Yakuza: Like a Dragon - Review Thread


As someone who has played through all the games its important to say that this one relies on all the previous ones.


Hell yeah! This is my #1 anticipated game and I was planning to play it on launch with the Xbox Series X, so very happy to hear the positive reviews this game has been getting.

Oh that sucks. Wish the others were available on Xbox.

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This game looks bonkers but the turn-based combat turns me off so hard. I’ll probably give it a shot on Game Pass.

Honestly I think you can still play it without the previous games. It’s all about the new MC. It’s like watching Star Wars.

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86 on opencritic, preordered!

I watched the ign review and got sad by the 7/10, luckily other places are rating it much higher.

Looking forward to playing this. I give up with other Yakuza a few hours in normally because I CBA to read subtitles for a significant amount of it, it’s not my idea of fun any more, same reason I don’t watch much anime any more.

Because it has an English dub, this will, by default be my favourite Yakuza and I haven’t even touched it yet. So excited to play it.

But, like Watch Dogs I’m not sure I want to pay full price…

I’m sure you’re aware but just in case someone misconstrues this (there was some confusion floating about):

As far as I know, Yakuza: Like a Dragon hasn’t been announced for Game Pass. It’s definitely possible that it’ll get added though. And please correct me if I’m wrong! I’m this close to pre-ordering, just waiting to see if a punchcard gets added :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep, sorry if the original message was confusing for someone :slight_smile: What I meant is that, since the other Yakuza games came to Game Pass, I expect this one to land these sometime during next year or so. I can’t see myself spending 40-70 Euros for a turn-based game like that but I’ll surely try its insanity once it’s “free” :slight_smile:

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Oh yeah, I feel you, and I get how it could be turn-based could be a turn-off (ha ha) for some. It’s definitely a departure from the other entries in the series too. I’m definitely getting it day 1, so feel free to ask if you have any questions!

87 on opencritic making it the best reviewed yakuza game to date as of now! :smile:

Seriously? That’s a bummer.

For everyone quoting me

I read its fine to start playing it separately but deep into the game it pays off to have knowledge of the previous games.

Nice reviews :slight_smile:

“Wait for a sale.” -ACG

  • Combat is a bit shallow
  • Tonally imbalanced between the humor and seriousness
  • The dungeon(s)? is a drag
  • Didn’t have a glaring issue but thinks it might not hit with most people
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87 on Opencritic puts the game on the Top 20 rated this year.

I hate Metacritic because it splits the consoles. Yakuza is currently 90 on Xbox One and 85 on Series X.

Yeah always using opencritic these days, because navigating and especially searching stuff is horrible on metacritic. This site is dead for me.

As far as I know opencritic also don’t weight the scores like metacritic. Which makes sense, since why is an IGN score more worth then from a smaller outlet

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I only played Yakuza 0 Kiwami 1 & 2 and was waiting for Yakuza 3, 4, 5 and 6 to come before 7 but it will be hard and they still didn’t come yet on Xbox unfortunately.

Oh damn, I just found out that this game will receive Brazilian Portuguese subtitles in early 2021! This is the first time a Yakuza game is being localized to my country as far as I know. Maybe Microsoft had some kind of influence on this decision?

Btw, it seems that if I buy the game for Xbox I’ll be able to download the PC version as well… or am I crazy? There doesn’t seem to be a separate PC page, and the Microsoft Store says it is also available on PC.