has been said. What started as a moderately obnoxious experience have now morphed into a pretty intriguing one.

But to tell you the truth, I kind of recent the game for wasting my time the way it did at first. That said, the time I’ve had with it after the lengthy opening has been quite good, so I’m crossing my fingers that it’ll live up to the potential I’m currently seeing.

All the GotYs from last year is also helping me keep the optimism up.

But the XboxEra Review Team are working so hard! :wink:

I am a huge fan of Dishonored and the gameplay loop, i finished it multiple times over on console and then again on PC. I’ll probably play it again soon on gamepass for the achievements! It’s very replayable, with all sorts of different ways to approach situations, one of the most beautiful and unique worlds to explore and a really cool story.

I bounced off Prey, mainly because I didnt do any research and expected a prey 2006 tie in and just didnt click with it. I’ll revisit it for sure soon as I understand it’s worth playing

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Gameplay-wise they are very similar. Prey’s weapons are similar and Dishonored’s powers are similar. The level design is also akin to Dishonored.

Where Deathloop differs greatly is the structure of the campaign, the 4 areas by 4 time periods and the looping day. Dishonored progresses linearly from one level to another and you can’t go back to previous levels. Prey is set in a space station that opens up as the game goes, and by the end you can access the entire station at any time, whenever you want. It’s one contiguous space.

The closest thing to Deathloop that Arkane has made so far is Prey: Mooncrash, which is a roguelike DLC for Prey and ironically was developed completely independently from Deathloop with no influence on each other at all. I’d highly recommend playing base Prey first as Mooncrash is significantly harder than Deathloop.


I’ve never really gotten into Arkane games in the past even though I’ve at least started Dishonored, Dishonored 2 and Prey and thought the ideas were neat. For whatever reason, the feel of the controls was always kinda off to me and I couldn’t get past that to playing the games (I have the same issue with all the Wolfenstein games and that made me unsure I would be interested in Indiana Jones).

But I started Deathloop the other day and have played a few loops through, enough to get sucked into the concept and enjoy it, and it’s making me think about trying out some of their other games again.


Play Dishonored 1 with fps boost enabled, Dishonored 2 unfortunately is stuck at 30 and feels terrible.

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Prey is easily in my top five games of last gen.

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