Deathloop is coming to Xbox and Game Pass September 20th

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Today at the Tokyo Game Show 2022 Xbox revealed that Deathloop from Arkane Studios is coming to Xbox and Game Pass on September 20th. The game released a year ago on PlayStation and PC, but due to a console exclusivity contract it wasn’t possible to release the game on Xbox and Game Pass till this week, a year after release.

Deathloop will be available for purchase on Xbox and the Microsoft Store and will be available for Xbox Game Pass, PC Game Pass and Xbox Cloud Gaming.


Yes! :skull::infinity:

Now we know when Ghostwire will be out once the contact is out instead of guessing like Square, which at this point, you can just let it roll its own dice.

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Fuck. Yes. What a goddamn relief.

I’m so happy for the Lyon team.

That trailer during TGS looked fucking awesome! And the theme in Japanese was great, I kinda want to play it in Japanese now, haha.


From the store page, it doesn’t look like the PS5 exclusive weapons (like the Prey-themed shotgun and one or two others) are coming to Xbox. It’s a shame but not entirely unexpected.

I thought I heard him say it will have everything they released so far with the weapons and upgrades etc.

I think Dinga was referring to all of the updates they’ve added since launch. If the Transtar Trencher was included, I think it would be mentioned as part of the pre-order or deluxe edition (as it was for PS5).

Maybe I’m wrong though. We’ll find out soon enough. I don’t think it’s that big of a deal.

But it seems what Colt’s voice actor was teasing this year on Twitter is still a secret, interesting!

The gameplay this trailer showed surprised me, I didn’t expect it to look this cool. I had seen some reviews but we see some really dope shit here.

I think he was teasing the extended ending which is included in the new Golden Loop update. I’m assuming there is new voice lines there.

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Well at least they’re just weapons, not story or mission bullshit. Still, I’m not a fan of selling gameplay elements with deluxe editions or whatever, let alone platform exclusive ones. At worst sell exclusive skins and instant unlocks of weapons that can be earned through playing.

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True that. But I didn’t know there was a Prey weapon in the game. Is it just the looks of the weapon, just cosmetic or actually functions as the weapon from that game? Because yeah, such stuff sucks balls if it’s exclusive. Man why is Sony so annoying.


Xbox finally gets to put their own game on their console


Thank God there’s no bs within the contract like “No Game Pass upon release” or “extended contract.” Once it’s done, it’s done. One down, one to go.


If that’s the case, one would think they would then create some Xbox exclusive weapons to balance it out.

Unless, of course, there’s some contractual reasons for why they can’t. :unamused:

At any rate, very pleased with this news. Will for sure be a Day 1 install for me. :+1:

if sony paid for the development of the weapons, there is probably some deal in there preventing it

Thankfully, Deathloop is coming to Xbox Series and Game Pass next Tuesday. All of the will it or won’t it can finally end and best of all (at least for me), this tells me that there’s probably no DLC or expansion for the game and thus, Arkane can move on to their next project.


I’m seeing on the store it says 36GB but I don’t have the option to preload anywhere I tried.