Your Top 5 Favorite IPs and Favorite Console of All Time

So i’m young, and i growed on Xbox ._. But my first console was Sega Dreamcast, love it so much! If we talk 'bout games there are my personal gems:

• Halo - for me it’s best FPS of all time, i just grow with this franchise, so many memorable moments…

• Resident Evil - this is goes from my Dreamcast experience, after RE2 and CV i just fell in love with this franchise, but sadly for me, after RE3 (2020) they take wrong course IMO

• Forza - simply cause this is most advanced racing game ever created, maybe Motorsport series in stagnation, but i really hope Turn 10 will raise the bar in Forza Motorsport for Series X

• Mass Effect - i really love this series for it’s universe, most believed sci-fi world ever made…

• Gears - just nothing to say, revolutionary game for it’s time, and now this is best 3rd person action IMO, also for it’s multiplayer.

Speaking about favorite console… So i think this is Xbox One, and here’s why: this console with all of mistakes made by MS now is most friendly and responsive platform of this generation, failure of One just made more for players than success of other consoles, also thanks for all people on Xbox team for this. Now when we talk about xbox - we talk about most inspiring, responsive, friendly and competetive community ever <3 image

Really hard to decide game wise… But off the top of my head.

  1. Resident Evil REmake
  2. Dark Souls
  3. The Witcher 3
  4. Bioshock
  5. Gears / Halo


Mega Drive, PS1, Xbox 360, Xbox One X

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My favourite consoles:

  1. PS2. No brainer here, it has the best library of any system by landslide. Very good range of exclusives like Gran Turismo, ICO, Shadow of the Colossus, God of War, Ratchet and Clank series, etc. It was also at the height of the arcade sports/racing genre, so we got Burnout 3, SSX, Tony Hawk, NBA Street, and Midnight Club 3. And of course, three GTA games.

  2. Nintendo DS. Love this little thing, and all its gimmicks. With games that actually take advantage of it. Here, I like Mario Kart DS, Pokemon Platinum, and Black, Kirby Canvas Curse and Mass Attack, along with third party games like 999, Ace Attorney, Viva Pinata, and GTA Chinatown Wars. The DS Lite in particular looked gorgeous, had an insane battery life, and GBA backwards compatibility to boot.

  3. Xbox One. It was close between this and the 360. no doubt the 360 had better exclusives. But for me, I like Xbox One for it’s backwards compatibility with two generations of hardware, making it an awesome, all-encompassing machine where you can play new, modern games, but also old classics like Banjo kazooie, MGS 2/3, and every Splinter Cell game. Add to that, the value of Gamepass, letting you play a vast library of games for $10 a month. I’ve grown to like many games that I otherwise wouldnt have touched, just because of this service.

My favourite games? That is difficult. Here are some in no order:

Burnout 3: Takedown

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

And here are some I like from this gen:

Forza Horizon 3 and 4

Hitman 2016, and it’s sequel

Spiderman 2018

Super Mario Odyssey

Doom Eternal

there’s probably a lot I’m forgetting.

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  1. Elder Scrolls: with morrowind as my favourite.
  2. Gothic: especially 1+2. Very hard but also great environment Story telling.
  3. Yakuza: playing it for the first time via gamepass and I’m in love.
  4. Fable: a part of my childhood.
  5. SW Kotor: nothing to add. Just amazing.

In no order:

Ape escape 1/2

Ori will of the wisps/blind forest

Gears series


Lost Odyssey

Zelda breath of the wild

Honestly, I couldn’t even put 5 and still have to mention loads more, not sorry XD

Honourable mentions: klonoa door to phantomile, nights into dreams, yakuza 0, tales of vesperia, forza horizon 4, sea of thieves, kingdom hearts 3, ff7, 8, 12, mhw, blazblue, guilty gear, zelda botw, lost kingdoms 1/2, gotcha force, fighters megamix, sonic generations, zone of the enders, halo 5 (yes I love it, not sorry) castlevania HD/SOTN, Witcher 3, Mushihimesama Futari 1.5, bullet soul infinite burst, killer instinct (2013), skate 3, sonic & knuckles 3, tekken, virtua fighter & so many more

Honestly Xbox one x has been my fave console ever, the Xbox ecosystem, xbox live, being able to chat and game with friends online, being able to play all games I care about on xbox 360 and Xbox one all on my Xbox one, so I know instantly series x will become my new fave.

  1. Planescape Torment

  2. Xenogears

  3. The Complete Ultima VII

  4. Baldur’s Gate 2

  5. Chrono Cross

For me all of these games share common themes of great stories, great characters, great settings and compelling villains. Any non sports game that don’t have have those things can’t be top tier in my eyes.

Despite none of my top 5 being from this system, the Xbox 360 is my favorite console of all time. Spots 6-25 on my list are filled with games from this system. The Mass Effects series, Fallout New Vegas, Skyrim, Alpha Protocol, Bioshock games, College Hoops 2K8, NCAA Football 2014,Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Dragon Age: Inquisition, The F.E.A.R. series, Fable 2

I’m hoping the some of the games on the Series X can break into my top 5.


I never got to put much time into Chrono Cross. I’m curious why you put that ahead of Chrono Trigger? Usually people prefer Trigger over Cross. I loved Chrono Trigger, but heard Chrono Cross didn’t really have much to do with Trigger, so I just didn’t pay much attention to it. Also, Xenogears is phenomenal and glad it could make someone’s list. :smiley:

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For me even if a game is a direct sequel or indirect sequel I judge each game on it’s own merits not being too concerned with how closely it ties into the previous game. All the aspects of Cross as it’s own independent entity just spoke to me more than Trigger.

I know that a lot of people judge games like Cross, ME 2, or DA 2 or a lot of other second or third games harshly if they don’t follow seamlessly from the first game or if they are stylistically different or have new main characters, but that doesn’t cause me to count strikes against games.

That’s totally fair. I was just curious what it was that you liked about the game more. Kinda makes me wonder if I missed out on it. I played most of the great JRPGs on PS1, but somehow missed that one. I played a few hours when my friend came over and showed it to me, but I didn’t get far enough to know how the game would be.

Great Idea!

Top 5 Games

1. Alan Wake images (9)

2. Resident Evil 2 images (10)

3. Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines images (12)

4. Silent Hill

5. Super Mario World download

Favorite Console


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Gonna go with some lazy thinking cuz I could never in my life break my list of Top 5 games down officially lol. It would change the more I think about them, or it’d likely just be a list of RPGs I played in my PS1 days lol.

  1. Final Fantasy - FF7 is my fav game of all time. Followed by 8, then 10, then 9. All of them are good except for 12, 13, and 15. I’m not a huge fan of the MMOs but FFXIV is pretty good for an MMO. FFXI isn’t awful, but I much prefer XIV.
  2. Elder Scrolls - Morrowind is my fav of the series but Oblivion and Skyrim were great too. Never played the first two, and never will lol. Can’t wait for Avowed to add to this masterclass of a genre. :smiley:
  3. Lost Odyssey - This is what FF13 should’ve been, but Square was too dumb to realize it. One of the best JRPGs of all time. I feel like it has the audience now, it just needs its comeback!
  4. Fable - Fable 1 was such an amazing game! 2 had some cool ideas brought into it, but it kinda annoyed me that they switched the Orb colors for magic and melee lol. Magic should be Blue colored Experience Orbs, not Red. Please recognize this for your next Fable game @Playground! Also, I don’t want guns in my Fable. 3 was neat in that you got to be a King, but the Interactive Start Menu that you had to walk around in was an awful idea lol.
  5. Ori - These games are straight masterpieces! From Soundtrack to Gameplay to Graphics to Story. They nail it all. Metroidvania is probly my fav genre behind RPGs, and Ori is easily one of the best.
  6. Forza - I used to enjoy the Motorsport series until Horizon came and took over. Now I buy every single Horizon game at launch and I always get the Season Pass/DLC/Ultimate version for it cuz they’re always good. Playground and Turn10 really do wonders with that series.

Fav console of all time: PS1

I know it’s a traitorous thing to say on these forums :stuck_out_tongue: but it had all my fav JRPGs on it. FF5-9, Suikoden, Lunar Silver Star Story, Legend of Dragoon, Tales of Destiny, Legend of Legaia, Xenogears, Wild Arms, Grandia, Star Ocean 2, Jade Cocoon, Threads of Fate. I’m probly forgetting some but my god. Little kid me loved having so much time to spend in those games. :smiley:

Edit: Somehow I forgot Elder Scrolls. Didn’t wanna take out Lost Odyssey tho, so I cheated lol.

  1. Halo - the goat
  2. Titanfall - could have matched the goat with co-op and not being sidelined.
  3. Fable - some of my favorite memories in gaming
  4. Ori - Instant classics
  5. WoW - Raided for a decade and met my wife through it. I owe this stupid game everything because of that.

Console - Xbox One X (I just can’t go back to previous generations much anymore)


Man all those classic JRPGs were fantastic. Legend of Dragoon, Jade Cocoon and Wild Arms were incredible!

My 5 favorite games (I have a pretty weird and diverse group of games.)


Final Fantasy VIII - Was my first ever JRPG and FF game and will always hold a special place in my heart. I was so happy that it got remastered last year so I could get all 1000g for it.

wolf among us

The Wolf Among Us - This game hit at the right time for me. It was something that once I finished the first episode I was completely hooker. I had no Idea about the Fables comics so to see the dark gritty world with these fairy tale characters really blew me away.

Pokemon Soul Silver - I grew up with Pokemon and only recently actually gave up on the franchise. But Soul Silver is like the Terminator 2 of video game sequels and I really wish the franchise added on to the games rather than start anew in a new place every version.

Titanfall 1 and 2 - To me they are both the best FPS games ever made. I love the game play so much. I also love giant mechs. So joining giant robots and incredible game play together really was a match made in heaven for me.

God Of War (2018) - What can I say about GOW really. I just think its a master piece and probably is the best game I’ve played.


Favorite IPs in no order:

Shenmue - The grandfather of console open world games. The amount of detail packed in every scene was mind-blowing at the time and something I can still appreciate to this day. Using the Virtua Fighter mechanics as the fighting engine was genius and giving every NPC a unique voice, character model, and routine added so much personality to the world. Sure the game has some glaring flaws, especially today, but what an amazing achievement and series this was for me.

Resident Evil - One of my favorite gaming memories growing up is my friend and I staying up all night playing through the first Resident Evil. The voice acting was horrible and controls were unintuitive but the atmosphere and mysteries that infected the Spencer mansion was so amazing to us. While I can’t say I love every entry in the series, I couldn’t be happier with the current state of the franchise. Resident Evil 7 was one of my favorite games this gen and the remasters were both really well done. Can’t wait to see more of Resident Evil 8.

Halo - I remember playing Halo for the first time at an EB Games and it just didn’t click for me. I ended up getting DoA3 with my Xbox and didn’t understand the hype for this game called Halo. Well after some convincing from my friend, I ended up getting the game and fell in love during the opening scene. The Aliens influence was awesome, the music was amazing, it put every other console shooter to shame graphically, and the gameplay was near perfect now knowing what button did what. Just like the Resident Evil series, I haven’t loved every Halo game but I can’t deny every game is a quality title in their own way. I really hope 343i do the series right with Infinite and I’m looking forward to getting my hands on it.

Panzer Dragoon - When I purchased my Saturn in late 2005, the only game I got with it was Panzer Dragoon. I had no idea what the game was but it had a dragon on the cover and as a child, that was enough. I was so happy I stumbled on this series and still own every game in the original series. Panzer Dragoon 2 and Orta are still some of the best shooters to this day. Panzer Dragoon Saga is still one of my favorite RPGs ever and the only RPG I’ve beaten multiple times and found every secret. I can’t express enough how much I love the world, the lore, and the style of the game. I would pay anything to see a remake of Saga or even a sequel.

Ninja Gaiden - The game you can boast about beating before Souls games were a thing. Ninja Gaiden 1 and 2 damn near perfected the action game formula. The somewhat metroidvania design of Ninja Gaiden 1 is still amazing to this day. The graphics of the OG Xbox version were out of this world. Never have I seen such an amazing looking game run so smooth. I wish Itagaki was still working on the franchise to this day but at least we still have the first two to enjoy. Never really had much experience with the classic versions, but I have plenty of fond memories fighting my way through the 3D reboots.

Favorite Console: Sega Dreamcast - Sure there have been plenty of other amazing systems like the Saturn, PS1, PS2, PS4, OG Xbox, 360, etc. but they all failed to burn as bright in my gaming life. Coming off the 32/64-bit generation, the Dreamcast was a system of so many magical experiences. Attending a launch party on release day with my four games, seeing games like Soul Calibur look leagues better than the arcade, wondering how many polygons were in the whale in Sonic Adventure, winning my first game online in NFL 2K1, using voice chat in Alien Front Online, being weirded out by Seaman, living the life of Ryo Hazuki, and forming new friendships in PSO. These were only some of the memories I’ll always have of my time with the Dreamcast. It’s the one system I’ll never trade in and always have it hooked up, ready to play. As an old school Sega fan, it was some of their best days, even if they were short lived.

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It’s really cool reading through everyone’s lists. Gives me a lot of nostalgia. These days, can never have too much of that drug. Also a couple people made me rethink my list. Regret leaving MGS off of it. That game really kickstarted what we think of as today’s narrative drive, 3rd person action adventure games. When Psycho Mantis asked me to put down my controller and made it vibrate, that went down as another “holy shit!” moment in my gaming history. Think I’m going to bump Dark Souls down 1 spot to make room for MGS. My list lasted a couple days at least.

Okay, in no particular order, and mostly as an example for a genre:

  • Dungeon Keeper

God games were just so much fun, and DK nailed the humor on top. This is an IP (and genre) I really would love to come back. I think, they would be perfect AA / GamePass material.

  • Simon the Sorcerer

Could also put Monkey Island here. These games just simply nailed the writing, graphics, puzzle mix. We need more of those on console!

  • Splinter Cell

Dear Microsoft, I know you hang on every word I say. I mean, I know you don’t, jus lemme pretend dammit… I don’t care if you have to strongarm Ubi in selling you the IP, or just make a cheap Fam Sisher knock-off, just… get to it, mkay? There is no other IP that has great story telling in a shooter AND is slower paced/strategic.

  • 1 vs 100

Just bring it back. I demand it! While you are now shaking in your boots in face of my wrath, I’ll even tell you why: there still is a market for social MP. Where competitiveness doesn’t depend on your twitch reaction (yes, I’m old). Where you can include your family. Make it two pronged, automated in the vein of You don’t know Jack, and with live shows on weekends or special occasions.

  • Pillars of Eternity

Another placeholder / example. I love RPGs, and I’m extremely happy we’re getting more of them. I don’t even care if it’s cRPG or WRPG. Bring 'em!

  • Favorite Console: X1X

This friggen thing made me start a UHD movie collection. And turned me into one of those 4K native > 60fps heathens. Yes, I’m serious.

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In no real order apart from the first

Mass Effect- My favorite gaming franchise and the one that kickstarted my love for RPGs. The first is by far my favorite game of all time. Something about the world, characters and story just clicked with me. Nothing has come close to topping this series for me

Dragon Age- Another BioWare title and another franchise I got lost in. Like ME1, I enjoyed origins the most but that didn’t stop me from doing absolutely everything in the games and even reading the books. I think my love for lord of the rings is what drew me to this series initially

Tekken- I have very fond memories of getting my arse kicked by my older brothers in the original on PlayStation. Such a blast to play and my favorite by far is Tekken 3. Haven’t played much of recent iterations but I still have huge love for the series

Halo- My first Halo was 3 when I got it bundled with my 360 for my birthday. First FPS I enjoyed for its campaign. I love Halo lore and have dabbled in the books. Need to arch up before Infinite. Currently playing through 5 for the first time. Didn’t like the gameplay at first but it’s growing on me

Ori- Ori and the Blind Forest is what made me want a next gen console after not gaming for years. Watching the reveal live was something magical. It took me a while after to get the one x and I’m yet to finish the game but I’ll never forget the the impact this game has had on my tastes in general

Favorite console had to be the original PlayStation. Growing up and competing with my older brothers in everything we played. One x is close though

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  1. Mega Man series and spin offs.
  • I was young and smitten by the GB games of Mega Man, Battle network was my favorite ip on GBA and it has such a unique rpg battle system…
  1. Dark Souls
  • This was for me the real evolution of Zelda games, it is allways a great time playing a souls game. I do not care much for the lore, however the feel is just right.
  1. Smash bros.
  • Back in the day I was a semi-pro amd have won a couple of tournaments, but I quit the scene because the last tournament i went to was filled with young people and I felt out of place. My mains were 64 pikachu, melee Link, brawl Ike, wiiu Mega Man, Switch Mega Man.
  1. Halo
  • This was my first real multiplayer game that i have spend many hours on with friends on xbox live. Great time but most of the people have now moved on and have children and so on. while i am not great at the game anymore i was suprised how fun infinite looks and i am truly hyped.
  1. Mario
  • I do like to hop and jump on goombas. Galaxy was a masterpiece.

Ex-number 1 Zelda

  • i do not like this series anymore, having once had the biggest influence in my life (collection,). i can not replay most of the titles. I did not like botw at all. However LoZ has a great lore and astetic. and it gave me great pleasure in my youth. honorable mention.

Favorite console is a NES

next month this list can look different. Street fighter or castlevania can easily be placed in my top 5 depending on my state of mind.

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• Killer Instinct (XB1)

• Sol-Feace

• Digimon World (1)

• Crash Bash

• Super Robot Wars (IP)

Best Console Ever


Was there when people around me was playing Atari 2600 and comparing it to NES, for me liked the later. Hardcore gamer since Sega Geniuses, remained playing on it till 2001, easily consider SEGA Consoles my favorite but not the best. Xbox One is the first console gave both gamers/ games the value they deserve it in my opinion & when it comes to ONE X & GAME PASS it’s on another level!

Huge Shoutout! For each person worked on KI 2013 (including players/ commentators/ youtubers) and make it happen, can’t describe the amount of love that pump into it. Can’t stop talking about the game but if there is one game that I can name it “Favorite game of all time” it’ll be KI 2013.

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Obviously there are a lot of game IP’s I love but putting it down to the 5 most important to me, it’s these:

  1. Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic startet it all for me, it was the first game I have ever played and I totally fell in love with this medium. I also really like the character design, he still looks super cool to me after all these years. The 2D Sonic Jump 'n Runs are to this day my favourite spin on the genre. Sonic CD is also my favourite game in the series. It has like the most sonic style of any sonic game and the music is outstanding.

  1. The Witcher

IMG_21eed304-75c3-4047-ace1-d6a67cdd18dd IMG_9c9f3084-3153-4a29-a643-d7c68e058201

To be clear I only played The Witcher 3, but this game made this IP instantly one of the most important to me. It’s such a fleshed out universe with a vast amount of characters that I have a hard time thinking of any other game to rival that. The world is beautiful and the soundtrack fits that adult take on the fantasy genre perfectly. What ultimately makes this game so special for me is the performance by the voice actors, especially Geralt of Rivia. It just pulls you in.

  1. Metal Gear Solid

I just love the stealth genre and while many games these days incorporate stealth mechanics it never lives up to the fully fleshed out mechanics of this series. I love all parts of the saga, but the first one will always be very special to me. I also like the whole look and setting and being in one place all the time. I think mechanically Phantom Pain is the best but overall Snake Eater is the complete package.

  1. GTA/Red Dead Redemption


I know, I know these are different IP, but I cannot by any means rank one lesser or better. For me Rockstar is the top studio of the world. Everyone of their open world games challange expectations and push the bar so high that nothing can come close. GTA V and Red Dead Redemtion 2 are also both the technical pinnacle of their respective generation. It’s absolutely mindblowing what these guys pull of every single time. GTA Online is also an absolute blast and so insanly packed with content that it feels like it has everything. Red Dead Redemtion 2 is the most impressive game I have seen to date and while other games, now 2 years later, might edge it out on some technical aspects like animation, the overall technical achievement of this game is unmatched. There is no game where I was awestruck and just blown away by the graphics as often as with this game. It’s easily my favourite game of this generation. I also want to give a shoutout to RDR2’s story which for me is the strongest Rockstar has ever done. Introducing 23 Characters and fleshing them out like this over the course of a single game is absolutely insane but they pulled it of.

  1. Halo

Halo has something that few other IP’s have. It’s that special extra that made the original Star Wars trilogy so distinct. It’s that secret sauce that makes the good the bad and the ugly such a great movie. Something you can’t quite put your finger on, but Halo is the most important IP in gaming for me and when I play this game it feels magical. Everything from the artstyle, the insanely dynamic firefights to the best in gaming soundtrack. It all comes together to be something truly special. The hype for the next Halo game always gets me and I think this is one of the most fun video games there is. For me the Master Chief is also the best character in the medium and that new “step inside” trailer for Infinite embraces that idea that I can become humanities greatest hero and that’s what it always feels like to play Halo. Absolute Masterpiece

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