Yakuza Performance on Xbox Series S

Well I mean I dont think its going to change at launch as that comment is from a Sega Dev saying how its going to run on Series S but I could be wrong. Fair points friend lets hope!

They definitely thought it would be lower, actually. The headline here isn’t that it’s 900p on XSS in a vacuum. It should be that ppl claiming XSS can’t just scale back res were proven totally wrong. The 60fps mode is 1440p on XSX. So 1440p–>900p is pretty solidly in line with the optimistic expectations around XSS performance.

I think that is the res of just the video feed, not the native render.

I suppose. Maybe I just thought it could atleast do 1080p/60fps But yeah I get what you are saying.

For reference:

  • Series X: 4K/30, 1440p/60
  • Series S: 1440p/30, 900p/60
  • PS4 Pro: 1080p/30
  • PS4: 900p/30

…so XSS is nearly doubling the performance of the Pro. >.>


Apparently it’s a super demanding game on all platforms. I’m not sure I’d assume so given its aesthetic, but might just be not great art direction. Or not great engine design/tech too. :slight_smile:

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Oh wow. I completely missed that a Sega Dev said that. Hopefully, it gets a patch to improve the resolution and performance.

I do believe that Microsoft should have marketed the Xbox Series S as a 1080P console, not 1440P but it is what it is.

Well from what I have heard the engine has a fair amount of trouble on PC so that is likely the case.

Thanks for the info, helps put it into perspective.

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Hopefully man :confused:

But The Coalition can run Gears 5 MP at 120fps on Series S

this is just straight up bad optimization or engine problems


But did they mention what resolution it is at when running at 120fps?

True but I would think that it’s easier to run a “map” for MP than it would be to run an entire game world for single player.


Yeah, like I said, the problem here is not Microsoft or the Series S. The problem is that for some reason RGG Studio is not hitting a next-gen performance with the game.

I’m one of the biggest defenders of the Series S on this forum. I think it is a fantastic console that will manage to run many next-gen games at 1440p/60fps (like Dirt 5 and The Falconeer).

And for a long time there was no confirmation if Yakuza would even run at 4K — that was just confirmed a couple of weeks ago. Everything points to a tech/engine problem.

Nonetheless, it is a turn-based game. Framerate is not as important as it is for a shooter or racing game.


Yeah I agree with the engine problems after looking more into it.

We should take into consideration that this game was released solely for PlayStation 4 back in January for Japan. RGG Studio most likely did not develop this game with Xbox Series X | S in mind. So, this is really just a current-gen game that is playable for next-gen. But yeah, they definitely could’ve optimized it better. And as many have already said, the engine isn’t exactly the best.

Nah, the studio is really underbudgeted. Yakuza’s on X are massively lower resolution than other similar scoped games and pushes a lower visual fidelity too.

Though in that case it’s a game hitting 6k or higher internally on SX so it explains why SS is above the marketed target.

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I had no idea this game had already released back in Jan, Thanks for the insight :innocent:

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If there is issues and it’s not the studio it would have to be the new dev kit envoriment that MS has been super late with and probably will take studios time to get used to it GDK.

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Thats a real good point, Always slips my mind how late MS was with the Dev Kits

Yakuza kiwami has some pop in on base xbone lol :joy: and its a small city. I think they need to work on their engine.