Anyone playing Crossfire X ? It's downloadable now!

This game should be huge in the Asian market right ? The original game is one of the most played games in the world.

Campaign looks fantastic graphically, and the multiplayer is counter strike esque

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Is it not weird that there are no reviews for it?

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All signs point to the game sucking


With the level of marketing it’s had, reviewers may not know it’s out yet :smile:

It’s a strange situation with this game.

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Just started it. The multiplayer is definitely oldschool. Do yourself a favor and play classic team deathmatch. LMAO!

Camapign is still locked for me

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Weird that it seems like it’s 1 map per mode, and you can’t matchmake everything at once

Look at this absolutely gorgeous trailer!

Yup, definitely a nice trailer and I hope the campaign is decent at the very least.

Game has no marketing whatsoever. That should tell you all you need to know.

Awesome, downloading now thanks for the heads up!

Tried some multiplayer and it leaves alot to be desired…

According to reddit the game has barely changed since beta which was years ago.

We need better quality control for exclusives

is the story mode available on gamepass?

Not yet, but you’ll have to download the base game anyway

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Really confusing, there is a 7gig download but it wont let me play. The campaign shows as an Install option but doesnt do anything…

Crazy radio silence around this title.

Yeah it’s pretty confusing because it shows up in recently added (in the Gamepass section) but it’s just not available yet to download. Also Operation Catalyst is only half of the story so if you want the complete story it will cost $25. I’m glad they decided to make part of it on Gamepass but I would prefer the full game.

Go to Gamepass > CrossfireX: Operation Catalyst > “In this bundle” > View all > Choose what to install … after all that you will see the download is still missing (unavailable)

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7gb is the multiplayer, the campaign ist 50ish GB but yeah it looks like we wont be able to download that until tomorrow

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Jury’s out on the campaign. MP is shit. Looks great but horrid controls, matches take eons, gunplay sucks, ttk too short, their infection mode allows for colluding cheaters and has infected control like Sonic on iceskates, slide animations comical, enemies and allies move at 15fps Spider Verse style the spectre mode is unbalanced. Only thing I can say is the new maps look gorgeous and the music is good. This is worse than the open beta in every way.

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Going to play devils advocate here, ive just finished up a few round and each one was a blast. Its obviously a b-tier shooter, but Im really enjoying it.

Not a fan of search and destroy because I dont like waiting, but the fast pace of Point Capture is a ball imo.

when you make a big mistake

Maybe MS thought, we will own cod soon, screw it just release this

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