Amazon, Google and what it could mean in the next five years

Make no bones about it, both Google and Amazon (and potentially Apple and Disney as well) are going to make big pushes into the gaming world. Google wont walk away from it even after Stadia flopped, and Bezos has eyes for world domination. What Stadia taught us is that content is king. Its Also what Stadia taught Google and Amazon. The streaming services also give us an eye about how these companies see the upcoming war rolling out. And again it’s content, content, content. We have seen Netflix, Amazon, Apple etc all making exclusive content, or buying exclusive content, for their services. The same will play out in gaming. While Amazon and Google dont have the same gaming chops as MS or Sony, they have money, and money can buy knowedge. Both those companies, as well as Disney and Apple, could buy out Activision, EA, Ubisoft etc and put those games as exclusive on their platform. No one was going to buy Stadia to play another version of the same third party games you can also get on PC, Xbox or PS are they? But imagine if Google bought EA and Activision and put those games exclusively on Stadia. This would absolutely make more people buy Stadia. Same goes for Amazon. They want to enter the market, and so go and buy one of the biggest games companies in the world to make the splash with. Not only that, but those companies would not be out of place if they were to buy those games companies just as a buisness of its own, and not release a console or platform of their own. So in my and many others eyes, over the next few years there will be a massive buy out phase of independent, and even larger, games developers. This will also force MS and Sony to join in. I expect to see a scramble to buy up exclusive content for these companies platforms. MS and Sony releasing three exclusive games a year on their platforms wont cut it going forward.

Interesting times ahead.

So far none of them are willing to make the investments needed to be serious players.

While I am a cloud gaming believer, stadia is the smoothest experience it feels local to me and xcloud also feels great on 60fps games. However stadia is not good value compared to gamepass and stadia dont have the exclusives, google need to spend at least $5 billion on devs and forming there own devs and amazon are just wasting there money on gaming do far.

Agreed, and for either Google or Amazon, 5 Billion is nothing to drop on a new investment. That’s why I think they will do it. If it got released tomorrow that Amazon just bought out WBs I would not be shocked in the slightest. And once a big move like that happens, watch everyone else jump.

Yeah I’m not too worried. I like competition, usually results in better games. I also think Microsoft has a big head start on these companies tbh. They know Google and Amazon are their biggest threat. They know that they are the other parties interested in the entire gaming sector. It seems like Sony is angling to the niche, console gamer, over the long term or they may hope they are the ones to get bought by Google or Amazon honestly.

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I don’t think they “get” gaming and the culture of gaming. Be it “Hardcore”,“Casual” or “Mobile”. Usually this isn’t a problem for these companies as tech companies , usually the plan is to “disrupt” an industry, “create” your own new market and just bulldoze your way through skirting by established norms, regulations etc. But gaming is an industry that already constantly is seeing disruption, breaks from established norms and has very few regulations as it is, and where lots of decades made relationships, ingrained brand loyalty etc can make or break a product. I think google and amazon will probably make notable in-roads in the current decade but it probably will only come after they decide to approach the industry from a point of understanding the culture versus thinking folks will flock to them cause they built an app and created “access to services”.


They will make more of an investment and more of a push once xCloud takes off. I welcome more competition.


Oh the competition is coming.

Ms is better positioned because it’s the first to tick all boxes and apparently for a long time decided to invest on it before someone else takes the storm, but Ms has yet to prove that it can make a runway success in the consumer space, before the competition does.

Google released Stadia and it did nothing. Amazon released one game recently and it flopped. Nintendo makes gimmick consoles.

The only real competition is Sony.

Current competent. Xbox started their market target is the 2 billion gamers world wide. Amazon, Google, Apple and Nintendo are going to go after that, they are definitely competition. Just because they failed so far doesn’t mean they give up.

Honestly, Sony may get bought by one of them (Not Nintendo, just listed them as they are competing after that market).

My worst case scenario is Apple buying PlayStation. I can’t imagine what happens when you put two companies like that together. The end of days.

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There would be 0 customer friendly policies

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I will be beyond pissed if Madden got locked to Stadia lmao

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I don’t think PlayStation will be bought - at all. I really don’t see it happening.

Amazon is thriving on game streaming, but they are absolutely clueless about games and gaming development. Twitch is their only succesfull gaming venture.

Google is trying to enter the market through a “disruptive” platform/strategy as some people have already said above, but their service model is probably too disruptive for the gaming crowd, a bit similar to what Microsoft tried to do at the Xbox One launch (the problem was not only that, though). Yeah, gamers are people that love technology and such, but I don’t think a company will get the approval/interest of most of the gamers trying to take from them what they traditionally know as “gaming”.

That’s why I think Xbox strategy is so smart: give gamers MORE options, don’t take the options from them. xCloud as an optional/additional entry point/access to the Xbox platform is really a splendid idea: since the Eastern market will probably never adopt the Xbox platform through the traditional console, Microsoft is giving this market the option to try it in a less demanding way…if consumers like what they get through xCloud, there is even a chance they go beyond streaming games on the platform.

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Long rambling post, apologies.


Sony is in a very interesting position right now with Playstation. The gaming and network section of the company makes up about 40% of the company-wide sales, and almost half of income, but was down significantly in both hardware and software sales for the last year (ending in March). The company also saw a significant decrease in the entertainment business containing movies and music, which probably will continue to see losses this year with the problems of trying to launch movies with audiences either unable or unlikely to visit theaters in the near future. The smallest segment, about 20% of sales, which includes insurance and financial services, actually earned almost as much income as gaming.

Sony needs Playstation to be successful, needs to sell lots of hardware and software in the next year (and thereafter) which explains the focus on separation of generations, and probably the incompatibility of the PS5 controllers (as somewhat alluded to by Albert Panello).

In some ways, Sony has been using gaming as a way to support the rest of the company for the last while, which puts them in a very different position from Microsoft and the likes of Amazon, Google, Apple, etc. Sony almost seems to be approaching gaming as if it’s still the same business it has been, but all the others are coming at it with the view of it being a huge growth opportunity.

While Xbox is a mature company, it is coming to this generation with the idea of disruption, attempting to split the idea of a gaming console into the gaming platform it has been developing over the last few years, with the concept of playing games on whatever device is best for your circumstances. For some, that’s a premium console. Some may choose to go with a console that fits their existing setup at a lower cost, some play on PC, and many may choose to stream on phones or tablets to not have to buy a console.

Google has stated the goal of trying to get games to launch directly from YouTube via Stadia, though at the moment people seem to be resisting the business model o having to buy the game in addition to streaming it. This could change in time, or Google may be willing to try other options to see the platform succeed. I think that this platform depends on Google being able to get it to the scale they want, so they can use it either as an extension of serving ads or collecting user data to better target advertising. They are also device agnostic, in that you don’t have to buy a console in order to connect to their platform, which gives them a low barrier to entry.

Amazon hasn’t shown their full hand yet so far as I’m aware. I played a small section of their first game, based on The Grand Tour, and found it to not be particularly fun despite loving the source material. I believe their second game was out for a month or so before going back to beta, and the next delayed. I’m not sure though if they’re trying to launch as part of Twitch / prime gaming or content to make games for other platforms for now. They do have the ability to add their games to Kindle Fire devices and a web player if that’s their goal, and the success of Twitch gives them an easy place to launch games if they do find something that people want.

Apple is one of the most successful in gaming currently, thanks to the 30% cut on all games on their platform, and are looking for success in the Apple Arcade. Its hard at the moment to see them going for core gamers, since they have easy access to the large casual market and a large user base. I’m very interested in what happens with all of the recent focus on their policies, with Microsoft, Facebook and Epic all drawing attention to them in the last couple weeks.

While I think the PS5 will probably sell fairly well for the first couple of years, I think the generational success for Sony really will come down to how much success the newcomers find, how successful “Xbox as a service” is for Microsoft, and how willing Sony is to be flexible. There are some good signs here, with them exploring launching games on PC, with MLB launching on rival platforms in the future (I’m curious if MLB required this as a condition of renewing the license, or if the cost required selling more copies in order to make financial sense for Sony, or if it was something else).

Not sure if I really had a point here, but I think this generation will be fascinating. (also, I haven’t forgotten Nintendo, just who can really say what they’ll do? :smirk:) I also think the concept of a generation may be lost with the ability to to just continually update server side hardware over time, it will allow more of a morphing into new experiences over time with revisions of hardware to offer new features, not hard cutoffs. In that, I really admire Xbox for recognizing that people want to be able to play whatever they like with whatever they have. There likely will be new Xbox devices that offer new features, but I wonder if the name would change in the way they have between previous generations.

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A bit of a thread bump, but I think MS buying Beth could well force Google or Amazon to buy a similar sized company as Zenimax.

As big as we know this deal is, it’s actually bigger. Sony would be rattled, but they are already in the game with a group of amazing studios.

Watch this space.

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Yep, agree. I think it’s put up or shut up time for Amazon and Google.

Google especially with a live service and their 2 first party studios needs to decide if they’re going to make a real charge or whether they need to cut losses. Before today I was confident they’d stick around and see where a few Stadia exclusives might take them, but now… what’s the point, unless they know they have something huge (like Halo CE level) or are willing to buy an entire stable of studios?

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Its either that or they close stadia. Thinking about stadia honestly gets me angry, how can a company with alphabets resources make such wrong choices?

I wouldn’t be surprised if Google acquired Sony or Nintendo in the future.

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Disney had a gaming presence and shuttered their studios in 2016. What’s going to make them decide to invest billions in gaming now when they weren’t even willing to keep a handful of studios going?

Lol, if they bought sony the meltdowns that would cause would be legendary.