A case for great new Games on XSX!

Some of these exclusive titles may have not got much attention, but they look fantastic, the XSX will have some beautiful looking games in 2021


Call to the Sea




Bright Memory: Infinite


The Ascent


Flight :airplane: sim 2020

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All games look really great. My secret tip is Song of Iron.


Looks great, its looks a pretty good first year for the XsX/XsS, so many intriguing games that look beautiful.


Great quality post OP! Love the high-quality gifs!

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Literally looking forward to all of these (Flight Sim already out I know but still looking forward to actually experiencing it sometime soon, hopefully my mid tier pc can handle it at decent frame rates)

Some others I would add are Song Of Iron (already mentioned in thread), Tunic, Dead Static Drive.

Call of the Sea and The Ascent are both really high on my list, they look fantastic and I enjoyed the interviews they both have done with Major Nelson. We spend too much time obsessing about big budget first party games. There will be lots to play while waiting for Halo to release :slight_smile:

Also looking forward to playing Gears Tactics, and hoping Flight Sim comes sooner rather than later.

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Those all look awesome.

I am especially interested in Call of the Sea, Crossfire X and Bright Memory: Infinite.


I’m really looking forward to The Ascent, Bright Memory: Infinite and Crossfire X


I’m waiting on the Falconeer, Call of the Sea, Ascent, and Tunic. Been waiting forever for Tunic

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@Witchilich are the games you posted exclusive?

They are all timed exclusives I think. It varies by titles IIRC. PSO new genesis, Stalker 2, and scorn will launch on game pass.

The Ascent, Flight Simulator (on Xbox), Exomecha and call of the sea are the ones I am looking forward too. Ascent in particular looks so fun to play.

Great topic.

I’m 100% all in for Bright Memory Infinite, Crossfire X (campaign) and The Ascent. For those interested in Bright Memory Infinite, check out FYQD Studio channel on YouTube because the entire trailer gets uploaded and there’s five or so different trailers including a new one from a few weeks ago.

Some of them are timed. Only PSO2:New Genesis has been announced to have a PS5 version in future.

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But guys the Xbox has no games, didn’t you get the memo.

Some great looking games I’m excited to play. Things are looking good for next gen.

“Xbox has no games”

Xbox gets games

“Quality over quantity”.

The goalposts are gonna keep getting shifted so I’ve just stopped giving any headspace to this nonsense.

They drop games like Forza Horizon 4 and Flight Simulator with a 90+ Metacritic

“Yeah but those aren’t the kind of games that Sony and Nintendo are selling with.”

As if all companies needed to be identical.

Not to enter into the whole console warrior debate really but the dismissing of certain types of games is probably the WORST thing about the gaming space right now. Its awful. Especially when the games that are routinely dismissed are the very ones I enjoy playing most. The ridiculous thing about it was back towards the end of the 360/PS3 era a meme used constantly was ‘Xbox has no variety all their games are the same - Sony take risks’. Yet just look now?

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That is because most of these people’s idea of what’s “quality” is intrinsically predicated on one type of gaming experience ie the “blockbuster cinematic action adventure” which arguably the likes of Sony has mastered, but are far from the only type of experiences that should be valued and demanded.