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I do think Xbox should be less buddy buddy and more ruthless in some ways but I don’t think this matters too much

These games are old and have been available on both consoles for years


He’s really been trying to hype this up lmao.

Better be good.

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I don’t care one bit about the Rog and stuff like that. It’s clearly not going to be for me, and that’s fine.

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Square last hurrah of tasting Game Pass.


ROG Ally Live Event DIscussion Thread - Gaming - XboxEra

I made a discussion thread for the ROG Ally


Worth entering.

I won a similar comp a little while back except I had the choice of PS5, Series X or PC. Naturally I chose the PC (Ryzen 9 7900X and Radeon 7900XTX). Gave the lightsaber to a mate of mine who’s a huge SW fan.

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I know you guys are talking about Japanese publishers, but it’s pretty amusing to me that publisher EA charges $70 on PS5 and $62 on Xbox Series thanks to the Gamepass discount. Gotta love that PlayStation tax :laughing:

To nobody’s surprise Zelda scores super high. Skill Up does say it’s definitely Breath of the Wild 2 but with so much added and the world is anything but empty this time around.

But if you disliked stuff in Breath, all of that is still in here. Combat hasn’t changed in any way, no extra depth to it or anything. Which is a bit disappointing after several years. My brother says why change a winning formula, but was it a winning one? It did its job, but I would have appreciated some new stuff.

Also performance while for the most part actually 30fps, can still go down into the 20s. But it does sound like that day one patched made a big change. DF called the patch a game changer for performance.


Korean developer. Dating simulator visual novel with a simple shop management game. Also fully voice acted. Has a decent amount of reviews on Steam with an overwhelmingly positive rating.


I wouldn’t say that, fusing adds an extra element in terms of adding effects to arrows and whatnot. I don’t remember if chucking materials was in BotW, but that helps too. The devices can also help even the odds on some tougher fights, and I feel running out of weapons isn’t as big an issue in the early game, since you can beef up a stick with a rock and such.

If you’re looking for Souls combat this probably isn’t the game for you, but it did add a few things.

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This game was getting 10s regardless, I can never take Nintendo reviews seriously

Well I don’t take any reviews seriously anymore but Nintendo reviews in particular always make me eye roll


I don’t doubt that the game is legitimately great (I’ve never even played BOTW).

But I can’t help recalling Skyward Sword releasing to 10s, and then the hype wearing off very quickly and everyone collectively realizing maybe it wasn’t actually that good.

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Starts and ends with ABX


That’s amazingly coincidental.


That is true. But I think Skill Up means more like combat feeling a bit different, new moves perhaps, it seems that it’s exactly like Breath. However what I do like is how he shows you can use all kinds of worldly objects to use as shield. At one point he shows Link holding what looks like a floor tile as shield, that’s cool stuff.

Personally I felt the combat was fun enough in Breath, nothing crazy great but it did what it had to do. I’m definitely not looking for Souls combat in Zelda, haha.

Same here. Christopher Dring said it makes Breath, which he calls the great game ever (disagreed big time) feel like a first draft compared to Tears. I have no doubts it’s a great game but I can’t help but feel these are exeggerated reactions, or not, it just feels like that to me.

Breath definitely did some amazing things for a open world game, I really loved the sandbox elements they had in there and apparently Tears does it all so much better. And that does sound really good.

Personally didn’t play enough of Skyward Sword, but did people really realize later on it wasn’t actually worthy of that high praise?

I see Pearly Abyss,

Crimson Desert re-reveal? Doki V trailer?

I see Sega,

Maybe, possibly some Project Re Fantasy announcement?