Amazon, Google and what it could mean in the next five years

Please everyone, let’s not give Google any ideas on acquisitions lol. I very much rather they drop out of the industry and scare Amazon away while they are at it. I don’t think either would be good or healthy for gaming.


I agree wholeheartedly with this take; Google, Amazon, and even Apple are getting into gaming to chase a trend without understanding the diversity but relatively common drives of gamers. These companies also have no identity with gaming and nothing to bring to the table that’s wholly unique. Say what you will about Microsoft but they were involved in, and making games, even before Sony was with PlayStation (not a knock on anyone, just that the big three have been in gaming for decades).

I just don’t see Amazon, Google, or Apple as doing anything other than trying to expand their service offerings without the understanding of the market.


New ceo /evp who wants to prove themselves by making a push because they can make tons of money in a growth industry. Not saying it will happen, but sure could if management changed. Also for the record, not saying they would necessarily be successful, just that that’s the logic they would use to get funding for a go at it if they did.

I think there’s a strong chance that were gonna see a big acquisition from Google or Amazon in the next few years. EA market cap is 37 billion, Activision is 63 billion

Take 2 is 19 billion which seems like the most realistic target if Google wants Stadia to be relevant. Google apparently has 120 billion cash on hand so this could be a hail mary for them.

Agreed. The thing is that if they do spend billions buying T2 or Activision, and their game streaming service doesn’t take off, being a third party game developer and publisher without the hardware side of it still fits 100% with their buisness models. They may decide to do that and not release the hardware side of it at all.

I will quote my own comment above about Google from August 19, since it fits exactly with your thoughts:


Well said, fully agree.

I agree. If Amazon or Google buy Take Two, people in their millions will join the platform to play GTA alone.