Yakuza Performance on Xbox Series S

So this is how Yakuza will be running on the Series S according to Sega.

Kinda sucks it runs at 900p/60fps

Source is from Reddit & Twitch

Update: Most users here (Also users on Reddit) believe this to be a engine issue as it is known to be a pain to work with.


The performance is far from ideal on the Series X aswell since it fails to hit 4K 60FPS :frowning:

Kinda worrying tbh

I think it is more of a problem with RGG Studio than Microsoft, though. Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla and Forza Horizon 4 are two gorgeous open world games that are hitting 4K 60FPS on launch.

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Yeah thats a fair point maybe I am just being paranoid.

Still it is quite a shame I am personally going for a Series X but I really thought the Series S could handle 1440p/60fps.

Hopefully this is not the norm.

Dirt 5 runs at 1440p/60fps on the Series S and 4k/60fps on the Series X. A game’s performance on the Series S will depend on how well it runs on the Series X. For some reason RGG Studio failed to deliver a next-gen performance on the Series X, and because of that the Series S will suffer more.

The Falconeer is another good example. It runs at 4K/60fps on the Series X and at 1800p/60fps on the Series S — an even higher resolution than the 1440p advertised for the console!


Well then hopefully this is just a problem with this game alone, makes you wonder what went wrong… the game honestly does not look that demanding?

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This is the first Yakuza game that will be on an Xbox platform at launch and im sure that has something to do with it all because RGG is so used to the PlayStation consoles, they have to learn and adjust to Xbox for the very first time.

Also, they will probably have a day one patch (like every game) that could increase the resolution and keep the frame rate at 60FPS or shortly after launch. Have to wait and see what happens.

If its locked 60 is it really a problem?

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I mean 900p is pretty low tbh

I understand you saying they have to learn the Xbox console but this is the 4th game they are putting on Xbox. But yeah hopefully they have a patch or something for those who are playing on Series S

But its sub-1080p…

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I think it’s the engine


This is some switch level resolution i was not expecting at LAUNCH

Yeah Im starting to think that myself.

Some people are saying the PC version of Kiwami 2 was having issues which is using the same engine as Like a Dragon

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Hopefully it is just the engine being hard to work on or something

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What ‘sucks’ about this? It’s 1440p on XSX and 900p on XSS when 60fps mode. Seems to me XSS is doing EXACTLY what many of us said it would. It’s scaling res back and punching way above its weight. The doomsayers would have predicted this would run at 540p most likely…

I mean I dont think people thought “900p” when it comes to Series S when its being touted at a 1440P console

True but the other three were ports of games that were two years old or older. Plus, it seems like Microsoft helped with funding and whatnot for the game in order for it to be a launch title for Series X/Series S while the PlayStation 5 version is due out in April but all other versions are the same day.

Best bet is that unless you have no other games to play, I would give it a few weeks and see what happens. Also, the build was an early preview build and may even be better at launch.

It’s 4k60 per IGN video

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