Yakuza 0, what a ride (spoilers)

So after many hours, I finally finished Yakuza 0 and Yakuza Kiwami. What a rush. I must admit I am into these kinds of movies, Zatoichi is a favorite of mine and I still haven’t seen the whole series. I love how they spoof and humor the typical stereotypes of these kinds of plots to a point were it is just funny for people who know the background a bit about these storylines and that they are very much like a soap opera story wise.

This is also the reason why nobody should play these games dubbed, the Japanese voices add a lot to the atmosphere and you can just hear the voice actors -some of which are actual movie actors whom starred in similar films- having the time of their lives!

Now the reason I start this topic is: There are seemingly few topics about this series and even an OT is lacking. (At least I cannot find any :frowning: ). Which I find very sad. This is a game series that has kept me of this board from the very moment I started playing. SImply as its SUCH a DAD GAME that it’s hilarious. From the humor to the storyline, which gets ever more melodramatic… it seems like a game MADE for Japanese middle aged men :P.

So, I wanted to see if there were other fans of the series that would be interested in talking about it and joking about a series were you drag a small child into a sex club and buy 9 year old boys nudy magazines… while racing toy cars!

That said: I could be projecting, as Kiryu rings huge alarm bells on the Aspie scale LOL (And thus identifiable, Good gosh, the guy hides all emotions from neurotypicals and enjoys the company of children more so than adults :P).

Sorry if the First post makes little sense just needed to get this ball rolling! So what is your favorite Kiryu moment?

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