Asus ROG Ally Discussion Thread

Please use this topic to discuss the ROG Ally and its livestream event


$699.99. Wow.


2 hours only in performance mode hurts.

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“up to”, which means way less than 2 most likely.

If I was to ever get something like this it would be to use if docked 95% of the time so battery life isn’t too important for me

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If I didn’t already have a gaming PC hooked up to my TV, I would definitely do the same.

I mainly want this for Emulation anyway, so battery life shouldn’t be too much of an issue for me.

An external battery pack will probably be made available to help with the battery life on the go.

Yo how did they manage that price. Seems like sofware optimization needs some work for sure.

I’m really interested in this as I’ve always wanted to get into PC gaming but didn’t want to bother with building my own. Battery life is a tiny bit of a concern, not sure if I should wait out for a Steam Deck 2. I’ll prolly make up my mind when it hits stores and there’s more impressions.

Pretty surprised at how cheap this is. Haven’t watched yet, but I’m interested in knowing about battery life/weight/how hot it gets.

Pretty amazing device for the money, the screen in particular blows away the competition. Can see why Xbox were happy to give this device a push, it really is the perfect Game Pass PC handheld.

Not sure if I’ll get one as I have a Steam Deck for native and an AYN Odin for streaming, but, if I didn’t, I’d be all over the Ally as it’s the best of both worlds.

Seems most of the cons for this device is W11 not the best OS for handheld UI. However, I think I might impulse buy this


On second thought, maybe I will…

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Apparently battery life while gaming at 25w is around an hour. At 7w it’s around 3 (This is probably where most emulation will be). Just streaming movies and whatnot is around 6-7 hours. It’s honestly about what you’d expect from a device like this.


Well it’s not like i take more than an hour on the loo.


I would hope not. :smile:

Ah wort me, the temptation.


Pre-ordered. I was looking to get a new gaming laptop, but I think this will do for now.

I preordered as well. I travel a lot for work and will be happy to not have to drag around a second laptop for gaming.


I could see a Handheld from Microsoft 3-5 years from now. The handheld market is gone to take off like crazy soon. Nintendo is the leader with their hybrid approach, there is plenty of room for everyone to eat.