Anime and Manga Thread

Toei is an amazing place to work . The only Japanese animation studio to officially employ LGBTQ+ members , really high salaries + benefits and good schedules. Even some western animators permanently shifted to Japan to work with Toei. Tho all of this only begun 1.5 years ago . Toei used to be like typical anime studios before that.

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The mano move you understand to read a go he a comes after the school who is he? Where is the handding on?

Well Xboxera?

If you can’t answer it you are a common peasant with NO ELEGANCE!

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Such wonderful Engrish

Anya is smarter than me .

I find it cute that she just puts “time” in the clock question lmao.

So I just watched evangelion and “the end of evangelion” on netflix and…uhmmmmm

Uhmmmm. …


A true masterpiece!

This is me currently 100%

Will watch the new ones to trr to understand more haha

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The original first ending where folks simply clap is hilarious. Not even the creators/writers knew WTF was going on.


I think that ending is an extremely interesting one to break down and analyze a bit, but yeah, its wack lmao. They ran out of budget and time so they had to make it work as cheaply and quickly as possible.

Also fun fact: Studio Ghibli made episode 11

Episode Commentaries 07-13 - Platinum Booklets - Eva Monkey, an Evangelion Fan Website

I wad like “wait, thats it?!” What happen with x or y, what about z?!!" “This cant be the end!!!” And I genuinely though that was a meme not the ending of a series haha

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

why didn’t yall tell me Kaguya S3 was out? :triumph: :popcorn:

Because it’s all about that SpyXFamily now boi

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Its out and its beautiful . Plus my mutual on twitter Vercreek ( 18 years old ) made the ED for the S3 . He solo directed , storyboarded and animated the whole ED . 1 man army . Really proud of that dude .

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that is so cooooool!

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Just saw the anime movie Belle in the cinema. This was a beautifully made movie, can’t say that I liked every single thing but the message is very good and the animation is sublime, wow, anime has come a long way. The story while having a good message wasn’t as strong as could be, sometimes cheesy actually too. But it didn’t ruin it.

There is plenty of singing and usually I am not super fond of that in movies, but the singer of these songs, man she gave me goosebumps. I’m gonna look her up and listen to it. If you want a anime movie that’s a absolute feast for the eye, go see Belle.