April Fools |OT|

Howdy all!

Its april fools day so I figured I would create a thread to document the hilarious gaming aprol fools jokes.

Starting with the among us horse mode


Collection of April Fools stuff from Japan.


I object to the use of the word “hilarious” and would instead suggest “annoying” or perhaps “obnoxious.” But then again, I’m a bit of a Grinch about this day.

That said, this did make me smirk:

Link: https://twitter.com/tomwarren/status/1509822832586506264

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Also let it be remembered that Yakuza: Like a Dragon being a turn based JRPG was born from an April Fools prank that ended up getting very positive reception


From EGM #21, April 1991:


Supposedly their first ever April Fool’s.

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Wow, didn’t know this happened…

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Watch this be real though, hahaha.

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Reading their Tweet Thread, and wow, people are too toxic.

However, once again, I’m absolutely disgusted at a certain area of the internet and how low they will go, and I’m absolutely disgusted at a certain fanbase. You sent me pictures of DEAD CHILDREN. Are you absolutely mental? Over THIS?


Now I personally think this one goes a tad too far.

I dont even want to see that twitter feed.

Yeah, I was thinking about that earlier. Announcing something real on April 1st. Like, I think it would be fun for some studio with a sense of humour to announce a new game on April 1st, something so out there that most people would just laugh and say “good one!”

Let’s say Double Fine today announced a 3rd person puzzle-platforming game, in which Master Chief and Doom Guy team up on a humourous and non-violent adventure to take down an evil plumber who kidnapped a princess after killing her pet turtle.

No one would believe it. And then throughout the development cycle, they give updates on the game’s progress, but only on April 1st. And as it progresses, they’ll release more and more polished trailers and gameplay footage, but always on April 1st. People would start looking forward to what crazy new stuff will go down in this year’s Double Fine April Fool’s trailer.

And then when it’s ready, they shadow drop it on April 1st by ending that year’s trailer with “Available Now. Only on Xbox.”

People would go nuts.

Unfortunately I don’t think something like that could ever happen. There’s too much money at stake. But it would be fun.

I read online Sony bought From Software, for 2 billion dollars, then I realized what day it was and I’m glad it was fake.

While not a new game… among us did announce horse mode and it is playable for today only.

Best list ever!



Damn, I was hoping for Smurfs.

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FAKE! Balan Wonderworld is too good for Game Pass!!!


That remind me of Wario64 post that had me rolling. He usually announce the price and if it’s on Game Pass or not. With Balan, he announced the price and then said, “Not on Game Pass. Cough up the money.”

Well… I don’t know what to make of this, but it has a ring of my previous post.