XBoxERA's Holiday Hullabaloo 2021 |OT| Dread it, run from it, Mariah still arrives

The Jack O’ Lanterns haven’t even begun to rot yet and Mariah Carey’s 1994 Megahit “All I Want For Christmas” is now blaring on the radio.

The Holiday season has arrived. Gather aroudn the Yule Log and let’s celebrate the holiday(s) XboxERA! Tell us your favorite traditions, movies, foods, memories, memes, whatever.

The 2021 Holiday Calendar:

Hanukkah 2021:

Begins the evening of Sunday, November 28

Ends the evening of Monday, December 6.

Christmas 2021:

Christmas Eve: Friday December 24th

Christmas Day: Saturday December 25th.

Kwanzaa 2021

Begins Sunday, December 26

Ends Saturday, January 1, 2022

New Years:

New Years Eve: Friday, December 31st

New Years Day: Saturday, January 1st

Let’s be Merry XboxERA!


Hell yeah


I was already assaulted by All I Want For Christmas Is You twice today on the radio, so I figured it was time.

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Lmao my mother already bought a new christmas Knick-Knack, so its officially the season

Well let’s kick this off correctly

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Putting up the tree this weekend as we speak

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Where you at?

Maryland but we Puertorricans dont care lmao

Christmas starts in November and last till January 16th

Bro, not even a Turkey Day?

Puerto Rico is the US!

Don’t get me wrong, Thanksgiving is a racist as fuck holiday that celebrates the genocide of a indigenous people, but still Turkey Bro!

choking homer simpson GIF

It’s a US Territory that could become the 51st State!

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Christmas usually begins here in Germany around September when supermarkets start filling their shelfs with Christmas cookies and chocolate. Which is absolutely perfect, because i really like this stuff and around this time is also my birthday :partying_face:

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gun middle finger GIF

Realistically it will never happen.

Could also be D.C. as the 51st, although wont be getting any new states with how congress currently is, but thats a whole nother can of worms


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Bow Tie French Fry


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Close enough lmao, i just saw the spongebob episode with it in it and thought itd make a good pfp

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It’s November for goodness sake.

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