YHMAH Presents a Halo Infinite MP community night. This Friday December 3rd, 2021!


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Thanks for the fun Halo night


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Thanks for the fun Halo MP night everyone. GG’s


That was a lot of fun.

We had a ropey start with those 3 losses in a row but there were some sweaty matches in there, good stuff.

Might need to work on our Stockpile game though lol.

Yeah Stockpile was our weak link. Our CTF game was on point though

And your accent was so soothing. I loved it

:sweat_smile: I am glad it looks like it was able to soothe those more hairy moments during the matches for you.

Yeah, the CTF game was more than decent probably because we were calling out things regularly lol.

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Most of the games we very close, it was a fun night even though my skill level was obviously a few steps below everyone else. I don’t think I ever finished at the bottom of the team rankings so there is that.

You did good some gunning in the Warthog

That game was also my highest placement in the rankings, lol.

I was absolutely terrible! In my defense, I have only ever played like 20 matches of Halo MP total. I like to think I contributed by eating bullets for the team though, lol.

It was great though, first time not solo so it was very fun. Some great banter too, lots of laughs! Will definitely join next time as well. :slight_smile:

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Here is the VOD from last night’s stream, you can see how great I am! Only SD right now, taking a while to go HD.