Anime and Manga Thread

Just a place to discuss shows and manga. I just finished Wotakoi Vol 4 and Horimiya Vol 14. Simple stories but done very well.

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I used to watch Anime. Once upon a time.


Looking forward to more demon slayer.

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OPM’s art is insane for how quickly Murata draws it. The newest manga release was insane in scope and he did it in like 2 weeks.

Is there any decent anime on HBO Max?

Also I need some suggestions on some Netflix anime to watch. I’ve been wanting to get into it, but haven’t watched anything as there is so much. I’m more into horror, scifi, type stuff, but I’m open to any genre.



  • Blue Exorcist (Action)
  • Erased (Mystery)
  • Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (Action)
  • Kill La Kill (Action)


  • Baki (Action)
  • Gurren Lagaan (Action)
  • Parasyte (Sci-fi Action)
  • Jojo Bizarre Adventure (Action)

I would say that Parasyte should be your first watch because it hits all the genres you are looking for.


Thanks! Really appreciate it.

I’m mainly waiting for the Higurashi reboot. Absolutely adored the original, even the fan service and essentially useless OAVs. A more coherent retelling should be dope.

The best anime this season - “God of High School” is korean. I guess the second arc of Railgun T is also good.

Honestly all I want is the final Attack on Titan season…

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Still waiting for Togashi to update.

I’ve been constantly suggested BNA and Beastars, any suggestions on which one is better/worth the the time?

Suggestions for anime on Netflix (Belgium) would be for me.

Ghibli movies One punch man Beaststars Hi score girl Evangelion Lelouch code geass Gundam iron blooded orphen… Jojo bizarre adventure Death note

There are others but only french subtitels which i do not speak…

I come to this thread to grace it with Best Girl 2020.

Anyone reading ChainsawMan? Latest chapter had me hurting.

For Netflix you should add in your list Kengan Ashura, it’s awesome! Give a Try :wink:

This is so true for the upcoming Otome Isekai fad.

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Any recent news on the film of The Saga of Tanya the Evil? I’ve heard a couple years ago about the sequel but disappeared into vapor.

I just watched all of the available dubs of Black Clover in the last week. I really enjoyed it. Probably wouldn’t have liked it as much if I watched week to week.