Achievement Hunting |OT| Every point counts

Just signed up. Gamertag OneBadMutha

Not sure that I’m going to be too great at this. Have had this gamertag since Day 1 on OG Xbox back in 2002 but multiplayer always holds me back.


Pikuniku is a great little game, needs two controllers for 100%, has 2 hard achievements in a dance mini game and a Breakout style game, took me over 2 hours just to get lucky with the pixel perfect ball bounce.

The Town of Light is a neat game that deals with heavy subjects of asylums and how people were treated, based on real events. Sad game and one scene is really uncomfortable.

11-11 Memories Retold is a gorgeous games with a unique artstyle and a great narrative. I started this a few years ago but never finished it. Glad I went back. A hidden gem.

I also did Pipe Push Paradise (if you touch this game do it in one sitting because of glitchy achievements)

Kona, which is fantastic, another hidden gem.

I actually did a harder game with Blair Witch. Great game and the Pacifist run is very tense and pretty challenging in some spots.

Oh and I forgot about The First Tree, kind of cool but a little janky.

Starting The Tower of Beatrice and maybe finish Noir Chronicles City of Crime or start Call of Cthulhu.


These are some really great tips, it’s always easy to miss or overlook these smaller games. Plus there’s a lot of…not so great games to wade through.

Do you always go for 100% completion?


Not always 100% i usually steer clear if it requires multiple full playthroughs, beat the game on highest difficultly (this sometimes varies) or alot of grinding/ luck based MP achievements. For me its about what is the best use of my time. Could I waste 10s of more hours on Final Fantasy XV Comrades for 210GS? Sure but that time could be spent with other games I have. In my opinion the hardest hurdle to overcome of achievement hunting is knowing when its okay to drop a game and move on.I know I’ve struggled with that.


Aha, yeah it’s hard to let go of games sometimes. I struggled with The Touryst recently, just couldnt beat all the arcade games… came to a point where I had to ask myself if I really enjoyed this. The answer was no, and I moved on. I could have beaten it with enough time but what’s the point if it’s not fun? Feels a bit like giving up, but it was very freeing as well.


Hey, sorry for the delay. You’re in! Welcome!!

Hey, welcome to the forums!

There is a Game Pass OT. @Scottish_Sin also created a Microsoft Rewards thread that haven’t seen much activity lately, but I think this is the closest to an OT that we have!

That’s an impressive achievement, congratulations!

Yeah, it is really hard to keep the TA Ratio up. Sometimes I hit the jackpot with those very popular games with hundreds of thousands of players who don’t go too hard on achievement hunting, so many of the achievements are over a 2.0 ratio.

But then there are games like Borderlands 3 and Diablo III, long games where basically every achievement has a 1.5 ratio lol

You are also in, welcome!


Sent my request. Love seeing everyone’s progress!


Got 3 very, very rare achievements in TrackMania Turbo today: on Xbox respectively 0.06%, 0.05% and 0.04%, working on a 0.02% right now too. On TA they are 13.87, 16.95 and 17.50, the one I’m working on is 26.01. Not much in terms of score but I’m pushing for the rarity hard haha.

@brunopcosta1 You’ll have some updates on the rarity list :wink:


Finished Rayman Origins or at least got all the chievos in my skill range. On the last secret level I couldn’t make the first checkpoint :rofl:

I have to say I prefer Rayman Legends and its QoL improvements. Maybe I can get the full 1000 gs there?

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Damn…took a look at the acievement list. How hard IS this game? yikes

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It is hard, but to be fair it helps with the charts that the game had free weekends, was like 5 bucks many times, it was GWG, etc… Leaderboards show almost 4 million total players. Same of the later tracks were played by less than 1000. It’s a mixture of the fact that they’re hard, that you need time to beat that many levels to get there and, well, you also need 160 golds to unlock level 161-170, 170 golds for 171-180, and so on. I just finished that 0.02% achievement - once the rarity chart is updated, I should probably have the top 5 rarest achievements on the site haha.


Haha, well that’s awesome.

You are in! Thanks for joining :slight_smile:

Yeah, I sure do. When I created that list we were only 5, now we are almost 40 and I’m starting to regret it :stuck_out_tongue:

I got the Platinum for Rayman Legends on PS4 a few years ago. It is a fantastic game and I don’t remember the single player trophies being too hard. But there are some leaderboard-related challenges that turns it into a kinda lenghty completion.

I played a bit of Career Mode in FIFA 21 and I’m now at 545/1000g. I think I only have Pro Clubs, Ultimate Team and Volta Mode achievements left. Some of them require a second player, though :frowning:

I’ve been also playing Mortal Kombat 11. I finished the story today, which put me at 235/1000g.


Attention: the Week 5 ranking starts now!

Here are the results of the 4th week:

# User Gamertag Initial GS Final GS Total GS Points
1. @Plagueborne The Wicked Soul 586.852 598.987 12.135 10
2. @Akosii Akosii 281.110 289.695 8.585 9
3. @Mort Mortaigne 120.317 126.527 6.210 8
4. @Scottish_Sin Scottish Sin 484.525 489.860 5.335 7
5. @MasterLeePhD Master Lee PhD 266.274 270.904 4.630 6
6. @KARMAgoesHARD KARMAgoesHARD 536.614 540.861 4.247 5
7. @Bluehawk357 BlueHawk357 88.981 93.081 4.100 4
8. @SheepDip Ryuukishi634 318.000 322.035 4.035 3
9. @MMarfil MMarfil 81.519 85.264 3.745 2
10. @riazor Riazor 341.650 345.185 3.535 1
11. Hammer2424 Hammer2424 87.503 90.593 3.090 0
12. brunopcosta1 brunopcosta1 129.490 132.290 2.800 0
13. low187 ShadowArceus5 199.725 202.400 2.675 0
14. CRZYSPZ CRZYSPZ 342.397 344.792 2.395 0
15. FairyEmpire baboy1337 254.063 256.083 2.020 0
16. Jeremy Jeremy Saunders 237.583 239.153 1.570 0
16. Shadowgasm Shadowgasm 195.562 197.132 1.570 0
18. TheSlickTony TheSlickTony 88.160 89.465 1.305 0
19. MRE-Inc MRE Inc 59.592 60.672 1.080 0
20. UnveiledArk UnveiledArk 235.310 236.270 960 0
21. CallMeCraig matsze 172.726 173.547 821 0
22. Scottx2 Scott x 2 54.613 55.403 790 0
23. Chyld989 Chyld989 319.545 320.280 735 0
24. Johnohno DarhJohno 352.905 353.520 615 0
25. Foorbits Foorbits 43.368 43.583 215 0
26. Running_Riot BoutTreeFidy 31.440 31.555 115 0
27. BananaBox39 MaidenLOKO 180.345 180.455 110 0
28. Bugalugs214 bugalugs214 119.644 119.704 60 0
29. BadMoodJones Junglee91 53.513 53.568 55 0
30. MrZweistein MrZweistein 126.890 126.930 40 0
31. OneBadMutha OneBadMutha 43.235 43.255 20 0
31. FaultLineBlues wahaj 19.645 19.665 20 0
33. Sikamikanico Sikamikanico 116.186 116.196 10 0
34. procerus procerus 226.514 226.514 0 0
35. Darcadia cyllis 65.892 65.892 0 0
36. DannyEight Danny Eight 3.250 3.250 0 0

Here is the General Points Ranking with the results from the first four weeks:

# User Gamertag Points
1. Shadowgasm Shadowgasm 122
2. Chyld989 Chyld989 102
4. BadMoodJones Junglee91 89
5. CallMeCraig matsze 74
6. FairyEmpire baboy1337 61
7. Akosii Akosii 56
8. SheepDip Ryuukishi634 44
9. Mort Mortaigne 32
10. Plagueborne The Wicked Soul 20
11. Scottish_Sin Scottish Sin 13
12. MasterLeePhD Master Lee PhD 11
14. MMarfil MMarfil 9
14. riazor Riazor 9
16. procerus procerus 6
17. Bluehawk357 BlueHawk357 4
17. Scottx2 Scott x 2 4
19. FaultLineBlues wahaj 2
20. BananaBox39 MaidenLOKO 0
20. brunopcosta1 brunopcosta1 0
20. Bugalugs214 bugalugs214 0
20. DannyEight Danny Eight 0
20. Darcadia cyllis 0
20. Foorbits Foorbits 0
20. Hammer2424 Hammer2424 0
20. Jeremy Jeremy Saunders 0
20. Johnohno DarhJohno 0
20. low187 ShadowArceus5 0
20. MRE-Inc MRE Inc 0
20. MrZweistein MrZweistein 0
20. OneBadMutha OneBadMutha 0
20. Running_Riot BoutTreeFidy 0
20. Sikamikanico Sikamikanico 0
20. TheSlickTony TheSlickTony 0
20. UnveiledArk UnveiledArk 0

Every GamerScore earned from now until Monday, October 19, 2020 2:59 AM will count towards Week 5’s Ranking. Whoever earns the most GamerScore during the week will gain 10 points, the second place will gain 9 points, and so on. Then the Ranking will reset again and a new week will begin.

Every GamerScore earned until Sunday, November 1, 2020 2:59 AM will also count towards October’s Ranking. Whoever earns the most GamerScore during the month will gain 100 points, the second place will gain 90 points, and so on. Then the Ranking will reset again and a new month will begin.

Don’t forget that this topic is first and foremost destined to talk about all your achievements and trophies, discuss completions and even try to gather people for a boosting session! The Ranking is just a side activity to take part in.

Good luck everyone and happy hunting!


I should hit 600k tomorrow, one achievement didn’t pop in Call of Cthulhu like I wanted it to. I still need another playthrough so hopefully I get it then.


Slow week for me. I’ve been grinding, and grinding, on Dynasty Warriors 6. I just got Samurai Warriors 2 and Dynasty Warrior Gundam 2 in the mail the other day so I guess I’m fully committed to this “Path” I’ve chosen. :smile:

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I remember Samurai Warriors 2 plus the Xtreme Legends DLC completion was so long. The board game mode gave me so much trouble.

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It is possible to change the settings for your TA account to ignore DLC, include DLC or only include DLC you have (ie the DLC you’ve got an achievement in). The last option is really handy.

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I should have updated my score on TA, keep forgetting to do it and on very active weeks I actually get low scores :stuck_out_tongue: Oh well, next week will be meatier.

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I’m still working on the HoF cheevos.

For some reason I can’t get Surviving Mars to run on PC, always get a “No Xbox account connected” error message, while in options I see I am logged in.

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