Your recommended games critique and discussion. Longform or LTTP rather than typical "reviews"

Hey everyone. So we have, in recent days had many conversations regarding scores, bias, Metacritics many flaws etc. I wondered if as a palate cleanser rather than concentrating on the worst of games criticism we could share some of what we consider to be its highlights.

Discussions on games free from the shackles of being a “Review” discussed after launch perhaps, or in a more “round table” style. Critique which may pertain to the narrative as much as the mechnical. Or perhaps reviews that you feel eschew the need to be rushed out to meet launch and have a more measured tone.
In a world of gamepass and BC I think it is nice to go back and discuss or speak about titles from the recent past, such as those the xboxERA reviewers have been doing. We and the gaming industry are oft too focused on the future and the games released just this week for my liking :slight_smile:

I wondered if anyone has any other sources they would like to share. I’ll start.

I love long form essays and documentaries, (and by that I mean “proper” factual ones, not History channel ones). And I enjoy podcasts and youtubers who concentrate on that too. For example, and for the first, appropriate for yesterday;

  • Noah Caldwell Gervais

Noah is a freelance writer and does long form essays and retrospectives on older games and franchises, Fallouts, Mass Effect, Wolfenstein etc. He concentrates on the narrative, typically and discusses how it does (or does not) relate to real world situations. He also does Travelogues based on the the areas for the fallout games and discusses the Nuclear technology there and the natives who lived there long before Americas “Discovery”. He also employs a more lo-fi style without cuts, and where any small “stumbles” over the text remain and are not edited out, which adds to its charm for me. Heartily recommended.

His latest video is a retrospective on Kotor 1&2 and how it pertains to “Hero with a thousand faces” book on the Hero’s journey monomyth

Cane and Rinse is a group who review games in a round table format. The rules being that the panel must have played the game recently to help give an up to date impression and that the game is typically 6 months or more old. By doing this they try to remove any “honeymoon period” from the discussion and likewise blind nostalgia and can even discuss updates or general knock on effects to other games and the genre. The sister podcast “Sound of Play” discusses and plays games soundtracks, often with guests from the industry. As a measured group retrospective I haven’t found anything better, and the panel is fairly international and of a wide age range so its wonderful to hear different opinions.

The Most recent game discussed is 2019’s The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening

I’m busy at work so I’ll resist the temptation to add more and instead wait to see if anyone else has any favourites to add to the list.


If discussion or consideration of older games is of interest, get involved in Delroy’s “Xbox History” thread, its not long form but a lot of members take some time to explain why that months game is rated by themselves so highly.


One of my favorite channels in terms of in-depth analysis of games, their systems and narratives in an almost philosophical way is Writing on Games:


ooo Great choice! :slight_smile:

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As if by magic @YoungGrumpyMan

A new Writing on Games video. :smiley:

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I think we are used to the typical: “What have you been playing” question on videogame podcasts, then we blend that with some one-liners that people post on forums and that is how we form our expectations

In a way I think the best thing about videogames is actually playing them. I think it is easy to fall into pretentiousness when you analyze them.

Great thread!!!



It kind of goes into my love of listening to passionate people talk about topics they like or ways they have appreciated some media. I think it’s sometimes a better testament to the dev team and writers to have some things discussed in a more long form way.

By the way should others read this thread (yeah right) and also like some review/consideration of older titles check out @Delroy 's excellent “Xbox History” thread where he starts at day one and people mention their favorites games of each month. Its a great way to remember those old titles.


Obligatory NakeyJakey


This is not a channel but more of a one off video about what makes “Fallout: New Vegas” great. One of the amazing in-depth videos out there. You might have all come across this at some point of time. If you’ve not played Fallout:New Vegas, then this video makes you want to play it badly.

Here you go:

It is longish.

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@Cerysnetics , thank you for a great thread with some awesome things I had no idea about!

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HBomberguy is great and I watched this video when it came out last year and his content is always a pleasure to watch.

And after watching it I did go back to New vegas :slight_smile:

Aww thanks loads Mort. I think that like many anxiety sufferers I do have issues with the worth of my thoughts with regards to vocalising them in a forum, so that means a great deal, I’m glad it is of some interest. Thankyou :heart:



Noah-Caldwell Gervais has just realeased " A Thorough Look At Resident Evil"

A very thorough look, over 18 games weighing in at a staggering 7 1/2 hours long!

Awesome :smiley: