Anime and Manga Thread

So Oda is going on a month long break to prepare for the final saga of one piece manga . Guess my prediction of manga ending in 2-3 years was correct after all .

I don’t read the manga, but I hope the anime won’t be too far behind.

Speaking of manga, I see it only has 102 volumes, I expected so much more after seeing how many episodes the anime has so far. That ain’t too bad.

Anime’s pacing is dogshit . On average , a good paced anime episode consists of 2 chapters per episode ( 3 chapters for action heavy chapters ) . One piece anime usually has 15 pages of a chapter per episode .

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We have a release date for it?

Jan 2023

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Good stuff. Both this and AoT at the start of the new year then.

I just realised I never watched the last season of Hi Score Girl, such a fun anime though.

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Has anybody been watching Aoashi? Its a pretty good sports anime, but I do find its tough to watch sports anime weekly since they have a slow build

That new One Punch Man Chapter. Holy shit

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Attack on Titan’s Final Season Part 2 OST finally hit, it’s so good!

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INSANITY, it is incredible

I’m at the end of of Gundam Iron Blood Orphans season 1 and it making me teary eyed

Such a good show, S2 is even better !

Been jamming out to my anime openings/endings Spotify playlist recently and have been having the sudden urge to rewatch some favorites (or at least shows I have some good memories with).

Looks like I’ll probably be rewatching the entirety of Tokyo Ghoul again. Not a big fan of Root A, but I quite enjoyed S1 and RE. Been debating about picking up the manga for a while since I’ve heard so many fans mention the anime pales in comparison.

Oh, and of course I need to mention that Unravel made S1’s opening one of my all time favorites.:ok_hand:

Anime is dogshit compared to manga . The story is top tier and Sui Ishida’s art is one of the best in the industry .


I actually just ordered the first three volumes last night, so I’m excited to finally check out the real deal.:grin:

Newest my hero academia chapter further confirms that Endeavor is the GOAT and Horikoshi’s writing skills increase tenfold when writing about him.

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Update. Now have the first seven volumes of Tokyo Ghoul ordered. They should all be here by Friday!..… except volume 1 which comes on Saturday….

Kinda excited though! This will be the first time I’ve ever actually owned manga and probably the first time in over a decade that I’ve read any (last thing I read was probably some issue of Shonen Jump).

I havent read MHA in months but has it been revealed yet that All for One is Deku’s dad ?