YouTube tech guys and their bias?

OP you’ll see it in all forms of media around next gen launch until the DF and others do tear downs and side by sides.

What’s happening now is something IGN are pretty open about. They get revenue on watch time and clicks and it’s no different for YouTube. There’s thirsty people out there wetting their whistles on their first next gen rodeo and slowly even thought they didn’t intend too, creators often become beholden to their audiences and what their audiences want to see.

It’s why we have XboxEra! There’s a group of fans that come to this forum and listen to our video team when they make content.

I don’t think there’s any malice in it per sey but there is just a general assumption that “the PS4 was awesome now imagine how great the ps5 will be!”

It’s the same line of thought that shook up the 360 fan boys who thought the Xbox one would “win” with secret sauce in the power bricks and other dumb stuff.

Patience will be required here until the systems actually launch. Then the facts will be out there no matter what the commentators say


Yeah that’s kinda my thoughts as well about RGT. I think he is probably a decent guy, but he has gone down a rabbit hole with some info he said he got about PS5 that he is now unwilling to walk it back. Now he is just doubling down hoping it turns out correct in the end. He will say “VRS and Mesh Shaders are on RDNA 2 therefore PS5 will have it”, while on the other hand say “PS5s Zen2 CPU could have unified L3 Cache”, when it’s not Zen 2 architecture but Zen 3.


Let’s just put this out there, if you’re doing YouTube for cash you want to be more Sony side because you’ll earn more that way because of the userbase. You don’t want to piss of that userbase either because they will “cancel” you real fast. Read that some review sites get worried about scoring games too low because of these “fans” reactions and their site could go under if they’re boycotted.

I would just say go off by hard cold facts and don’t listen to what people say when they go on about some secret thing they heard from their step mum’s sister who works at Nintendo who knows a guy from Sega that told her that there’s some secret sauce in her gameboy colour that makes X console 3000TF. Always take what people say with a grain of salt until it’s proven to be correct.

Otoh a YTer that seems to lean slightly AMD and Xbox who imo is a good watch (although some of his rumors seem out there) is “Moore’s Law is Dead”

Is there a tech-head on the Xbox Era staff that would be willing and able to do their own tech analysis? I’d watch that.

Make it so!

Who is RGT, is he RGT 85? I can’t seem to find anyone else. I only listen to DF myself.

Same here!

Something like Sampler Feedback Streaming would help, and the Custom Residency Map Filtering?


Even if it’s not as fast, having more compute units will help. You can just look at what better CUs bring to the table compared to clockspeeds.

I’ve only watched DF myself and can’t see much bias in their output. I do think the main guy slighty favours Xbox as he seems to really appreciate their design philosophy and openness. The other guy favours Sony maybe because of the types of games and then they have PC guy.

I would trust all three before 95% of other games journalists though.

I think Richard might talk more about Xbox only because Microsoft have given them tons of info about the XOX and now XSX, while Sony gave their scoops to Wired Magazine.

I do think it’s a little more than that. Not bias just that he likes what he sees and it comes through.

I dont watch any of them much nowadays. I probably will watch DF when the new consoles come out and that will give me a general idea of where the gen will be headed in terms of performance. However if its a game I am super interested in I will give their videos a watch. They are very informative. Not sure about NX Gamer but he seems to push some stuff that could be biased.

Yeah, I think RGT is kind of putting the credibility of his channel behind these sources, and if they turned out to be wrong, it could be over for his channel. That’s why he is not backing down, even though what he is saying is really far-fetched. For example, his RDNA 3 theory for PS5, I think it is much more likely that Sony, much like MS, developed some exclusive features inside the PS5 that may or may not be used down the line by AMD for its RDNA 3 architecture, but certainly not that the PS5 is under RDNA 3.

He tried to aknowledge some times that it may be meant that way, but then, he is reverting everytime to PS5 under RDNA 3 theory. That’s why, I am mainly following DF, they are balanced on every plateforms, and even though I don’t really understand everything they say, they still make it enjoyable to watch their content.

Hi there,

I think only DF is really balanced and that’s why they are the most famous

About NXGamer, I thought he was balanced also, until I saw a tweet from him:

And when I asked for some precision, as I couldn’t believe he was in this crap conspiracy theory against PS, he never clearly answered…:

I think it’s not a good look at all, and I can’t take his channel seriously anymore

And RGT is sometimes clearly trolling…

I think it was RGT who said that the guy from SOny may have gotten things wrong with the whole RDNA 1 and RDNA 2 mix, because he was exhausted and not speaking English natively. I mean… yeah.

I listen really to DF and I don’t care for their opinions, it’s their opinions…just more on what are the facts based on their observations. :slight_smile:

^^This is precisely what he does. He made a whole video suggesting PS5 has DLSS but I just asked him for the patent he based that on (the English version that he had for his video) and he conceded the patent was indeed about a camera and not PS5. Ok, so when will he make a video backtracking on that claim now that lots of other YT’ers relying on his ‘expertise’ have run wild with that claim? I’m guessing never.

When I showed him the Leonardi tweet confirming no ML in PS5, he shrugged it off and said his sources had suggested differently. He then told me since PS5 can do FP16 calculations it can do ML. When I showed him Goosen explaining that ya need INT ops and not just FP, he just shrugged it off and reasserted that PS5 had to have ML because RDNA2…even though 2 replies prior he was arguing XSX didn’t have ML So when ya claim XSX has something, he asserts it must be bog standard RDNA2 and therefore PS5 automatically has it too. When ya say PS5 doesn’t have it, he says neither does XSX…even when these two types of statements refer to exactly the same thing. As you noted, mesh shaders and VRS are other examples where he does this. The mesh shaders thing might have an equivalent on PS5, but so far no indication of VRS and if anything evidence suggests otherwise since MS had to use their own version. AMD maybe didn’t have one ready.

RGT is a total fraud. He doesn’t know what he is talking about a lot of the time and pretends to have sources that he almost certainly does not. No magical source is going to overrule Sony’s Principal Graphics Engineer on this kinda stuff. It’s ridiculous.


I listen to digital foundry for a lot of info and really appreciate when they call out their own assumptions.

I avoid most Sony-leaning sites due to the heavy argumentative attidute to questions or discussions on unknowns. A few previously mentioned Xbox-leaning content creators I will watch because they are more light hearted, and do call out themselves and MS for poor info or choices. Kind of like watching a late show or comedy skit covering real events (I’ll leave my distrust of monied “news” outlets aside as they are little better :wink:).


For tech stuff I only watch Digital Foundry. Those guys work so hard and produce such high quality content. I feel so awful for them when they are dragged into online console wars…you can see it does affect them. But I like their style and tone and how they do it. The others are just not as good or more speculative and I find that a bit silly for tech.

Only Digital Foundry matters as they do the hard core testing of games.

I think it really helps that they are writing in depth articles, making various types of video content and engaging more on forums too. Having a small group of ppl to discuss the stuff really helps them imho, as it lets them specialize a little bit. John seems really on point wrt resolution/fps performance; Alex is captain ray tracing and lighting in general, and Rich is really top notch on the hardware tech front.