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Playing a chapter every other year might have helped with the boredom, but that must have made it even less coherent and harder to follow. Nah, I think this is a good idea very poorly executed. There is a core in there which could have been something great, but nah.

Looking at the scores this might be the furthest I’ve ever been from critics.


I haven’t gong through KRZ so I can’t speak to that, but it sounds like you’re experiencing the exact same thing I did when I played Undertale. Everyone raved about it for years talking about how amazing it was and how it was one of the best indie titles ever, so I played it and…absolutely hated it.

It’s games like that that remind me that even if everyone says something is good that absolutely does not mean it’s actually good.


Yeah my feelings were similar. Judging by reviews I thought I would really like it. I was intrigued by some aspects of the story, but overall… it just wasn’t fun.

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Completion #117 :achievement:

Aah, needed this after the last game. This was a very good little game! Nice art, cool gameplay mechanic with the charms, good story and an excellent narrator made this very enjoyable. Much recommend!


I am surprised this doesn’t have more plays on TA (only 17 as of today)*Really fun tactics game but has some balance issues towards the end (in our favor) Only 10 hours, that includes some grinding. I liked how the battles were short and small maps. It does have bugged achievements, unlocking in wrong spots/conditions. You can miss stuff so make sure you clear out each level before you progess the story.

*i was given a code for this game :smirk:


Young Souls - 1000 :achievement:

Noticed Young Souls was leaving GP soon and Decided to get the completion before it leaves. 8 hour 2D beat’em’up mixed with lite RPG mechanics. Stylish art and a interesting story. You can fire on all the accessibility options if you fancy breezing through it.

I’ve now got that Puff the Magic Dragon gamerscore.


I saw on TA forums that this got an update and i finally got to finish this. It was hard af. If you finished this when it first game out you were lucky. Glad to get it completed


Here are the results for week #130:

# User Gamertag Initial GS Final GS Gains Points
1. @FairyEmpire baboy1337 484897 487387 2490 50
2. @Bugalugs214 bugalugs214 506280 508665 2385 48
3. @ShadowlessEdge Shadowless Edge 917446 919771 2325 46
4. @MasterLeePhD Master Lee PhD 419410 421590 2180 44
5. @Mort Mortaigne 216157 218167 2010 42
6. @low187 ShadowArceus5 287130 288895 1765 40
7. @Plagueborne The Wicked Soul 1028182 1029762 1580 38
8. @NierlyCrazy Nierly Crazy 500575 501540 965 36
9. @RoslindaleOne RoslindaleOne 404425 405330 905 34
10. @KARMAgoesHARD KARMAgoesHARD 807840 808555 715 32
11. DeusJabu DeusJabu 200815 201435 620 30
12. Scottish_Sin Scottish Sin 602540 603150 610 28
13. APOPHIS1989 APOPHIS1989 412193 412768 575 26
14. Chyld989 Chyld989 503930 504400 470 24
15. judge judge 477184 477624 440 22
16. CallMeCraig matsze 299177 299597 420 20
17. n0tjack n0tjack 228230 228545 315 18
18. supercommodore supercommodore 37957 38247 290 16
19. SheepDip Ryuukishi634 458875 459150 275 14
20. TheSlickTony TheSlickTony 123458 123653 195 12
21. Cyime Cyime 252220 252410 190 10
22. Akosii Akosii 411375 411525 150 8
22. binarymelon binarymelon 33861 34011 150 8
24. profjjj profjjj 157436 157561 125 4
25. FunkyOne Sir Funkified 263162 263282 120 2
25. Xumbrega ctZz1 162725 162845 120 2
25. Knottian Knottian 241011 241131 120 2
28. OneBadMutha OneBadMutha 67462 67567 105 1
29. Mark3 Mark 3 190465 190550 85 1
30. MrZweistein MrZweistein 153000 153080 80 1
31. BananaBox39 MaidenLOKO 206070 206140 70 1
32. TheSego The Sego 161964 162024 60 1
33. DanCasual SR1 Dan 220094 220139 45 1
33. michael Rngesus37 45465 45510 45 1
35. xJavontax xJavontax 52176 52211 35 1
36. PhantomFox PhantomFox75-460 79722 79752 30 1
36. TangHao Amir-8983 79245 79275 30 1
36. dfunktjester dFunkt jestEr 128293 128323 30 1
39. dscharles dscharles 82269 82289 20 1
40. BeardoN7x BeardoA7x 138610 138625 15 1

And here is the current General Points Ranking for Season 5:

# User Gamertag Points
1. Bugalugs214 bugalugs214 668
2. ShadowlessEdge Shadowless Edge 554
3. MasterLeePhD Master Lee PhD 494
5. n0tjack n0tjack 462
6. RoslindaleOne RoslindaleOne 428
7. Plagueborne The Wicked Soul 413
8. judge judge 374
9. CallMeCraig matsze 347
10. FairyEmpire baboy1337 344
11. Mort Mortaigne 304
12. APOPHIS1989 APOPHIS1989 301
13. NierlyCrazy Nierly Crazy 295
14. DeusJabu DeusJabu 294
15. UnveiledArk UnveiledArk 270
16. Scottish_Sin Scottish Sin 260
17. SheepDip Ryuukishi634 255
18. low187 ShadowArceus5 251
19. TangHao Amir-8983 223
20. Chyld989 Chyld989 195
21. Cyime Cyime 187
22. BeardoN7x BeardoA7x 159
23. Akosii Akosii 130
24. FunkyOne Sir Funkified 124
25. BrigadiersBlue Brigadiers Blue 118
26. BadMoodJones Junglee91 87
27. BananaBox39 MaidenLOKO 86
28. Darthvader2795 Darthvader2795 82
29. Shadowgasm Shadowgasm 76
30. Xumbrega ctZz1 68
31. Knottian Knottian 66
32. michael Rngesus37 58
33. TheSlickTony TheSlickTony 56
34. dscharles dscharles 52
35. supercommodore supercommodore 45
36. Mark3 Mark 3 41
37. OneBadMutha OneBadMutha 40
37. Sikamikanico Sikamikanico 40
39. binarymelon binarymelon 33
39. MrZweistein MrZweistein 33
39. BigM_Milk4 BigMMilk-9208 33
42. xJavontax xJavontax 30
42. dfunktjester dFunkt jestEr 30
44. TheSego The Sego 26
45. Kreten Cro Kreten 23
46. Running_Riot BoutTreeFidy-208 21
47. PhantomFox PhantomFox75-460 15
48. profjjj profjjj 14
49. Neuro Thhh gtt-8082 7
50. DanCasual SR1 Dan 6
50. MMarfil MMarfil 6
52. brunopcosta1 brunopcosta1 2
53. Zonky Zonky 1

Every Gamerscore earned from now until next Monday 06:20 AM (UTC) will count towards week #131 ranking. Every Gamerscore earned until April 1, 2022 06:20 AM (UTC) will also count towards March’s ranking.

Don’t forget that this topic is first and foremost destined to talk about all your achievements and trophies, discuss completions and even try to gather people for a boosting session! The ranking is just a side activity to take part in. Good luck everyone and happy hunting!


Finally played and finished LJ. Best combat in a LAD game and school story is kinda cool as well. Story is a mixed bag.

And there is no way Kaito Files is worth $30. It’s basically just main mission + masked fighters. Story is basically Y1 with happy ending.

Anyways need a break from this series before I play Ishin.


If you like visual novels and movie type games with minimal gameplay, check this one out. Only 2 missables but there is chapter select and theres 3 choiced ones at the end, the rest are story based.


Hi everyone, I’ve finally had the free time lately to get back to achievement hunting and hopefully be more active here on the form again! Got a few completions done over the past two weeks and wanted to share them as always.

Completion #58: Contrast :achievement:

I had been saving this game for completion for some time now and with it’s inclusion in the strong women in gaming challenge this month I figured now was a good a time as any! I’m sure many of you have already played this since it’s a relatively easy completion so I’ll keep it short. Contrast is a fun puzzle platformer and I enjoyed my time playing it. Its nothing ground breaking by any means but if you have a few hours to kill I suggest doing a playthrough, though I would suggest a guide for the collectibles if you’re going for a full completion as many of them are easy to miss as you work your way through the levels.

Completion #59: Grounded :achievement:

Man what a absolute blast Grounded was! I’ve played it on and off since it went into Game Pass as a game preview without any achievements, all the way up to the full launch. It was amazing watching the backyard expand with each update bringing new adventures and challenges to face each time, and the game overall just oozes personality as every Obsidian title does! I’m not normally interested in survival games all that much but Grounded had me returning time and time again and had me really invested the whole way through from beginning to end!

Completion #60: Tunic :achievement:

It took me almost a year since starting it, but I finally got around to completing this game and I’m so happy I did! This game truly is something special if you ask me and brought back so may memories of playing games on the Gameboy as a kid! I could go on and on for day how much I love Tunic but I spare you all and just simply say go play this game for yourself in Game Pass when you still have the chance! It’s not an easy game but it is very rewarding to say the least, oh and for anyone else who’s fully completed the game I think we can all agree the mountain door puzzle is a true bastard through and through :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Welcome back!


Thanks! Happy to be back!


Completion #61: Coffee Talk :achievement:

Seeing as the sequel was just announced recently has a day one Game Pass drop I had to go back and wrap up the original. It’s a very chill and relaxing game, amazing music, the story is fun to follow along, and the best part for me is the pixel art, can’t get enough of it! Gameplay wise it’s simple, just mix and match three ingredients to brew the perfect drink for the situation at hand. Don’t go in expecting anything crazy for the game play, though why would you when the title is Coffee Talk lol, it’s just a relaxing time listening to the music as you talk with interesting customers, and this game is a perfect cloud gaming experience on the go. I played almost all of it on my phone in-between work and college classes and it was great! Perfect way to pass some idle time when you only have a few minuets here and there, and it has touch controls so no need for a controller on the go. P.S. they play time is way longer then I needed to complete the game but I was enjoying it so much I replayed it a few times before completing it all haha


Loved this game and I’m so happy the sequel is coming to Game Pass


Same, it was great!

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Currently less than 500G to go in Vampire Survivors

Have you tried VA-11 Hall-A? Its a cyberpunk bar tender visual novel not unlike Coffee Talk.


Can’t say I’ve heard of it before, no. I’ll have to check it out after I finish up my extreme playthrough of GreedFall!

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I can’t seem to be able to see my achievement game list for some reason, anyone else with this issue?