YHMAH Presents: A Halo Infinite Flighting Community Night on Friday October 1st 2021 (and possibly more!)

Join the You Had Me At Halo and other Xbox Era crew as we take flight in the 2nd round of Halo Infinite MP testing!. We’ll be starting up a stream at (tentatively set for) 8PM EDT on the 1st of October, 2021 and playing Halo Infinite MP BTB. If you are interested please visit the thread linked below and reply with your Xbox Live Gamertag. There will be 12 spots per match and we’ll shift people in/out depending on demand. If people are available to run it and there is demand we could run more over the weekend as well (possibly not streamed).

You must sign up for the Halo Insider Flighting program by September 13th to get in. If you do you’re in, but if you sign up after the 13th you will not be eligible for this flighting weekend.

YHMAH Presents: A Halo Infinite Flighting Community Night on Friday September 24th, 2021 (and possibly more!) - Gaming - XboxEra


Username Gamertag

@Doncabesa GT: Doncabesa

@commanderbuck GT:Sc4rfac31891

@SoulBlazerz GT: Soulblazerz

@OneBadMutha GT: OneBadMutha

@Mostlyharmless GT: M0stly harmless

@PoderickPayne GT: Poderick Payne

Amanda (My Wife) GT: Mandalaaxo

@Somnia GT: SomniaGG

@nrXic GT: nrXic

@Opatschi GT: Opatschi

@profjjj GT: profjjj

@TavishHill GT: tavishhill2003

@iiStryker GT GT: ii Stryker

@KageMaru GT: Kagemaru

@RelloK GT: Zockmaster3000


If we end up with more than 12 people that both sign and show-up we’ll either rotate or maybe start up a 2nd group of people that can play together.


I might depends how sleepy I am.

I missed last time but I’m in for this GT:Sc4rfac31891

Sign me up! I should be able to be there, but if something happens I’ll let you know.

Bit too late in the evening for me being in the UK, perhaps at some point a weekend one a bit earlier would be cool for us Europeans.

Yeah I’m hoping someone is able to host a get together during the weekend for more people.

GT- M0stly harmless

Excited to play some real halo matches this time lol.


Xbox ID is the same with a space in between, Poderick Payne. Sign me up for this one

I should have done the last one. Especially when I saw that mongoose rocket laucher mode you guys were playing. I mean I love Amanda, Jess, but you needed my Halo driving skills for that one :wink:

I’m in GT = n0tjack

I’m in! GT = SomniaGG

GT: nrXic

Timezone: MST

Also if anyone feels like they wouldn’t be good enough to join I got zero kills during a CTF match so… I’ll carry the torch of worst player. It was a lot of fun.

And I’m okay with trying some experimental modes Maybe one or two of them each session and the rest being typical Halo game types.

I updated with my timezone in case we start growing to larger numbers and it starts making more sense to have different sessions depending on where you are in the world.

This will just be tech test matchmaking. Aarsal will probably run future MCC ones. not really my game when it comes to MP. That was I think the 2nd time I had ever played MCC PvP

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Today is the last day to sign up for halo infinite flighting and be eligible for this flight btw

Oh lol I forgot to write my GT: Opatschi

I’m in.

GT: profjjj

I have never played a BTB match before, so I apologize in advance for my poor performance.

stick him with MostlyHarmless


I’ll be there this time for sure.

GT: tavishhill2003

2003…you’re that young?

That’s the year I graduated…

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