Avowed: Details reported by Jez Corden

Pillars of Eternity meets The Outer Worlds

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Jez is surprised by the colorful palette of the initial in Pre-production gameplay

“Avowed will feature many elements Pillars of Eternity fans will be familiar with.” Tons of stuff here… Read full article to know more

To Jez, 2023 seems likely

Jez on comparison with ToW


Can’t wait for the WRPG floodgates to start opening!


I was mostly surprised about the game world probably being similar to ToW, but he’s guessing there, not a fact yet. Then again, did they ever confirm it as open world? I don’t think they did.

I really hope it’s open world.

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Pre-production? chloe-moretz-confused-gif

So 2023 just like everybody here has said lol. Worst case 2024.

I’m salivating.

I too don’t understand game development time terminologies

I only get Gamepass :sunglasses:

The comparison with ToW, I wonder if he means scope too then. Really hoping Avowed to be Obsidian’s first truly big, high budget AAA RPG for Xbox. I would love for the game to be at least as long as TES but that probably won’t be the case.


Pre-production means different things for different devs. Getting all your ducks in a row then starting up “full production” of piecing everything together. You’re essentially building the game and then putting it together as one big piece.


Read the article & hot damn the game sounds good though…

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“The combat seems to be more loadout-based”

What could this mean?

Edit: Warriors will get access to more physical attacks like swordplay, powerful kicks, and shield bashes, while casters will be given a range of spellbook options to customize and tailor their combat style, with attacks bound to specific buttons.

Probably how the world is set up. Various hub worlds to control the flow and narrative.


“Fire spells leave areas coated in flames too, which cascade against walls and floors”

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Then it seems Sponger sadly got that detail all wrong. He said it was fully open, much larger than Skyrim, more dense etc.

I think Sponger actually said smaller than Skyrim but denser or am I remembering wrong?

Idk Im speculating here. Has Obsidian ever made a full blown open world to begin with?

To be honest, Jez haven’t confirmed it yet.

fully open world, much much larger than Skyrim (very differently “larger”, more proper word would be “denser” and “more contrasted” at the same time)



Believe you are correct