Anyone playing Crossfire X ? It's downloadable now!

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Digital Foundry -

“So the final verdict, CrossfireX has a very attractive single player campaigns with well realized environments, fast action, and plenty of cinematic flair. Lighting and shadowing are particular high points and the rendition of indoor spaces is especially impressive. There’s also a strong implementation of [ray traced] reflections on Series X which adds a lot of depth to the presentation and even applies to some of the more diffuse surfaces in the game…”

Xbox Era users -

“ Crossfire X is a mess” “ they really manage to pick the worst games” “ Remedy, what happened to you? Since you went multiplat you fell off.” “ This game is NOTHING like other remedy games. Please do not Insult games like Control by comparing it to this absolute trash. Game is abysmal.” “ As CEO of gaming Phil needs to fix the quality control of games Xbox partners with !” “2/5” “ I still can’t believe they hyped this at E3 and gave it stage time before Covid hit…Whoever is making these 3rd party deals needs to be smacked.” “Embarrassing stuff”

You guys are way too hyperbolic. The game was always fine for what it was. People here were just looking for reasons to hate on it in irrational ways. I wish people could learn how to enjoy games more, way too much hate in the gaming community. I’m not calling people out specifically. Just trying to capture the vibe that I feel in modern gamer discourse.

All I can say is that for probably the first time I don’t agree with DF at all. Usually I definitely agree with John or the other guy, but I don’t agree with this dude. I don’t know his name, sounds like a new one? Not sure.

Indoors has some nice lighting, nothing crazy though and outside was extremely underwhelming but this guy apparently loved it all, I absolutely don’t see it, I see a very underwhelming presentation in especially the outside locations. Raytracing cool, but it’s a FPS and it’s 30fps, anything but ideal and imo near impossible to play after all these 60fps games, of which several are FPS.

For me it’s not on the level of Alan Wake or even QB to be honest. Have not played enough of Control yet.

I mean even if visually the game is good, it would not have received 2/10 if it was good.

Imho the visuals are incredibly good. The aiming/gunplay and level design are the main issues for me. The aim acceleration during the slow motion parts seemed literally random, bouncing between comically high to normal/playable even within the same slow mo scene, lol.

Control is incredible btw. Especially the XSX enhanced version with RT.

For me Control felt kinda grayish. Like visually relatively boring, not bright or colorful enough.

Even in the outdoor locations? Felt they looked extremely boring, bland, underwhelming as hell.

Design wise yeah, but in terms of the tech they were great imho. Funny thing is I had no idea this was even on last gen Xbox consoles until the DF vid, lol.

Did you beat it? There are much more varied lighting conditions later in the game. It does still stick to a certain style though to sell its atmosphere.

I think I dropped it somewhere. I never finished it.

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I bounced off it once but on second try it really clicked.

The performance Mode is playable, the graphics mode just hurts… The campaign is average, the gunplay not feels up to date. The slow mo gives a new twist on the fps genre but the game is just okay… I m buying cod only for single campaigns when they are on sale. The Story is usually not great, the characters are always some super trooper stereotypes but I get entertained for a few hour… It s like a Roland Emmerich Movie, the story is mmmh but everything explodes and you get entertained. What do you expect from a Jurrasic Park movie? They milking nearly the same plot since the 90…I m guilty of still enjoying every Jurrasic Park that comes out.

It’s an average Singleplayer campaign but a disappointment for a remedy “game” / campaign



Playing some crossfire x before the showcase, lots of players online easy to find lag free games!

So much content in this game now it’s overwhelming


I can confirm the game has received a lot of content the past year and has seen steady improvement. Not sure on the future road map, but if you are looking for a Counter Strike type of game, give it a go!