xCloud (Xbox Cloud Gaming) [OT] An Apple a day, keeps cloud gaming away

the update for the green app is live!!!

Very interesting.

On the app downloaded from the Samsung Galaxy Store, you can actually buy DLC and such.

On the app downloaded from the Google Play Store, you can do no such thing.

They did a deal with Samsung basically. Id imagine Samsung are taking a small cut, 5% or something.

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Yep :slight_smile:

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First thing I do when playing a game on xCloud: set font size to the maximum, lol.

Would be great to have a pinch to zoom option, or some option to adjust the game window to our screen ratio. Nowadays phones are so long, lol.

So tried it a couple of hours today and here are my thoughts.

Setup: Galaxy S20+, Razer Kishi
At home: 5ghz WLAN with insane speeds (260mb - 860mb depending how far I am from the router) Outside: full 4g (16mb-96mb, only checked speed twice so don’t know if there ever has been less or more)

Titles I played: Hotshot Racing, Halo MCC, Yakuza Kiwami 2, Killer Instinct Definitive Edition, Forza Horizon 4 (this one has problems), Streets of Rage 4

  1. Performance at home was flawless to a point where I would challenge a lot of people if they would notice the difference.

  2. Performance outside was totally fine, a hiccup here and there but nothing frequent or regurlar, I would argue late last gen games ran worse on their native hardware. Everything I tried was totally playable. Imagequality took a little hit, wasn’t as clean as at home.

  3. Performance seems to vary by title. Hotshot Racing, Streets of Rage 4 and Yakuza Kiwami 2 ran really really well to a point where I almost prefer the handheld format to play. Halo MCC was great too but I only tried singleplayer campaigns. Killer Instinct was good too but only tried a local fight against the cpu. Forza Horizon 4 has issues, something is wrong here. A lot of stutters and bad image quality even under best circumstances. Online isn’t working too. Also somehow you only have one radio station, I researched and found a video which told to disable streamer mode in the settings, but that didn’t fix it for me. So while 5 out of 6 games performed good for me, FH4 has me cautious about a definitive permormance statement.

Overall I had a good experience today, especially with Hotshot Racing and Yakuza. I was never big on handheld gaming and can’t see me playing graphically impressive titles on this service, but I can definitely see the potential for titles like Spiritfarer or a lot of other Indies. I will try more tomorrow and report back. This tech is insane really.

Things I would like improved:

  1. Full Screen Mode, my phone has a beautiful 6,7" amoled screen with a 20:9 aspect ratio, because of the 16:9 format of the Xbox games I have big black bars on the left and right side. I would love to play these games in full screen mode.
  2. Back Compat: Only native Xbox One games are currently available, seriously I want Banjo Kazooie on the go. Please Xbox, make it happen!
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Does xcloud still log you out of your xbox when you use it? That was my major gripe with xcloud since I want to use it while watching stuff on my xbox since I use it as my entertainment hub

I was watching Amazon prime on my Xbox One X while playing Streets of Rage 4 on xCloud earlier. Seems to work fine.

For the post above yours, I agree with your assessment. Everything I tried was pretty great except Horizon 4 it was incredibly sluggish feeling. I was really impressed by how good Streets of Rage felt.

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Isn’t multiple sign-in only available to alpha ring insiders for now? But it is definitely coming

I must be in the alpha ring then. I can’t remember. I just sign up for things and stuff happens.


Looking at my system i am on OS 10.0.19041.5124 (rs_xbox_release_2011.200912.0000)

Yeah it is coming it is in preview alpha ring for now.

Still no Razer Kishi (xCloud version) available anywhere in Europe :confused:

EDIT: Update, I just got a confirmation that the parcel is underway and coming tomorrow, yay! It’s been over a month, but I guess this year everything is more difficult than usual.

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So, I played around with it for 5 mins playing Minecraft dungeons in bed lol. The touch controls were ok and suffice as a backup, but I feel you really need physical controls and I have no idea how some people play games games like this with touch controls lol. The picture quality on my phone was really good and the game mostly ran without a hitch apart from the occasional stutter but nothing too distracting.

Overall I was impressed considering I get this feature added to something I was already using. One thing I would add is that you need to be on 5GHZ WiFi because if I am on 2.4 GHZ the experience does noticeably decrease and I assume if you are out and about 5G will be essential.

I love the Cloud Native games with touch controls support.


True wireless earbuds are a blessing to play xCloud! No hassle, instant pairing, and you’re good to go!

I have the Galaxy Buds.

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Been trying this on a Fire Tablet 7 inch (the older model) as well as a Galaxy S5 since I’m on an iPhone XR. Is it normal that it gets really laggy on both? Is the hardware too crappy to run it properly? I have Gbit internet at home so internet speed shouldn’t be an issue.

With the purchase of Zenimax and Bethesda, Microsoft has secured a next-gen cloud streaming technology called Orion:

Seriously, this tech is super cool. Console streaming basically transforms your Xbox into a private xCloud server but with all your games and the best of all if you have an Xbox One X, you get the better quality with it. I mean the stream is not 4k but you can easily see the better source material than that of the One S server blades. You also get better framerates where the One X version has an advantage. I can’t imagine how insane this is going to be when Series X launches. Your phone will have better game versions than some consoles. So cool that you can stream that from anywhere.

Makes a switch look like child’s play

Warhammer Vermintide II and Night in the Woods available today on Android!

No lie, I have mostly been at home since March, and I used to play Switch when travelling, mostly, but now xCloud has replaced my mobile gaming needs, and haven’t really been playing Switch! Seriously considering buying a Kishi in the future. Two questions:

How is the build quality? Do you notice an improvement on lag?

Let me make a video for you, since its probably the best way to show. But to get this out of the way, it’s hands down the best way to experience xCloud right now.

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