Anyone playing Crossfire X ? It's downloadable now!

Started the second campaign not in GP. It’s actually quite good. Different Engine entirely. Different game in fact. Looks good, plays great. Cheesy writing but heart on its sleeve. Basically it’s Great Value Wolfenstein with Quantum Break/Control elements. Not bad at all. At least the first bit.

Give it a shot with GP. And steer clear of the MP right now.

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Lol and folks were wondering why this didn’t get any marketing


What a shame. How long has this been in development? I can’t imagine that this is actual AW, QB and Control Remedy.

And yeah, if it’s this bad, how does this get past the certification?

Wrote too fast… Thanks guys for your first impressions.

I will wait for more impressions/reviews. I’m still hoping for a good campaign.

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Disappointed with the impressions I’m reading so far.

I was really hoping for somewhat of a CS:GO clone on console.

I’m not interested in the multiplayer but I’m very excited for the campaign. It looks exactly like a Remedy game, so I’m not sure why people are questioning Remedy’s involvement? The assets are right out of Control and they even use some of the familiar Remedy actors. As of right now the Gamepass download of Operation Catalyst is still unavailable so it will probably be until tomorrow that most of us get to play it. One thing I love about Gamepass is that I don’t need to depend on reviews to know if it’s good or not because I can just play the game myself. It’s Call of Duty Campaign meets Control graphics. If that doesn’t appeal to you then move on, the game probably isn’t meant for you anyway.

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Guys, where is the campaign? I downloaded the game on GP and in the main menu I only see MP?

Oh, I do see Operation Catalyst but it’s not free at all. It’s locked because I need to purchase the singleplayer campaign, what the fuck is this?

In the info screen of the game it says 7GB installed. 54GB total. What is this nonsense?

Relax it’s just Early Access for people who purchased the game.

Go to Gamepass > CrossfireX: Operation Catalyst > “In this bundle” > View all > Choose what to install … after all that you will see the download is still missing (unavailable)

Play Operation Catalyst tomorrow for free on Gamepass. It’s the entire first half of the game. If you don’t like it no one will force you to buy the second half.

Not gonna touch the multiplayer.

If someone plays the camoaign, hit me up. I want to hear what you think.

It’s an issue. Support is working on it. This is what they say:

We’re aware that users may be unable to acquire the CrossfireX campaign content as part of the Xbox Game Pass subscription, and we’re working to resolve. Please keep an eye here or on our status page for updates.

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That’s correct. I guess it is supposed to be today.

I’ve bought the 2nd campaign. Pretty straight forward shooter, generic story, but the bullit time works nice. MP feels a lot different though.

I’m hoping it’s fixed in the evening, I’d like to play it. It honestly does not look bad to me at all. Not talking about possible bugs though.


As someone who plays a lot of FPShooters I actually like it so far. No gamebreaking bugs seen (@Staffy) and it looks quite nice actually. Sound design not to bad either. This not going to revolutionize the gaming industry, but its a good playing shooter. Story is a bit generic, but I don’t play shooters for the story tbh. Cannot tell you anything on length or stuff like that, but its ticking all the boxes I look for in a shooter.

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You bought it?

I’ve just uninstalled it. And tried to reinstall the Game Pass version but they changed the picture of the game. It doesn’t say Operation Catalyst now, so it’s only the MP now. It seems they are still busy on fixing it.

Yes, bought the 2nd campaign straight from the game itself (9 euros). Had to close the game to speed up the download though :smiley:

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Yeah they removed it from the store so hopefully things are getting fixed and they will reupload it soon. Maybe I should just buy the 2nd campaign like Wom did while I wait :person_shrugging:

Yeah I just caved and bought the 2nd campaign. It’s only $9 so it’s actually pretty cheap considering the 1st campaign is included in Gamepass. The download for crossfirex-operation-spectre is 25.22 GB on Series X for those curious.


It’s not even visible in the Game Pass section now, so it’s probably any minute now, doubt it will be too long. Meantime I’ll play something else.

Still no reviews on metacritic… where the media even given copies lol