Xenia has been ported to Xbox console / You can now emulate X360 games on Series X/S

I think this is a really big deal… need it own thread.


I look forward to MVG’s next video about this. If it runs well Ill have to try it out. I wouldnt mind trying out that Goldeneye remake and the Splatterhouse game that I never got a chance to play.

Wonder how well this runs

There’s some 360 arcade games i’m very nostalgic for when I first played my brothers 360, downloading trials of games and whatnot

It’s funny, but when the “Xbox will be shutting down the 360 store” rumors were going around, I wondered if that might kick 360 emulation efforts into a higher gear. I know this doesn’t mean that that is the reason why this is happening, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to see Xenia get more love/support.

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Only 360 games that arent BC id want to play is Fifa world cup 2010, resonance of fate(because the fucking remaster never came to xbox) and soul calibur V.

Cool, hope it runs well.

SoulCalibur IV, Marvel vs Capcom (too bad they’re delisted), Charlie Murder, and The Dishwasher gamws would be my go tos.

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How is emulation on the Series X these days?

So this should mean something like Dust: An Elysian Tale should work too?


Best in Class.

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What consoles work on it at this point, up to PS2?

This is awesome! The recent progress on Xenia has been nothing short of amazing as well. in the past 2 years fable 2 has gone from being entirely unplayable for working but with missing floor textures to now being completely playable.

total noob, how does emulation work?

The hardware and its behaviour is written as a software program. An Operating System or set of Application Programming Interfaces can be reimplimented in software too. An emulator just reads a foreign set of instructions and executes a reimplimented version of the instructions native to the system it is being hosted on.

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next stop RPCS3


For games, I would have to download them or would it come preloaded?

Legally emulators aren’t bundled with games, so you will have to load them onto your storage. XBox Backwards Compatible titles will not work with Xenia because UWP apps don’t have access to those data and because the BC program packages the games in a bespoke emulator for each title.

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Am happy to report that this works pretty great :sunglasses: :+1:. Some small graphical glitches but it’s running at 100% speed.

Can finally play this after the remaster was cancelled for Xbox in 2020 lol.